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Capitalism Corner* / WTB: Kaneda's Bike from Akira Decals
« on: June 18, 2012, 02:16:24 PM »
Just what the title says, if anyone knows of someone making and selling waterslides online, or happens to be one of those lucky/mad people with an ALPS printer and has made a set, please give me a shout. PM here or a response to this thread is fine.  :)

31 Days / 1/100 Mortar Head Junchoon
« on: January 31, 2009, 04:12:39 AM »
Unfortunately, I sold all of my anime girly resin figure kits to fund my move to Japan, so aside from some tiny DBZ figures I can't find, I only have my Junchoon and Aaliyah handy as non-Gundam kits for this group build. :P 

By glaug

The only thing about this kit is that as I got it secondhand, the vinyl parts were pre-cut and some of the plastic and polycap parts came off the tree/were clipped by the previous owner.  If it's still alright for the group build, then this is my entry.  I have a few ideas for the base in mind, but nothing concrete yet.  I have a small pile of wooden plinths sitting around though.

So, something got me thinking, and one of my modelling resolutions for 2009 is that I'd like to scratchbuild something, from start to finish, as best I could.  I get easily frustrated with projects, especially ones that involve modifying stock kits heavily, but for some reason I find this more relaxing. 

I chose the Gundam Thrones from Gundam 00 for a few reasons; I don't know if Bandai will make kits of them, but if SEED/Destiny are anything to go by, they either won't at all, or won't until I'm hopefully done.  The designs aren't too complex; the legs and arms aren't exactly identical, but close enough that making a single one of each and recasting it won't look amiss.  Lastly, since they're basically the same with different shoulders/backpacks/hip skirts I can have fun with the "modular" design, and if it works out successfully, I'll be able to cast up enough parts that I can make one of each Throne. 

Some personal goals I have in mind;

1) Try and use as few parts from other Gundam kits as possible.  I will be using a lot of WAVE/Kotobukia option parts for joints and details, though.

2) Try and perfect (or at least improve) my resin castings.  Impatience is usually the big kicker for me, but university leaves me with long stretches of time during which I have much better things to be doing than modelling, so I can actually leave things to set etc...

3) Try and finish this before starting any totally new projects. 

I'm sure I'll stray from at least one of those, but it's worth trying. >_>; 

I drunkenly started this while I had some friends round last night over New Years', while we all played videogames/watched movies/played MAID the RPG etc etc, and so far it's going well.  Been cleaning it up today but not really made much progress for all that. 

The side of the leg needs poly putty to shape out the curved surface, and I need to work on what kind of joints I'll be installing at the knee and ankle, but so far, so good. 

Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Cutting and sanding metal parts
« on: December 14, 2008, 02:47:24 PM »
A search for "sanding aluminium" didn't bring up much of use, so I ask this of the forum;  How does one sand aluminium parts after sawing?  What do you use, metal files, sandpaper, sanding stones etc?  I've just cut some aluminium pipe for something, but while I had a bit of a go at it with a metal sander, the finish is still kind of rough.  Any suggestions?

Capitalism Corner* / WTB: MG Destiny Gundam (or frame thereof)
« on: November 27, 2008, 09:27:01 AM »
So, I managed to destroy the chromed parts on an Ex Blast Mode Destiny that I was using to convert a MG Legend.  As such, I'm looking for someone who fancies selling that entire sprue (unlikely I know), or has a snapped MG Destiny they're looking to part with.  It can be broken, or whatever, as long as most of the frame is intact, the shoulders/knees/elbows in particular.  PM me or reply to this thread if you have one going, preferably with a price and details for postage to London, UK. :)  I'd prefer to pay through Paypal, also.   

Capitalism Corner* / Ma.K PVC sale at HLJ
« on: June 29, 2008, 01:45:21 AM »
Not sure if this should go here or the Cap. Corner, but hlj have a massive sale on "Factory Second" 1/35 scale Ma.K PVCs.  Not my cup of tea, but thought some of the crew here might be interested. 

