Author Topic: HG 1/144 Ginn High Manuever Type 2 Katana Custom  (Read 2320 times)

May 28, 2008, 03:04:23 PM
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Hi all,

Here's a kit I started and finished at the same time as my recent Wing ver ka., the HG 1/144 Ginn High Manuever Type 2 Katana Custom.  This kit could be claimed as my first truly modded kit, since I used styrene, option parts, and epoxy putty all in one kit for the first time - so I hope you all approve of the finished product :)  Strangely enough while I didn't like either SEED or Gundam Wing, I love doing their models.  Anyway, the colorway is closely based on the GFF Bazram, whose Titans colors I thought were awesome.

Here's a list of the mods on the kit:

1. the thighs were extended 0.50 cm each
2. replaced the elbows/ arms with the ones on the HG Tieren
3. placed styrene parts on the forearm and the side of the lower legs to give "armored" look
4. placed koto option parts all over body, including the orange verniers and metallic grey parts (6 on torso, 2 on skirt, 2 on the crotch, 4 on knee, 2 on top of the wings)
5. cut off the top of the wings, placed option molds, and reshaped with putty.
6. reshaped the left hand to "hold" the scabbard
7. thin pieces of styrene on feet
8. custom decals from samuels, as well as from Bandai waterslides and mechaskunk warning decals
9. mechaskunk monoeye chrome yellow with silver eye holder (hard to see if not reflected by light)

Here are the pics.  Actual kit is a bit red and less green than as it appears in the photo.

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May 28, 2008, 03:43:52 PM
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Great model!
Love the use of the Barzam color scheme and nice mods.
The forearms' armor is especially nice.
+1 karma (for the other cool Wing too :-))