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Model In-Progress / 1/72 Last Exile Vanship
« on: June 10, 2013, 12:28:52 PM »
It is my side project. I started this some time ago. If I will have some free time or need some rest from my current model I'll work on this.

This is Hasegawa's Vanship model from Last Exile anime. I've seen only few episodes from the firs series, so don't know much about it. But I like it's design and it has a touch of steam punk in it.  

I like red, so I want to keep this colour. I just want to paint it candy red – with the metallics underneath. Build is suppose to be clean – just like cars or bike todays modellers build.

What's done for now.
Painted some metal body parts. It supposed to be chrome but I don't think it looks like chrome at all. I used Gunze SM Chrome Silver on Alclad Glossy Base. I'll try to buff it but if will not work and I don't like the results I think I'll repaint it to steel.

Painted the interior. It still needs some dry brush and some wash here and there. Not much will be visible, specially when I'll decide to use figures. But for now I'm not feeling like I'm going to paint them. I don't think I'll do this properly in a such a small scale.

Body parts are almost ready for painting. Just some more sanding of the body near the seats. I needed to cover some recesses in body. I don't know how to say it in english properly – beams from inside cause the body to collapse. I put some polyester putty and now need to sand it.

Engine parts need filling and sanding. I want to paint them in different shades of dark metallics.

Included in model there is also small moped – Vespa. It's really tiny, so I thinl I'll paint it all with hand brush.

As some of you know I made some tests on Alclad Candy Red, as I didn't use it before. Test were done on Gunze SM Super Fine Silver but now I do have Silver Candy Base and will work with it.

Here is brief test summary – from left to right.
1. Silver was put on not so glossy base so it's not shiny as it should be.
2. Two thin coats of candy red. I like the colour but has some orange peel to remove.
3. Put two thin coats and one wet coat of Gaia EX-Clear and sanded them with micromesh (6000-12000).
4. As you can see red shines different in different lightning conditions.

Model Gallery / SUFA Fireball
« on: May 25, 2013, 04:33:11 AM »
This is my first finished Ma.K model (4th model ever made). Also it was first time weathering for me.
I started Falke first but my build is slow as snail as I was not sure what I wanted to do. So I started building this in the meantime as a form of a rest from main build ;D

I know it's not typical Ma.K colour scheme. But it's just me – it turns out that I like changing colours ;)

I used Alclad Jet Exhaust for a base – it seams they use some kind of black metal in my vision of future.
Then painted camo with Gunze H and Tamiya XF-22 thinned with Tamiya Thinner. Chipped using AK Worn Effects.
Interior and head painted with Tamiya enamels and Vallejo.
Weathered with oils, Tamiya enamels and AK pigments and stuff.
You can see a WIP here

The model itself is finished but after seeing that models look so way better with base or a vignette I decided I'll be making a proper base for it some time soon. Gathering materials now.

Sorry about the pics quality. I don't have proper setup to make good photos. I just used a daylight lightning. Hope to make some better photos at my friend house some day later.

And some closeups.

I know it's nothing big but I won „Best out of this world model” prize on Warsaw Modellers Fiesta. And I'm happy :D

I appreciate your comments and critics.

Model Gallery / Macross VF-1S Battroid (1:100 Wave)
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:18:42 AM »
Thanks to a friend from other forum (and a colleague, as it turns out) I have finally make some nice gallery shots.

Model is not perfect, but I hope I've learned the lesson. Now I know some more about preshading and masking.

It was a simple build, but it was fun. I have some VF-1J battroid and fighter waiting, will make a gerwalk mode someday.

And some action pose photos ;)


Model In-Progress / S.A.F.S Space Type Fire Ball – 1/20 Wave
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:01:38 AM »
I must say that cutting of sprue, sanding and bonding de-stresses me very much. So instead of painting details and the figure on my current model, I took something else on my workshop. And so, after a few evenings is ready for layer of primer.

Thanks for watching and comments.

Model In-Progress / 1/20 Pkf.85 Falke Antigravity Armored Raider
« on: November 26, 2012, 12:52:58 PM »
Here is my new workshop. I know it's quite a popular model but I couldn't resist the beautiful shapes and promotional price in the store :)

the painting will be inspired on Israeli F-16i.