Model In-Progress / MG "Ver Up" Justice Gundam
« on: June 24, 2008, 07:12:13 AM »
So, I miss my old Justice Gundam, which I made for Anime-North 2005 and sold to pay off debts before I moved to Japan.  However, as much as I love the thing, there were some glaring mistakes which bugged me.  With that in mind, I'm working on making something that looks similar to my old model, but with some changes to reflect the 3 years of growth I've had. 

More pics here

The main problem I had with the old model was that I botched the legs, and they ended up being mostly made of MG Freedom's.  This time around, I'm using the legs from the 1/100 Justice kit added directly to the Freedom knees, ad I plan to install actuators into the knee joint in lieu of Freedom's moving knee gimmick. 
Other proposed changes are modding the backpack in places...  Bigger thrusters, maybe making the wings longer/pointier, making a "dock" for the thing that isn't just drilling a hole into the Freedom's back like I did last time...
Also, while I liked the previous version's torso, the new one is actually being puttied into the shape I want it to be, rather than the shape I could best manage at the time.  Finally, I might even try and make the Beam Boomerangs useable and unfolding, though that might be slightly wishful thinking...  We'll see.

The Justice legs look nice and... well, mean.  Using them changes the proportions nicely to fit my tastes, too.  Next update should have the finished torso, and hopefully arms.

I was going through my archives of model photos to upload to my shiny new BAKUC gallery, and I realised that I never posted completed threads for some of the models I've had WIP threads for here, and there are some that never saw the light of the Internet...  You can see everything here, but some highlights;

MG Destiny (Supermegakitbash custom)

WIP thread

Never took better photos of this before boxing it up to be sent off to someone who bought it from me.  However a full set of pics is in the BAKUC gallery or the end of the WIP thread.  I'm really proud of how this turned out in the end, it's given me a lot of confidence for my MG V2AB...

MG Freedom Gundam

WIP Thread

No idea why I never posted a completed thread for this, I was really proud of it...  Aside from the blue sucking. 

Had to get that out of my system. :D  And now I should get back to all the stuff I want to finish before I leave Japan...

Model Gallery / (Yet another) NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
« on: June 01, 2008, 08:29:09 PM »
Unfortunately it's overcast today so my photos aren't as good as they could be... however...

Finally finished this thing. :D  The stripping of the paint and starting over and various mods are detailed in the in-progress section.

Really pleased with the look of the clear parts, in the end.  The Trans-am mode stickers from May's Dengeki Hobby help a lot.

Modded neck;

Model In-Progress / MG Hi-Nu Gundam
« on: May 23, 2008, 07:02:54 AM »
I know, I know, "Glaug's got ANOTHER In-prog kit?!".  The problem is that I have a hard time doing things like decals/clear coats at the moment, so actually finishing off a model in a way I'm happy with doesn't happen often. 

None of these are actually new pics, but I started working on the MG Hi-Nu about the time a friend of mine started on his Vicious one a month or so ago.  I don't like the overall look of the MG or the VP version, so I started on the kind of scratchbuilding/proportion-modding I almost never do (I'm pretty easygoing about these things usually, I don't usually find a kit's design so offensively unlike my mental image of a Mobile Suit).  I poke at this on and off, while not getting distracted by my sexy sexy Overflag etc.

So far, I've done the following;

Extend the cockpit hatch, and bulk out the area surrounding the chest vents (still need to bring those to a point).  I also made the skirt shape more resemble the Nu-Gundam.  "Flat" sides to MS Skirts rather than ones at an outward angle seem wrong to me somehow, unless it's one of those Kondoh Zeon designs...

Scratchbuild new propellant tanks that aren't too heavy out of plasticard.  They were inspired by a "HWS Hi-Nu" I saw online somewhere.  They're going to get thrusters and wave option parts added.  The shin area has also been beefed up and made more angular.  It's a lot more like the classic "mean-looking" Hi-Nu I remember from my youth. :D  Also, obligatory toe extensions.

