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A-W-E-S-O-M-E  :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: November 20, 2012, 10:21:53 AM »
Awesome hunter!
I said this before but here I go again, I really like the difference between the front and back structure. The decals are tiying things up nicely.

Nice lots of decals - but the windshieled turned out horrorful... :/



Model In-Progress / Re: Modern Steampunk Monobike - London 1896
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:31:24 PM »
What hunter said !   :D

Next project ?


Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: October 28, 2012, 09:21:15 AM »
Awesome  :yeah:

I really like the difference between the front and back structure, truly original.
Are you going for a light or heavy weathering?


Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:05:03 PM »
Wow! Great tip, thanks.


Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: October 24, 2012, 08:54:21 AM »
This is looking great!
The panel lines are very sharp.
I have a question: why are you using lighter fluid ? does it have different properties then turpenoid (white spirits) ?


Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:26:13 AM »
Looking GREAT hunter  :yeah:

I specially like the engine cans, they look very promissing!


Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: October 12, 2012, 01:22:42 PM »
Great colors !
I'm really enjoying looking at you progress.


Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 26, 2012, 05:21:15 PM »
Thanks guys!
Great tip Will. Unfortunatly, it wasn't just tape residue. I think it was a mix of Future AND tape residue, really tough stuff ! Tried a Qtip dipped in windex but it wasn't enough so:
That's right, I removed it! Dumped it in a bath of windex for a few minutes and got my kitchen sponge out and clean it good.  Then, into a bath of future with a touch of food coloring to get that brownish shade effect.

I then masked the cockpit (again) to repaint the top and bottom portions of it in german grey.

Thats where I sit right now.
On my way to the man cave to do uh... stuff, not sure yet.
Cheers guys!

Model In-Progress / Re: Modern Steampunk Monobike - London 1896
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:36:47 AM »
I'm in love... :love:


Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 22, 2012, 08:50:13 PM »
Thanks Michael !

I'm not sure what makes me more nervous: sealing a kit with 10 leds inside or unmasking after a difficult paint job...

Ok pictures:

I also unmasked the canopy, poor Boba, all alone in the dark, I missed him  :beatdown:
I have some white glue residue in two places. It's not so bad, it actually looks like the canopy cracked a bit. But I have some other kind of residue, it can't be Future bleed 'cause I taped that canopy with lots of layers and painted some masking fluid on top of that. So it must be masking tape glue residue... I guess...
That canopy was close to flawless before I masked it...  :angry:

Oh well, moving on. Any Idea on what I should use to clean the canopy ? That canopy got the Future bath technique...


Model In-Progress / Re: My Build-up of Jake Parker's Chompbot #5
« on: September 22, 2012, 08:45:47 PM »
Really nice !
Your scratches are very realistic.
As usual, thanks for sharing!

Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 20, 2012, 09:13:48 AM »
Thanks guys !
Been a long journey but I can finally say that it's pretty close to where I wanted it, and I gained a lot of confidence knowing I could overcome such mistakes. I'M INVINCIBLE  :bruce:   HA HA HA ha, hah ... cough cough, sorry about that, remember kids, always wear a respiratory mask when painting  :razz:
Base coat on left and right fender things. The left side is getting the same color as the fuselage and the right side will get the same mix but with a few drops of green in there. (reference: Mr. Fichtefoo Slave 1, very cool).

Masking using the maskol/sponge chipping thechnique on the left side and the messy toothbrush splatter technique on the right side, ummmm maskol...

Painting the fenders:

Uploaded with

Reveal will be tonight, hopefully...
Cheers guys!

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: September 20, 2012, 08:58:41 AM »
Right on hunter,
Keeping it simple seems like the wise choice.
I keep telling my wife (and myself) that my next model will be a finemolds assemble and paint project. She doesn't beleive me; she says I love misery too much   :D  It's true that I love the satisfaction of having taken a junker of a kit and improved it by adding here and modifying there, and sanding, priming, sanding again, swear, scREAAAAM  :twitch:  ...there's something about those MPC/AMT/ERTL models that makes me happy in a disturbing way :sick:
Cheers !

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer - Kitbash
« on: September 19, 2012, 03:03:47 PM »
I really like it hunter. Any electronics coming up ?

Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:06:57 PM »
Thanks hunter,
You're right, dropping it would have been 10 times worst!

So where was I ? oh yeah, primer
Next step: pre-shading.

First layer: Tamiya white, deck tan and a touch of cockpit green (I think it was cockpit green... then again, it could have been field green or fancy pants green, I'm not sure anymore, sorry... kids, I won't say it enough: always wear a mask when airbrushing...)

Maskol randomly applied

Second layer, same as first layer but more green in it.

Maskol off. I like the difference in tone of those 2 colors. Unfortunately, the pictures don't look as good as in reality. I noticed that the pre-shading is a bit more apparent that I wanted. But hey, I still got the hull red to do so, I'm not going through the isopropyl nightmare again just for that.

A touch of maskol and some pink; I never got as much attention from my 7 years old daughter...

Then, just a little tiny mini feathery pinch of maskol (who says I don't learn ??)  :P  And HULL RED BABY !!!

15 minutes after painting, I had to take some maskol off... is this a mental condition: doing something you know could ruin hours of work just because you NEED to know if it works ?

Maskol off

That was a long ride ! ;D
I got to be honest, I like the colors but I'm not 100% satisfied with the red-to-lightgrey balance as well as the "natural" (hey, we're talking about a space ship here) look of the chips. I used a different brand of maskol this time: pebeo water based masking fluid. It's much more watery then the humbrol and it goes on... grey... so I had a hard time seeing what I was doing 
After sleeping on it (no isopropyl alcohol this time) I decided that, since I'm planning on applying a few filters as well as weathering it the Star Wars way, it was close enough to where I want it. So I STRIPPED EVERYTHING AGAIN !!!!

just kidding  :razz:

Moving on to the next step: the fenders.

