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Hey! Iiiiiiim baaaack!! Just wanna show you a model I made by kitbashing a 1/144 The O and a 1/144 Zeong, hence the Ze-Ong! I decided on this build because I wanted to create my own version of the Perfect Zeong. I hate the original design of it, thus I wanted to suit it to my own taste. The bash is basically just a Zeong with legs and backpack from The O. I wanted to keep the build simple and quick since I was running short on time.

The model was spray painted with Enamel Spraycans bought from my local hardware (ACE). It was weathered and drybrushed with Gundam markers for a worn look. Finally, some dabs of Tamiya weathering master completes the stage before spraying a matt coat from Hobbymate.

After the model was done, I originally intended to just display in a black base. But I grew quite fond of the model, and so opted for a diorama instead.
The diorama I chose is in 1/35. Therefore, I scaled the model down from 1/144 to 1/35, hence the term re-imagining. I decided to go to 1/35 for 2 main reasons: 1. I have a 1/35 wwII field maintenance set from Tamiya that I really really have not used for a long time, and 2. I hate giant towering mechas and love small scaled ones (The mechs from Broken Blade is what I considered to be the maximum height that suit my taste. Anything that towers like 18m, I hate)

On the diorama work, I scratchbuild a base using illustration board. The tiles were drawn with a mechanical pencil and scored with a compass. I also drew cracks in the tiles with the pencil, unfortunately they are not shown in the photos. The tanks, tools, table, and ladder were painted still with spray cans and weathered and drybrushed with Gundam markers. The papers (on the table) and the towel? (on the ladder) are made using soaked bondpaper and cut into shape and formed on the surface. the cables are just the stock cable wire from the Zeong and the maintenance set. Finally, Tamiya Weathering Master marks the final step in the completion of the model. I did not flat coat it anymore due to fear that the pigments would be blown away or would disappear from the coat.

Overall, the project took me a week to complete (minus the interruptions and work). Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Comments and criticisms are welcome

Model Gallery / 1/35 M-64 Tamaraw MBT (Fictional main battle tank)
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:35:41 AM »

Hello again! I present to you another fictional main battle tank. Though this build still involves kitbashing (M-41 Walker Bulldog from Tamiya and T-64 from Trumpeter), this one also includes major scratchbuilding (The extended turret armor and rear compartment, the rear hull exhaust, the side and frontal armor)

This build was actually done before I did the IS-55 Liger. I could consider this as my first truly completed model. The idea in my head that time was that I wanted to have my own main battle tank for my fictional army, but I don't want it to look like the hulking, long and wide modern main battle tanks you see today. But I also wanted my tank to have some "modern" (1970ish like) features such as modular armor or some appliqué armor. So looking at my stash, I have a Walker Bulldog (Aha! small tank!), and a T-64 tank (Low profile, rounded turret as a base!). With a decent amount of putty, and pla plates at hand, I decided to work on it. From then on, it took me 2 years before finally completing the build.

The kit was weathered with Gundam Markers and Tamiya Weathering Master (Damn, they do me wonders which I thought are only possible by Enamels, Oils, Migs, etc etc..). The boxes are crudely made with just a brown cardboard. The camo net was made from a medical gauze (They have extra gauze in the hospital where I train, so yipeee free stuff!). The headlights are just punched-out red and silver cardboard, and fitted. The mud was made by a mix of Elmers, Paster chalks, water, and real dirt (Credits to Fine Scale Modeler Magazine for that article regarding that technique)

After some time with major head-scratching, and near-burnouts, I finally finished it! Here are the pics, and enjoy! I love comments and crits as always. Thanks again and happy modeling!

Model Gallery / 1/35 IS-55A Liger (Another Fictional MBT)
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:16:55 AM »

Another build of mine! (I've been busy since my absence, and now it's show and tell time!)

I'm fond of armored vehicles, but I'm more fond of having my own personalized armored vehicles for my 'army'. Since scratchbuilding takes quite a long time for me to finish, I decided that the quickest way would be through kitbashing.

The build was inspired when I was playing a PC game called World of Tanks (For those who play WoT, particularly in the SEA server, my IGN is TheRedO lol), I stumbled upon the idea of mating the IS-3 turret with the hull of a T-55. I love the IS-3 turret amongst all other Soviet tank designs, but I hate the hull. The T-55 hull on the other hand, that's what I love, since the turret is positioned in the center, plus it's a low-silhouette. So I thought of mating those 2 things that I love, and with a bit of tinkering and modifying, the IS-55 was born!!

