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Model In-Progress / 1/35 KASTOR-new hovertank-
« on: November 14, 2011, 02:22:12 PM »
Hello guys!
Finally I found a chance ans some time to show my Kastor WIP.
This model will be produced by Industria Mechanika

Some words about the model.
I've allways been waiting the moment to start a model of that kind, just needed the right inspiration.
I think it came to me when I've broke my old Trust PC speakers....throat them?? Naaa .....  :lol:
This build were really funny and unusual, and one more's BEAUTIFUL to have not to deal with arms and legs :)
This hovertank will fit the world of Abakan 2288, the book N.1 I've made and that is published by Design Studio Press
and consider it a preview of what you will find in second book :) will take some years to be done actually

So, with some plasticard and other donor parts  I've started to make some drawing about transforming the main speaker shield in something different

then, with a part from an old hair clippers I've started the front-radiator

Now it was time to shape the shield, so I've add some Milliput to reach the right look

and then obviously, I've sanded it off...

but before reachingm a gloss and super-refined surface I've covered the whole part with Tamiya putty

and everything is smoothed

then I had the idea for the weapon, mixing some Dragon armor with Star Wars (maybe y-fighter, I really can't remember) plastic parts

here I've add some details and cables on it, to give a rail-gun look to it

I've also decided to add a grill under the turrett, so I've cut an alluminium part for a real grill and after made a rough fram around it, I've glued iton the model
Everything will be blended with Epoxy later

After that I've started smaller cannon that will be placed in the turret's balcony

and shaped with Milliput

and lights....

glued on the model...

blended with putty

Now it's time to start the bottom parts. I've used a ZOID part as start (thanks Grail!!:) )and real PC vents and cases

more pics here:

I hope you enjoy guys!


Model In-Progress / 1/35 Buchner....YES.....BUCHNER!!^^
« on: October 20, 2011, 03:44:34 PM »
Hello guys.
After spending last 18 months to work on commissioned pattern for other factories (9 months just for one  :sick: ), what's better to give vent on this one!
As Michael usually says, "this is a mental-health project".
Yes, Buchner is totally free-design, free-sculpting, no need to observe rules, deadlines, streight design restrictions, specular troubles and the size of this thing makes seem to work more on a sculpture than on a model.
I had fun also to leave usual white Milliput creating all possible color combos (I know it's useless thing, but maybe not....:) ), grey with black, red with yellow, etc....I'm also using a lot of Aves (RED!!  :D )

Since last update on this (I think 2002-2003 if I'm not wrong) Buchner was untouched untill last month, when beetween the end of a long commisioned project and the beginning of a new one, I've spent a couple of weeks of pure sculpting fun on this bad guy.
Unfortunately, it has been left aside already. I really don't know when another update will be possible, I just hope it won't take 8 more years  :lol:
As usual, like Buchner himself wants, no rules, no laws, no deadlines for it! :P

As you can see, now it's even more tall.
I've redone the whole hips mechanical complex, as it is for ankles.

Right feet was 100% redone, having fun to use the weirdest parts ever, like Briegel chest parts, G.I.Joe toy vent, etc...
The bottom of the feet were equipped by Hovertank units and vents and a lot of random details were added on the ankles.

Also pelvis, tail (Briegel's modified back),belly and torso were heavily modified, adding details, drilled alluminium plates,

exhausts and various details.

Extending legs and body, it was necesary to extend skirt and armor plates too.

I've started also engine-hump on the back of the body, and started the tail armor.

I hope you still enjoy this sick model!

More pics:



Hello guys
maybe someone noticed that I was a little bit lazy recently... :sarcasm:
No! :)
Design Studio Press in my opinion one of the best publisher in concept design and sci-fi a couple of years ago decided to publish my first (and I hope not last) book: ABAKAN 2288- Kallamity's world of mecha design part 1  
It will be a 176 color pages, plenty of designs, illustrations, mock-ups, pictures, models, wips and a story.
Main character: Briegel
There will be also some FFF guests stars, like Captain Michael, Matt Tomczek and MZ3 who made awesome version of briegel model.