Cut away the top of the inner leg frame so that the polycap can extend about half a centimetre out the top thus lengthening the legs overall.  Sculpted and then carved to shape an epoxy putty "ring" at the top to hold the PC in shape and stop it stretching, as well as to give me something to paint. :D   The funnel binders didn't look "mean" enough so they each had a Strike Noir shoulder piece puttied onto the top of them for an additional set of thrusters and pointyness (I found Strike Noir MG arms in a store in Osaka.  I love the MG Strike arms, so I snapped them up... the other parts are serving as the knees on a 1.100 HG F90-II at the moment...).  It's taken a while to get the sides on those evened out between bouts of puttying and sanding and surfacing etc etc...  This project has taught me to love 2-part polyester putty, actually.  I hate the stuff unless there's a catalyst, it dries too slowly and tends to be a bit weak for my uses.

 My main beef with this kit has been trying to remove the seam lines on the shield.  It should be such a simple job, but for some reason whenever I try and sand one down, another one pops up and breaks away from where it's glued. X_x

Stuff of note you can't see:

Half the rifle's metal option parts now.
The shield mount on the left arm's got a big magnet stuck in it, the shield mount on the shield has another.  I didn't want the joint to cause paint wear.   

To-do list;

Putty the bottom of the knees to be more square in line with the tops of the shins
Sort out the chest parts;  Add detail bits, sand down the vent housings.
Glue the front skirt to the ABS joints I added to the pegs so they'd be slightly more mobile. 
Add a metal barrel to the bottom of the shield for the beam cannon I miss Nu Gundam having
Metal thrusters!

All in all, by the time this is done it;ll probably be one of my most in-depth mods that hasn't involved "MG-up"ing something.  I'm enjoying it, but it's driving me nuts at the same time.  Also, anyone got any ideas on an interesting colour scheme?  I'm fond of the classic scheme, but it's a bit boring these days.  Maybe a variation on it with "classic" Gundam colours thrown in...

Model In-Progress / I think I'm in love (1/100 Overflag!)
« on: May 15, 2008, 05:28:33 AM »
So, the first thing to say about this kit is that the art on the manual is the most gorgeous I've seen for any Gunpla so far.

Also, the addition of the crew, although old news by now, is awesome. :D

I've been kind of torn on what to do with this, but I think I'm going to do this one in stock colours, no mods.  I might change my mind after snap-fitting it (I've seen a lovely set of resin aircraft turbines I kind of want to stick in the back) but since I want to get a second one in a few weeks to make a GN Flag, this one will probably be a straight OOB job, giant hands and all. :D 
To be honest, I love this thing so much right now I could happily pick up 5 or 6 come payday, I have that many things I'd like to do to them (Modern day Aircraft colours, for example.  I'd like one in "Skull Squadron" colours a la Macross or the real F-15s that have those markings).  This also makes me INCREDIBLY excited for the Tieren. :D

Model In-Progress / 1/100 NG Gundam Exia
« on: April 14, 2008, 06:19:06 PM »
So, late last year I moved to Japan, which is why none of my old WIPs have gone anywhere;  I had to leave them in the UK. >_< 

I've picked up all the NG 1/100 00 kits so far, and am overall really impressed with how they've been engineered.  Very minimal issues with things like panel lines, very poseable so almost no mods required (IMO).  I also picked up a book called "Nomo Ken 1", a Japanese modelling guide published by Hobby Japan, and was inspired to try some of the techniques for scribing panel lines etc it suggests.  Some of the results are below;

I do HATE the flexible rubber parts on these kits.  Since I'm probably going for a "Trans-Am" look (its power-up mode where things are red and sparkly), I've cut clear plastic replacements for all the rubber parts beside the cables in the shoulders, but I'm not sure about what sort of setup I should go for with the springs.  I quite like the one large and one small look, but friends have suggested I use multiple small springs for a "ribbon" look... any suggestions?

Model In-Progress / MG Gundam Unicorn OOB
« on: December 30, 2007, 06:57:10 AM »
So, despite the lack of knee mobility, I think I'm going to build my Unicorn straight OOB, but give it a very subdued version of the "classic" Gundam colour scheme.  I also want to put down some Alclad Chrome or similar behind the red parts as seen in this month's Dengeki Hobby. 

That's my plan for what I want to do with the colours, but the more I look at it the less well I think it goes with the neon pink...  Any suggestions?  I've toyed with more "garish" versions of the colours, and Gunze do do a nice selection of neon paints...

