Author Topic: 1/16 Iraqi T-55  (Read 2770 times)

September 06, 2008, 11:26:00 AM
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I joined this forum to get inspiration, but now i am stuck here, it is so much high quality and original stuff here.
It would be fair to show what i have done.
I am rather new to the whole modelling scene, i never did any kits as a kid or something like that. i went five years at art school, du i realized i dont want to be a artist so i just jumped off and started on the first and best school with something different, and i ended up at a course in model design in Oslo (norway (where i come from)) and went on to complete the bachelor degree at the university of hertfordshire right out side of london.

Now i am ready to start at my third and final year (help with my upcoming model?
this tank was done as a final model in my second year. it was a 8 week project but my first idea of making a plane

But this was not good enough and i had to start all over again and lost one week, then i was offered work expirience at shepperton studios and worked on the next Harry potter movie (very, very proud of have been a part of that)

So i had five weeks left to do a final piece and accumulate all my skills from two years of school. i started to look around for stuff made up of very simple shapes, or shaped by very simple production methods. Like the first star wars models, Ma.k or and most old military equipment. So i landed on the Soviet T-55, it looks cool and it has _no_ difficoult shapes.

So i started up with a quick sketch in 3D

We are blessed with a lasercutter in our workshop, so most of the "mechanical" parts of this build is laser cutted acryllic.

I tried to put as many techniques as i could into this project, like the lasercutted parts, vacuum forming, milling, turning and maybe the most exciting part; 3D printed parts. we had just got a new rapid prototype machine and everybody was eager to test it out. i was one of the first to use this, and the result was not as good as you would have thought. it took 16 hours to print one wheel and the surface texture was shit and not possible to sand away. so i stick to cnc milling in the future.

as mentioned a lot of bits is laser cut, like the hull, hatches and all the brackets are in acryllic. The toolboxes, mudgards and fueltanks are in vacuum formed styrene. The gunbarrel, reserve fuel tanks on the back are turned in chemiwood. the turret is made out of blue foam and corvered in P38 putty (stuff to fix cars with) the weels and tracks are casted in resin from 3D printed masters. some 255 trackbits was needed.

Some parts are "working" like the hatches is opening and closing, the turret can turn and the anti aircraft gun is articulated like on the real deal. The suspension, tracks and gun is glued in place, but it would work in theory and if i had more time to work on it.

I planned on putting it on a base of some sort (see the second pic above) but i gave up, the bare pulled too much attention away from my model.

I am happy with how it turned out, it is rather big, the hull is 43 cm long and 60cm with the gun. i learned very much from this and became a casting master. I wish i had spent more time on the paint. it looks somewhat dull. it is not very accurate either.

September 06, 2008, 01:45:14 PM
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Nice T-55, using acrylic sheets for the parts of the tank chassis is a great idea, especially since you have access to a laser cutter. So, was it a lot of work to scratch build all of the parts for the T-55.

I went through all of my old links, and I found a website where some guy in the UK, built a 1/6 scale model of the Dora rail gun used in the siege of Sevastopol in the Ukraine during WW2.

Here is the URL:

Check it out!

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September 06, 2008, 08:19:25 PM
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Looks great.  Must be fun to have access to a laser cutter.  8)

September 07, 2008, 02:21:52 AM
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This isso cool, must be a really exciting school to study in.
How accurate is the kit? What type of references did you use?