IMPORTANT: I won't sale book directly, so, please don't ask me about discounts or shipments.
There are also already many sellers on the net who are accepting preorders (saving some bucks), like Amazon, Walmart, etc...

For who wants to meet me, I'll be in San Diego Comicon to promote next October book launch (I'll sign Abakan posters there).


ABAKAN 2288 signing
Design Studio Press booth N.1701

on Friday 22nd, 5-7 PM

Thanks guys and I hope you find these news interesting!


Model Talk / DreamPod9-Heavy Gear-HT-90, heavy hovertank
« on: December 19, 2010, 10:35:04 AM »

Hi guys
some time ago I've been invited to sculpt new Heavy Gear' hovertank HT-90 by DreamPod9 and that was a great honour to me.
This hovertank is now on sale on DP9 website:

This product is also showed in Gearup No.3 (free online magazine on Heavy Gear world) where there is also an interview to myself!  :ninja: Download it!  :D

I hope you find this news interesting!  :-)


Since I saw Michael's and Mike's build here, I've decided to start my Fichten Submersible Fish.
The kit? Simply flawless, concerning idea, concept, release and casting quality.
PE parts are just amazing. I've spent just 1 hour to refine and build it. Fantastic!

Since Michael's one has been set in waterworld and Mike's one (I have no idea yet  :lol: ) I've decided to go with a different setting.
I had ispiration on some place in Barcellona, (Catalunya, almost Spain  ^_^ ), a town I love and I had the idea to reproduce it like a "past technique" memorial.
In this town there are some real exemples:

and placing something like that in a place like this :) :

It seems SK8 saga continues.... :D

after Tamiya hardened

I hope you like guys!


Not A Contest: Creature Feature / The Munny!
« on: November 24, 2010, 07:03:05 PM »
I don't know if  it fits in this section. Maybe a munny-mummy is not a creature, I really don't know :)

Commission work.
This is one of the mot popular custom toys.

Arms have been modified, bandage are made with strips of toilet paper and vinilyc glue, the base was a DVD case, and headstones in Aves.



Model Gallery / FUTURISTIC ROBOT #1 "THE POOL" -completed-
« on: September 11, 2010, 07:01:30 PM »
Hi all
Finally I've been able to complete this fantastic kit.

It was a lot of fun to build this model so I've decided to put this beautiful robot in a diorama, a strange diorama.
This could be considered a surrealist-street style scenario.
The idea was to represent an old school typical skate scene, where the man (I've been inspired from a real skater, Tom Penny ) is watching the machine "skating" in the pool where rusted pipes are progressing everywhere.
The character is made in super sculpey, the sk8 in plasticard and real sandpaper for the grip and Milliput for accessories.
It was a free and fun build and I didn't care so much about proportions and other modelling rules :)
I hope you enjoy it!

(second gallery for latest pics)

« on: July 05, 2010, 06:52:00 PM »
Hi all guys.
Let's my 2 new project.

First one is a 1/72 Briegel.

I've decided to create another master patter of the Briegel ( ), my favourite and personal mecha in my production.

There are many reasons about this choice:
1-to refresh the mecha-design of this subject
2-to make a smaller kit of the same subject
3-changing proportions of the parts, giving a more aggressive and sexy look, keeping legs longer compared to previous one.
4-creating a lot of accesories like weapons and other things (maybe 2 kits, one with just the basic mecha and weapons and accessories in the other one.

As I told Legs will be longer, trying to keep main mecha characteristics, but restyling Briegel to give a slimmer look to it.
That's 89% finished, some parts aren't finished yet (like hip joint), lack of cables and several refinements.

More pics:

Second one is another ship, the BRIEGELCARGO, in 1/1500 scale, the same of the Iguana.