But I want to do a lot of weathering.
Still not sure if I will be using hairspray technique for scratches or just paint the chipping with brush and sponge.
I'm a little bit afraid of using hairspray becouse of camo masking. It's all new to me so I will see what fits me better and will be easier to achieve.
Of course I will rely on your opinion and your help.

First things I will do are cockpit and pilot.
I never imagine that I'll have to patch so huge gaps on figure.

It is now glued. Not sure to use putty or milliput to fix it. I'm afraid putty will be too sparse.

Prepared cockpit parts for painting.

Painted all with RLM66 with the exception of the driver's seat, which was painted with Gunze super fine silver.
I gave the seat a very matt varnish and put some black enamel filter.
Detail parts will be handbrushed soon.

I made an attempt to stain the walls.
At the beginning seemed to be good. But I think I put in too much enthusiasm in to it.
I think I will clean this and make second attempt.

Thanks for watching and hope to be back soon.

Model In-Progress / Macross 1:100 VF-1S Battroid
« on: July 06, 2012, 08:41:31 AM »
My modem is dead, so I'm using my phone to write. Sorry about that I cannot add many photos.

A little bit tired lately, so I just want to make something that will be easy and fast. Decided to do this simple model from Wave.

It will be simple OOB build, but I still want to learn something building this kit so I'll try preshading for the first time. I need some advice here.
Also there are few decals to finish the model and that will be a challenge for me to.

Model will be painted in off-white color, Gunze 311 (FS36622) to be precise.
1) What primer color do you sugest? Gray Surfacer 1200 will be ok, or should I use white surfacer for this one?
2) What color should I take for preshading? Since base color is rather light should I use some gray? I was thinking about Neutral Gray to do the job. Or should I use black to preshade?

What I did, I cut all the pieces and plan all the work. Not shure how to deal with two problems, but will post them with pictures later.
I'm starting with metallic parts. Since they all will be "inside" after assembling I want to finisz them first. There are only few of them. Then I'll build a model, mask them and paint whole thing.

Will post some pics after the weekend.

Looking forward for your advices.

Tools / tool for panel line engraving
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:14:21 AM »
I'm looking for a decent tool for panel lines.

I do own Trumpeter, one like this:

But I think it's too thin, or I don't know how to work wiht it properly.

Can you recommend anything? I was thinking about some dental scalers maybe?

Model Gallery / [Armored Core] Interior Union Y01 Tellus
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:35:47 AM »
I am a novice modeller. This is my first finished model I am aware of the errors and shortcomings.
It's stright OOB build, I have only change a color scheme. The plans were to make more clean mecha than it turn in to due to lack of experience.

Will be happy to read come critics from you.

Model In-Progress / [Armored Core] Mirage C02-Uranus Mavors Ver.
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:27:57 AM »
Hi everyone.
I'm quite new to the forum and to modeling. This is just my second build. For now I'm just trying to build my models out of box the best way I can.

I started with this model some time ago, so I'll do a brief introduction and resume.

This is Kotobukiya's model in 1:72 scale. The original model is in dark colors (brown and gray). I decided to change color scheme my will be inspired by the character from the Transformers.
Here are some introducing photos.

Started with hands. Cut the pieces, made a test build.

It turned out that the need to sand a few places that there was no friction. Than started priming.
Since my base color will be yellow, I used Gunze white base. It's hard to cover dark parts with it. Someone recommended me Gaia proimers so I'll test it with next priming.

I need to wait with metallic parts for black primer and paints to arrive.

The work went well with hands so I decided to cut more parts next time. I cut everything for the legs, head and stabilizers on the thighs. It turned out that it was not a good idea. There were a lots of parts, and a lot of processing. I was a little buried in this.

Fortunately the paints and primer ordered arrived. So I decided to have some break with sanding and working with putty – it was metallics time.

Thanks to this I had painted all metallic components for the hands and a large majority for the legs.
To see some progress I decided to complete arms so I'll have some more motivation to get back to sanding the rest of the legs.

It will be clean build. Glossy paint (I hope), lots of decls, delicate wash only in the joints.
I hope there will be some update soon. As is it an OTB build I'll propably will not bother you with some constuction details and will post only major changes.

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