As always, I feel privileged to have comments form such talented modelers as yourselves!
So Cheers all!

Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 14, 2012, 08:58:40 PM »
Will, Hunter, thanks guys!

So,we have a reveal, TA-DAM !

Yeah...I know... too much masking fluid  :(
Right away, I knew I had to start over. I remember thinking :"at least the chipping effect is nice..."
So back to masking the dark grey part at the front and the access ramp at the back and out comes the delightful humbrol masking fluid, but this time not so heavy.

And paint. This is about the time I started thinking :"humm... funny, the new layer of red looks, ah, different..."

And indeed, I now have two different shades of red hull. That could actually be interesting but I don't like the new darker red AND STILL TOO MUCH CHIPS !! >:( >:( >:( >:(

A calm and experienced modeler would have probably call it the night. But me? NO WAY. Instead of sleeping on it, I did something very stupid: I decided I was re-doing the whole skirt of the ship. So I grabed my bottle of Isopropyl alcohol, a toothbrush and started removing/destroying the skirts paint job. The positive in all this is that I learned that isopropyl alcohol does not only eat paint, it also eats Future... Guys, my first language is canadian french, there is no possible translation to the words coming out of my mouth at that moment... A BIG FU&?%&* MESS ! sounds like something Mickey Mouse would have said  ;D  My hands where covered with dissolving paint/future mix, so no pictures...

Guess what? step 1, Primer:

At this point, all I hope is that the alcohol didn't eat at the fuselage's paint job under the masking tape... I'm afraid to look...I need a hug   :D

Cheers guys !

Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 13, 2012, 05:15:44 PM »
Great - keep it coming!
Thanks Struschie!

Nice!  8)
Thanks Hunter! I'm following that project of your very closely. Makes me want try some kit bashing/scratchbuilding model myself!

Boba Fett would probably fly this machine! Nice work, keep going.
LOL thanks mate!

Ok update:

Underside's base coat: done. Not 100% the way I want it but it'll do the job:

Let there be light !  I scratch built some, ah, texture if you will, inside the reactor cans just to make it somewhat interesting:

Wings and radar dish base color done as well. You can also see my aluminum axel to replace the "I'm-about-to-break-if-you-look-at-me-too-hard" original piece!

This one is of the tail part of the fuselage. Shiny hey ?  Since I assemble pretty much the whole top portion of the ship, I applied a generous coat of Future to protect the paint during manipulation. this will all be toned down with a flay coat of Future when the base coat is completed. I really like the outcome of the masking fluid technique for the chips. Also, if you look carefully on the right side, the paint seems to have cracked a bit in the drying process. Usually, this would mean "star over", but in the context of this beaten up looking ship, it just looks perfect (to me of course). If I only knew how to recreate this "mistake"...

Yippie, umbrol masking fluid ! This stuff reeks man... hey, you kids out there, use proper ventilation or you'll end up just like me ! I masked pretty much the whole skirt of the ship at the exception of where the panel lines are. Then I applied a coat of pinkish-ugly-red and removed the masking fluid. This is for the kinda transparent pink that can be seen on the studio model. Sorry though, no pictures of this process. BUT LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE !!! More masking fluid before painting the hull-red (mix of tamiya red, with a few drops of tamiya blue and some tamiya brown, stole the recipe from Michael, SHHHHhhhhhhhhh....

My state of the art spray booth. You can't see it on this picture but I've got an extinguisher right next to the stove... KIDS, where a mask, use a proper spray booth or go paint outside... or just wait for mummy to get out of the house... but still, where a mask !

I'm absolutely thrilled with my color mix !!! Look, it's evenbetter then the real one LOL  ;D.

Uploaded with

Next, removing the making fluid.   Hum, I feel like I might have applied a bit much... oh well, we'll see tomorrow!

As always, comments and positive criticisms are welcomed !

Model In-Progress / Re: AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: September 12, 2012, 05:14:26 PM »
Hey guys!
First off, I'd like to apologize for the following post: some of you will probably recognize it from other forums.... time, time, time, so precious and yet so little of you.

I've been extremely busy with all sort of things. My little free time was spent on the slave but I haven't found the energy to actually post any progress, sorry  >:(
But know, I'M BACK BABY!

Ok, cockpit work. I basically used the shape and rough detail of the kit and added on to it ; started by cutting out the lower portion of the command center to incorporated the lower deck. I used the detail of that removed part to build a door at the back. Then I proceeded to scratch build the lower deck (2 seatings, a back wall and some greebles) and a very rudimental console. Using aluminum tubing and brass rods' i scratch built the periscope, got some fiber optics going in there too. However, I don't have any pictures of all this work, only the finished painted product :(.   I should also mentioned that the canopy was HEAVILY sanded, polished and got the Future Floor Acrylic bath treatment with just a bit of brown food coloring to darken it.

Here, you can see the scratch built side detail as well as the gun "bases" and the piping connecting them.

Masking the canopy and, finally,  PRIMER !

Uploaded with

I pre shaded the fuselage a few days ago and started the actual painting job. So far, I've got the underside completed as well as the base color on the top. Lots of various color layers will be going on this kit,especially on the top portion.

More news soon!

Uploaded with

Public Announcements, Rules, and Guestbook* / Re: Sign The Guestbook!
« on: July 13, 2012, 02:39:05 PM »
Looking forward to see your projects!


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