This will be a cargo where Briegel units are loaded in the main body, with launch pads on 2 front "beaks".
I have to decide if there will be also SchnabelGuns (that will mean I'll have to sculpt it in smaller scale again  :sick: :) )

WIP pics very soon not so many revelation today!  :lol:

I hope you'll find interesting!

« on: June 02, 2010, 05:40:37 AM »

Hello Guys!
Finally I've posted pictures of finished Iguana model.
Although I've started painting a couple of months ago, I've not spent so much time on this, maybe because I've avoided usual salt and hairspray technique, due to the scale.
1-spray can silver coat
2-Tamiya blue coat
3-Tamiya lighter blue highlights
4-Gunze laquer brown on decks and some other areas
5-Metals: mix of Tamiya silver, matt black and gunmetal
6-masks and red parts
7-Tamiya gloss coat
9-Bourgeois&Lefranc satin varnish
10-MIG Dark Wash
11-MIG Brown Wash
12-Tamiya smoke+flat black shadows on thrusters
13-Bourgeois&Lefranc satin varnish
14-Vernidas (extra gloss varnish) on green motors

Pictures on third bottom gallery:

I hope you like guys!
Thanks for viewing


Model Gallery / SchnabelGun III-commission- FINISHED!
« on: April 02, 2010, 01:32:52 PM »

Hi all guys,
has been a while I didn't post a work, so that could be a good choice! :)
I've just finished the base of the commissioned Schnabel, so I'm sure it's truely finished now!

I hope you like guys!


The second one is about the base, the third about finished model!


Model Gallery / 1/20 Hasegawa Falke-finished-
« on: January 24, 2010, 09:18:41 PM »

Model In-Progress / Hasegawa Falke
« on: January 12, 2010, 06:16:54 AM »

Hi all guys!
Between a project and a work shift I've decided to have some fun with the Falke.ì
I always loved this subject and thanks to Bryan Krueger for selling one to me when I wasn't able to find it!
The build and modifications took about a week to complete the model.
Unfortunately some rivets and panel lines were so lightly marked that I've decided to rescribe them and to apply new rivets all over the Falke.
I choosed also to keep cockpit closed, because I'd like to display it in fly mode.
-I've redone and added some details with plasticard
-Rescribing of some panel lines
-Rivets add on entire model
-Details add on engine (OP, cables and some detail that I'd have put in the cockpit :)  )
-Photoetched plate from Garbaldy
-Add of a couple of exhausts on both prows

Complete gallery:

I hope you like !

Model In-Progress / SchnabelGun pilot- Lt.Richard Merzbow-"Merz"
« on: December 10, 2009, 01:23:58 PM »
Hello guys
this time I'd like to share with you something different from my usual stuff, a sculpture portraying one of main characters in Schnabelgun tales (just a preview available right now) dressed in a combat suit.
He's walking towards the Schnabel and he'll handle the helmet on the right hand and a bag on the left one. Also face has to be done yet.

My main inspiration was Dune's Stillsuit, but "a bit" more powered exoskeleton for space use.
And also this awesome pilot sculpture :

It's not first time I use Super Sculpey (what a mess to find this stuff in Italy  :sick: ), but first one using all the "right" methods as the framed base, iron rod skeleton, etc.... and i have to say it was years I didn't have fun sculpting something so much untill now.
The most beautiful thing is to avoid the dry-putty paranoia  :lol:, everything is relaxing and I was able to enjoy what I was doing....I hope you understand :)

More pics:

Hope you enjoy and more than ever.............all comments and critics are welcome! :)

Model Gallery / Iron spider-Wired magazine commission-
« on: November 22, 2009, 05:55:06 AM »
Hello Guys
I hope this is the right section ...:)

This time I'd like to share with you a completely different kind of work.
This job were commissioned by the italian WIRED magazine in a Monday of September '09 and had to be finished in a Week. So...the Sunday after I was boxing this. :meh:

It's created by random parts I had in my lab, 3 broken beside lamps, transistors, springs, car light bulbs, screws, furniture's details.....everything I found that was right in my opinion.