General Assembly thumbnail pics:

I love the feet, for some weird reason.  Despite their not being very poseable, and being INSANELY fiddly. 

I should be getting a new Air Compressor (and possibly Brush) sometime this week (New Years' sales etc etc) so this will be my first kit done entirely in Japan.  Will be enjoyable, methinks. 

Model Help* (Check Stickies and Search First) / A Cillit Bang warning
« on: October 10, 2007, 04:03:31 PM »
To those in the UK and anywhere else this stuff is sold, I managed to just ruin large amounts of an original Core-Works RESIN Sazabi conversion by using the ORANGE Cillit Bang degreaser to try and remove the mould release.  I left it in for about 3 hours, and when I removed it from the tub to check on it, several parts had warped as if heated, all of it's really weird and pretty much impossible for me to fix.  Anywhere where the resin was thinner than 1 or 2 mm seems to have become extremely flexible, too.

Similar things happen to anyone else?  Never heard of it happening to resin...

So, aside from a MG Strike Freedom (which has been shelved due to it being kinda boring) my current CE project is converting a MG-level Destiny, using parts from the MG Freedom, MG Strike Freedom, Destiny 1/100, and special guest stars from Core-Works...  I could say I got inspired by the one at the A-N contest, but it mainly just showed me that my old one suuuuucked.  >_>;

The 1/100 NG was rescued from a previous aborted attempt using the Wing Ver Ka...  the proportions were totally off, so that sucked.  This, on the other hand, has promise... just need to beef out the legs a little.

The Strike Freedom torso got abandoned in favour of using a modded Freedom torso with Core-Works parts for my MG SF...  So, Destiny gets the spares.  Chunky and angular enough, with nice poseable shoulders...

...and as an added bonus, the backpack's big enough to take both Destiny's wings AND weapon holders...

The crotch is Destiny's, with some pla-plate to bulk it out a little.  there's putty behind there making it stay in place on Freedom's frame.  Surprisingly good fit. 

The legs are the Freedom legs, with Core-works SF calves.  Going to have to work on them a lot though, and might bulk out the lower calf somewhat to match the chunkier thighs which Destiny has.  Might do some of that Motoo Osumi Chunky pla-plate detail stuff or something.  Ankles are Strike Freedom's, reversed, though that's just because I had some screwed-up ones  spare more than anything else.  Ankle-guard is Destiny's going to mod a ball-joint so it attaches like Freedom's only from the front.  the FEET, however, are from the MG G-Gundam, which are going to get bulked out...

Not taken any pics of the current assembly, but I'll post some later.  My to do list, in no particular order:

1.  Beef up the Wings somehow.  They're just puny.

2. Following a discussion with someone else who doesn't like Destiny's Asymmetry, I'm going to build a pair of identical sword/gun/combo things to take the place of the ASS/Beam cannons on the backpack.  Hopefully I'll have them extendable, rather than folding, and basically have an anti-ship-sword along the side of a long beam cannon. 

3.  Improve the feet.  The G-Gundam feet are actually very similar to Destiny's, but are too small.  Mainly chose them for the range of motion. 

4. Beam Wings!  I picked up some clear casting resin in Canada, so if I have the time and patience I might well try and make some kind of clear beam part for the Wings of Light as practice for my V2...  Probably end up sculpting a master and just recasting it clear. 

5.  Shoulderpads.  They're just... meh.  Going to fit them to the Freedom's clippy things.

Comments, crits, questions, anything short of open mockery, fire away. :P

I just bought another recast Core-works Strike Freedom on ebay pretty much purely for the DRAGOON parts to replace the miscast ones I got previously.  Unfortunately, the previous owner had started making the thing, and it's covered in dried, badly-applied UHU, Evo-stik, or similar contact cement, and some of the parts are pretty badly glued together.  Any ideas on what I can do to remove the stuff?  I'm about to try Goof-off, but I don't have much of it.  I'm assuming that since it's resin I can soak it in pretty much anything and not worry too hard, but does anyone know which is best out of acetone/methylated spirit/white spirit/cellulose thinners to try?  I might also try the old standby, Mr Muscle oven cleaner...