By the way, The kits used are: Tamiya T-55a and Trumpeter's IS-3.

The pike nose on the build was scratchbuilt. Tried to fit the IS-3's pike nose but it was too small

The model was painted with spraycans. Still no airbrush. It was weathered with Gundam Markers (the brown one), and Tamiya Weathering Master. Surprisingly, they work pretty well and achieved the look I wanted.

That's pretty much it. Enjoy the pictures, and comments are always welcome!

Model Gallery / 1/100 IBO Graze Custom ('Goshawk')
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:02:27 AM »
Finally, after years of absence in this forum, I have retuuurned!! But this time, with more skills and I got 3 finished models wohoooo!!!

So to kick this off, I'm gonna start by sharing with you guys a custom I made of the Graze from the latest Gundam series: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. This mecha was not my typical love-at-first sight. When I first saw the lineart, I was like 'meh'. But that soon changed when I receive the 1/100 Graze as a gift. It was a thing of beauty in model form! This immediately became one of my top favorite mechas and model kit as well! But as always, my strive for wanting something out of the generic was itching me. I have to do it! Thus, it began.

After around 2 months of building and customizing, I have finally finished it! Now feast thy eyes!!! (Details on how I did the model comes after the pictures)

Basically, it's a mix of custom paintjob, some parts rearranging, scratchbuilding, and a bit of kitbash.

Kitbashing part involves the use of the HG Megashiki for the front skirt, some bits of the 1/100 Barbatos for the sword, and a spare MG EX-S chestplate for this build's front chest piece.

I scratchbuild the side chest pieces as well as the rear skirt. The shape and design was made using Google SketchUp 8. It's a fun and simple 3-D software. And it's freeeeee! Anyway, I build the model and 'unfolded' them into a flat plane. Pretty much like the same way you see people design papercraft models, except without the use of the Pepakura software. I printed the flat model in a piece of paper and made a mock-up to see if it fits my model. Once I'm satisfied, I directly transfer the flat model onto the plastic plates, and cut and assemble them. With a bit of filling and sanding, viola!!! A finished part!

I painted the model using enamel spray cans since I have no access to an airbrush yet. The model was drybrushed with a Gundam Marker, and weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master

The screw-up I had in my experience was with the decals, particularly on the right thigh, the one on top of the Indian decal. I noticed the decal started to silver after I did the final coating.  :sick: It was too late. But anyway, still a learning experience. If you guys have suggestions on how to tackle silvering decals after topcoating, I'm all ears.

Anyway, comments and criticisms are always welcome!  :D Hope you guys have fun and hope this forum continues to grow! There seems to be a lot less posts nowadays hmmm  :unsure:

@ Hunter Rose: Thanks! Unfortunately, the details are too clumped together and the cockpit panels are glued already. Painting this would be a pain-in-the-posterior bottom  :twitch:

@ NickM: Thanks! Hopefully, things will go well accordingly  :D

Now, unto the first progress:

Things done:
1. Revised the design, lengthened the torso and thighs. Also added some ankle armors and some minor detail at the rear torso and shortened the width of the head.

2. Started with the cockpit and head. First, I used the SketchUp model and pick-out the cockpit. I then measured the length and angle of each piece using SketchUp's measuring tools. Since the SketchUp model is done using meters for measurement. I converted each measurement to millimeters and made them into the appropriate scale of 1/20.

    After all those measurements, it's time for the actual build-up. I used an illustration board for the basic shape of the cockpit. I then reinforced them with cardboard folders for rigidity. The details used to make the interior of the cockpit are the following: An old, unassembled 1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer (I know it's not up to scale, but.... close enough), Soldering wire (They're very very malleable. Very good for wires), aluminum foil tape for the wire holders thingy.

    The cockpit hatch and head were made using cardboard folder. There are seams along every corner. I'll try to experiment on a method to fill those seams up without the use of putty (I'll reveal it soon once it works hehe).

    I'll prime these pieces soon and try to sand them (Yes, they seem to work).

Well, that's it for now. I'll update again probably a month from now. Comments and Crits well appreciated. Thanks guys!!  :razz:

@ HunterRose: Yup, Zeonic designs are usually weird but still appealing in some ways  :-)

@ Sharkdog: Thanks man! SketchUp is fun and versatile in its uses. The model I did is not complicated. Just trial and error until it looks right   ^_^.

