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Kit Specifics / 1/144 L-Gaim MK.II
« on: May 05, 2008, 10:50:47 PM »
Hey, I recently came across an old Bandai 1/144 L-Gaim MK.II model, but it only had the top of the box, what seems to be all the runners for the MK.II, and what turned out to be an old Macross Arii 1/100 VF-1J kit shoved into to it. It was a great find considering it was only 2$ at a thrift shop, but the manuals are missing, so I was just wondering if anyone here knew of a place that has scans of the manuals or had the manual themselves. Any help would be great considering I figured out the Macross model, but the MK.II is where I am stuck.

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