Wired mag stuff was looking for a spider that could keep on his body a belljar with a sprout plant inside. I had measures of the belljar, but I never saw that. So I've buildt the spider without the bell in my hands, and that has been the most difficult thing.

The idea I had was to represent one of many iron.steampunk spider going around a new planet planting those sprouts on the ground to give life on a barren planet. In truth the article speaks about something different, but I liked more that idea :) .

In conclusion, has been a very funny sculpture to make!

I hope you like guys!

More pics here:

Model In-Progress / SchnabelGun III-commission-
« on: November 15, 2009, 07:19:31 PM »
Hi all,
that's my third experiment with SchnabelGun, but this time is a commission job.
My client wanted many extra-details, so I've added lots of tubes, cables, springs, metal pipes, photoetched parts, antennas, rivets, screws and a couple of turrets (of Iguana) on tail shield.
Now build is completed and I can start with painting.
He wants Schnabel weathered as usual with salt and hairspray technique. Not even this time I won't be able to make a clean one!  :sarcasm:

More pics:

I hope you enjoy! :D

Model Gallery / NKGC-Lucca Model Contest 2009-Gallery
« on: November 02, 2009, 02:19:28 PM »
Hi all
The NKGC Lucca model contest is just finished (yesterday) and I'm very happy to show the gallery of works.
Every edition is better than previous one, models are always better and this year the complete pictures work is already done and organized in a gallery just the day after!
Thanks Daniele for your work and Alessandro Bruschi (ModelTime magazine) too.
Other pics in next days!
Thanks to everyone and I always have the dream that someone out-of-Italy could come here in holidays and also to take part to the contest sometimes! :)
First page is dedicated to the SD contest and in next pages you can see the DUST Luther contest (THANKS PAOLO!) and other awesome jobs!

Thanks for viewing

Model Gallery / 1/35 Hecaton - COMPLETED!!-
« on: July 28, 2009, 01:24:57 PM »
Hello Guys!
Finally Hecaton is finished!
Hope you like guys and thanks for viewing all this long WIP!


W.I.P. gallery

COMPLETED (last gallery on the bottom)

Thanks all!

Model In-Progress / HECATON-painting WIP-
« on: July 02, 2009, 02:32:28 PM »
Hello Guys,
After some troubles, finally I'm able to start new paint job.
That'll be my paint progress of my latest creation: Hecaton.
The build was focused to assign to the subject an interesting pose. Once obtained, I've fixed all joints with SuperGlue.
The Model is OOTB, except just a modification I'll show you after.

Concerning the paint base, I've started with a Tamiya white primer coat.

Build completed:

Then, I've started to make contrasts with a dark-flat-hot-metal base, obtained with flat red and yellow (5%) white, black, silver and flat base Tamiya.
The coat was applied not carefully, just to give a solid base for future paint coats.

Then I've started to paint in gloss white and gloss black some details , above all in the legs:

And that's the current aspect:

A lot of work to do yet...
Hope you'll enjoy the monster guys! :D


Capitalism Corner* / NEWS FROM KALLAMITY
« on: June 14, 2009, 07:57:57 AM »
Hi all
her you'll find all news from my trade, Kallamity

Starting with models, very soon SchnabelGun and Briegel will be available again:

Don't forget also :

HECATON (it'll be painted very soon)


and Work in Progress of the Starship Iguana:

If you're interested in receiving Kallamity's newsletter or to order stuff, please contact me here:

Waiting for additional details and news,
thank you all for your interest on

Model Gallery / BOWER
« on: May 14, 2009, 01:02:20 PM »

Hi guys,
And now also the Bower is painted! ^_^
Usual techniques: achrylic Tamiya, masks, airbrush shadows, MIG Brown Wash.
Gallery is the 3rd on the bottom.
I hope you like!

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