                  With regards to the skirt and legs, I'm kinda happy with the way it looks for now. I'm fond of wide bodied designs hehe. But I'll take your comment into consideration in other future projects. Thanks again for the advice sir  :D

My love for the Hamma Hamma is too damn high! But now the Rozen Zulu came into the picture, I guess I'm gonna have to put the best of both worlds together. Thus, the Rozen-Hamma AM (Assault Mecha)  :lol:

I love Gundams/ Mobile suits, but their size is too big for my taste so I decided to go for a mecha scale that fits my taste - 1/35 or 1/20. The mecha scale I'm talking about belongs to scales from Code Geass, Patlabor, and Dunbine.

Ok, now with the concept:

As you can see, it's still in the blueprint phase. I left details intentionally blank or made "basic" since they are a bit complicated to replicate in SketchUp and it will make my life easier to measure large parts in its bare detail. You'll also notice that the design is far (although similiar) from the Rozen Zulu and Hamma Hamma. I wanted to create my own personal rendition of both mechas combined and in my preferred mecha size. Thus, it looks somehow like Patlabor's Labor mechs.

Well, that's it for now. This is a build intended for Mecha Lounge's Air vs Ground GB. Since the GB ends at June 30 right, I might be able to slip some time in the near future and post some updates around April or May (Yup, that long hehe (time) )

Thanks for looking! Comments and Criticisms are welcome!  :D

The Inner Geek: Thanks!  :D The thing on the back is actually the cockpit. The cockpit layout is similar to the Knightmare Frame mechas from the anime: Code Geass, but with a more rudimentary tank-like hatch instead.

The main concept of this WIP was just a fun response to one of DC23's projects: The Tieren Yellow Squad - . I really liked his project since I'm not really a big fan of giant mechs. I prefer the more feasible 7-10 meter tall types (The game Border Break and the Votoms anime is a good example. Plus it gives me a chance to practice and use my aging 1/35 figures and accessories as well as model in a similar fashion as with 1/35 tanks. Thus I decided to play along and create the GNX Red Squad. :D

For the gibberish nonsense stuff:
The GNX Red Squad was conceptualized by the Red Army as a counter to the Yellow Tieren swarm. The plan was to make a swift and agile machine with decent technology. Unfortunately, armor has to be sacrificed thus giving the mech a thinner and a flimsier look. To accommodate electrical components and systems, the cockpit is moved toward the back area... can't come up with more gibberish hehe  :D

Here's the link for the recent update:

Ok, another update:

1. Filled up the back part with plaplates to blend it with the main body
2. Fixed up the shin
3. Shaved off the lower portion of the GNX's face to make a mono-eye head. Will fix it up
4. Added a hatch at the back. Filling and detailing will come later. Still thinking of whether making it an open or closed hatch.

Further parts/plaplate additions next time. Detailing will come last.

Photos with human reference:

Thanks!  :)

For Origin of WIP go to:

I've made some major addition/s:

1. I added several parts from different sources - Bakuso Robo, SD Freedom, Gaza C

Things that I'm still going to do:

1. Fill up the missing spaces with plaplates/ more parts
2. Fill up panel lines to give it a more casted-look
3. Texturize surface for a tankish feel. Like a light/medium tank sort of thing.

I'm keeping it short this time, so here are the pics:



Again, comments and crits are always welcome! Thanks again guys!

I apologize for posting it in the wrong section. Admins, please feel free to remove this from the Model Gallery

For Origin of WIP go to:

I've made some major addition/s:

1. I added several parts from different sources - Bakuso Robo, SD Freedom, Gaza C

Things that I'm still going to do:

1. Fill up the missing spaces with plaplates/ more parts
2. Fill up panel lines to give it a more casted-look
3. Texturize surface for a tankish feel. Like a light/medium tank sort of thing.

I'm keeping it short this time, so here are the pics:



Again, comments and crits are always welcome! Thanks again guys!

Yay! First post in the launchpad!!

Here are the pics:

I admit that I pretty much rushed and ****ed up the handpainting and detailing process which left so many bare, unpainted, and plain areas. I wanted it to get done so quickly that I skipped many things and made so many booboos. Oh well, it was a fun and relaxing of a build (much of it). I've learned things from this build:

1. Tamiya Acrylics are AWESOME even for handpainting large pieces!!! :approve:
2. Plan before you act; PATIENCE!!!! (Kept reminding myself of that but I'm such a stubborn fool  :mx: )
3. Using papertubes and China beads for making framework is good but requires reinforcing in the longer run (Superglue [aka Cyanoacrylate] tends to be brittle with time) :compute:
4. Ballpen covertips can be a Poorman's good source of boosters  $)
5. Cardboard modelling can rival their Plastic counterparts as long as it's done with meticulous care (Unfortunately for me, not in this build hehe) :sicker:

