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John, this is great. Excellent concept and execution. Really nice scratch building and weathering.

I checked your blog out, too. I always love construction photos.
How did you bend the front of the boat? Did you heat the styrene over a form?

Great work...thanks for sharing.

I realized that I had to paint the driver/pilot and detail the interior & get it sealed up before I could attach it to the rest of the model. I don't have a lot of experience painting figures, so I did my best and got it closed up. I think the orange helps make him look less Modern Armor and more Guy From The Future.

Next up I started to add some details. I picked through my cache and laid out some good candidates.

After much messing about I came up with this for the back panel. I hit it with some grey primer to see
 how cohesive it was. I plan to add a few more bits and lots of dangling hoses.

 I cut a few square holes and fit some square evergreen tubes. Not sure what
they're supposed to be, but there were some details in the original drawing that
 were suggestive of these. I think they will look cool with some rusty stains
running from them. I also started to scribe some flame cut marks on the edges
of the “steel” plates that make up the bottom of the ship. I also plan to try adding
a rolled steel texture and some epoxy putty welds. Basically some armor modeling
tricks that I’ve been wanting to try and think will suit this subject well.

The top round radar shroud (?) was made from two Tamiya Flakvierling 38 fenders glued together
 and a styrene disc to fill the hole in the center. It sits in the recess where a hatch was meant to go.

I added a rolled steel texture to the lower half of the ship using Tamiya putty thinned with a bit of acetone.
 I also scribed some flame cut marks into the edges of the styrene and scribed a groove that I hope to add
 some weld beads to. My hope is it will help to give a rough hewn look and up the McQue factor a bit.

Here you can see I've added more details to the lower hull. The electrical lines are solid-core wires
meant for electronics bread-boarding. They're stuck down with superglue and a small bits of aluminum tape.

thanks for any interest

In-Progress Creations / Ian McQue Inspired Flying Rig (Scratch build)
« on: March 30, 2021, 02:40:27 PM »
This is my first post here. I thought I’d share a model that I finished last year. It’s based on a drawing by Ian McQue.

Ian's drawing:

I started by building an inner support structure from styrene sheet and 3/16 square Evergreen.

To get some nice detail right away, I transplanted a piece from a 1:35 armored vehicle to the top.
Then I started to clad the sides with more 0.03” sheet.

I built the bottom structure and added more styrene panels.

I was originally planning to scratch build the cab, but I ran across an Italeri M-977 Hemtt kit and thought
 the cab was really cool, so I picked it up. It’s a bit of a deviation from the original drawing, but I thought it could work.

I started to detail the rear engine area with some kit parts. I also added some bolts (Meng brand).

The engine was built separately so it could be more easily painted. The white fairing was made from some 1" diameter rod.

More soon
Thanks for looking.


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