Ok. A bit of an update:

Decided to create my own version instead of generally following the Hamma Hamma's original design:

1. added parts on the front chest
2. DeathScythe-Like pointy end on the feet
3. Backpack fuel tanks. They are detachable via magnets
4. Antennas are now present on the head
5. Made some adjustment positions on the shoulder thrusters to give it a more fan-out appearance
6. Placed coil (copper wire) around the upper arms
7. Made the coiled wires (This was harder than I've imagined! My fingers were sore after constant winding)
8. Placed some details (not done yet) on the lower legs
9. Planning to add thrusters (Ballpoint pen cover tips)

Current Pic Progress:

The Rest of the Pic (URL):

ROAR!!!!! BACK AGAIN for the mean time!!!! Happy New Year in advance guys!!!! 

Before I present the WIP, I would like to remind again that this particular WIP is not meant to be detailed and is more of just synonymous to an arts and crafts project rather than a model. So detail freaks, I'm sorry to dissapoint you 

This could probably be the last time I could spend a "vacation" before the "heavy beating-up process" in my Med School takes effect. So before this year ends, I really wanted to finish a build, even just a simple relax build to relieve my stress. I could continue my GNX Red Squad but unfortunately could not finish it in time for New Year. Hence, the concept of a Scratch Model was born!

What is a Scratch Model you say? It basically is scratch building, only in the quickest and less-detailed form than true scatchbuilding. Generally speaking, your main objective is just to create a rough look of your subject. Just enough to make you say that it does look somehow like the subject you portray.

In my case, this concept applies well.

So for this Scratch Model WIP, I chose my favorite mobile suit, the Hamma Hamma as my main subject (Weird is Wonderful). To make it cuter and more fun, I decided to change its proportions to an SD type - similar to the FW Gundam Converge figures.

Okay, now on to my current progress: (So sorry admins for very large image)

As you can see, it is now in 90 % completion. This project started just 2 days ago and hopefully, I could finish it before New Year. I still have to:

1. Make antennas (This one has FIVE!)
2. Add some details if possible especially the cables
3. Add some more details for ver. Red O customization (optional)
4. Paint. This one really got my head scratching like hell. because of the many-many crevises and overlaps, painting it by normal means even in spraycans are almost impossible since it could not cover-up all those deep crevises. Painting it by hand may also have the same problem while having adverse efects on the cardboard itself (Warping). So most probably, I'm just going to leave it as it is (white) and just paint some areas and details with markers/ Gundam markers

Some other shots: (URL form)
Some parts are attached by magnets for easier modification if necessary:

1. If you're wondering what's that part on it's shoulders, it's just plain old marbles sprayed with primer.
2. Joints on the elbows and ankles are just China-made beads
3. To attached the lower limbs on the pelvis, I used my old GNX hip and thigh joints (Not shown)

The Hamma Hamma together with another unfinished scratch model mecha prototype, the RO-X Omnipotence Mk II (Yes, it's weird and ugly. It's a mecha fitted with an antigravity levitation system which eliminates the need for those cumbersome humanoid legs and aircraft wings/ hovertechnology)

Well that's all for now.. Till next post! WOOOSHH!!!!

Model In-Progress / Re: The-O2
« on: August 13, 2011, 09:08:17 PM »
 :twitch: It's pure awesomeness!!! And in 1/144??? Woah! The details and creativity are astounding. Keep it coming sir. I'll be keeping a super sharp eye on this epic WIP  :D

Model In-Progress / Re: Kotobukiya Gernsback M9
« on: January 01, 2011, 10:00:34 PM »
It's a good guy. ^_^ It's an interesting project since you don't often see FMP kits. Are you going to fill up the areas such as the cavities in the rear?

Model Gallery / Re: Night Hunting Spider Tank
« on: December 04, 2010, 07:32:29 AM »
Cool and creative! It's imposing, menacing, and the camo pattern fits its hunter/killer role. Is this pure scratchbuilt or a kitbash? Eitherway, it's very impressive :D

Model Gallery / Re: PG Gundam MK-II ver DC23
« on: November 26, 2010, 05:22:02 AM »
WOW :drool: ! Skillfull weathering techniques as always. I loved your creativity especially with the base! Great stuff! :D

Model Gallery / Re: HGUC Guncannon LR
« on: November 26, 2010, 05:18:22 AM »
Nice clean build :yeah: ! It's seamless through and through. The last pose looks great. Keep it up :D

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