Okay, so it turns out that White Spirit can wipe the stuff while wet, and Evo-stick make their own brand of glue remover.  No idea what it does to plastic, but hopefully won't destroy resin...

Model Gallery / MG 1/100 Crossbone Gundam X-3
« on: June 06, 2007, 03:05:02 PM »
I've actually had this finished since the end of last Month, but I've not had a chance to upload any half-decent pics since I got home.  To be fair, I'm not happy with the photos I have (all too dark), but I want to post some before it ends up being /July/...

This pic's from Anime-North this year, where it placed 1st in the Pro category.  Not that the A-N model comp is arranged especially well IMO, but I enjoy the prizes all the same. >_>;

These pics are all too dark, but they're some of the better ones I have.  I'm trying to work out a decent place to rig a "studio" for taking photos atm, experimenting with large pieces of white card and many, many desklamps...

This pic's just to show off how long the Muramasa blaster's saber blade is, really. >_>;  It's not actually long enough, IMO, but the ZZ Hyper saber blade was the best thing I had to hand after my attempts at recasting a custom-sculpted blade went to hell.  I've bought better clear resin though, so I might well try again.  For reference, the arm can JUST about hold a pose with the Muramasa, but I don't want to put undue strain on it so it's always posed with the blade just resting on the floor.  Also the thumb of the left hand has broken, so I don't want to keep fiddling with and re-posing it...

The display stand is just made from Aves Apoxie with some cheaper putty to bulk it out, then detailed with a toothbrush for texture.  The plaque was a scuffed piece of acrylic which I burred up with a rotary tool for the "broken glass" look.  The custom decals from Samueldecal looked terrible on the acrylic before I put down the "frosted glass" topcoat though.  The stand itself is from a Marvel Legends figure.  I love them to bits, but they're too weak to support anything bigger than a Formula-era kit... 

This pic shows off the Zanbuster nicely. The barrel insert as well as the beam sabre ends are from Akohobby, they're metal beads.  I love these to death, I need to explore their use more in future. 

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this thing.  I love the metal thrusters and beads, and will use more of both in future. The shading's a lot more subtle than on my MG Freedom, and the blue metallic on the chest was a lot nicer as well.  The decals from Samueldecal go nicely with the MG kit (despite being made for the Wing Ka Coreworks conversion) , as well as the ones I got printed myself.  The arm guards are also the first custom parts I've ever managed to makr a pair of look symmetrical. >_>;

Any comments, crits, suggestions?  Just don't be too mean. :P

Model In-Progress / 1/100 Saviour Gundam
« on: May 17, 2007, 03:09:15 AM »

A bit of an experiment with glossy metallic colour schemes, really.  Not very happy with it.  Minimal modding though; the wings are the main change.  Also lengthened the supports for the cannons so that they can be posed better over or under the arms.  I might well give some of the parts another coat of the gloss red.

The wings are from the MG Zeta Plus C1 type, nothing fancy, just modded the joint to fit Saviour.  I'm just waiting to add aluminium barrels to the interiors of the guns, some metal thrusters, and some decals from Samueldecal. 

Model In-Progress / Crossbone Gundam X-3
« on: May 11, 2007, 01:26:09 PM »
Because I'm a terrible modeller who keeps getting distracted, I started on this out of the blue instead of finishing any of the stuff on my plate already (Saviour, Core-Works Sazabi, V2 MG custom...) but surprisingly, the thought of going to Anime-North without a model for the competition was a good motivator...

Simple enough mod:  Take Crossbone X-1, add the Murasama from the X-1 Kai Kai SkullHeart Full Cloth, and built new armshields and rejiggle the head a bit. 

New forearms!

With unfinished i-field guard bits, and a terrible little "3" on the forehead.

And the semi-finished product.  I might touch up some paint details (though not the incorrect upper torso spot, it'll be too fiddly), and I'm waiting on some decals to arrive from Samueldecal as well as some of my own I need to go design and get printed, but I actually think I'm well on the way to making my deadline of monday 21st (the day I fly out to Canada).  Need to fiddle some metal thrusters as well onto the back, but I'm pleased overall. 

Crits, comments, fire away!  Just don't be too mean, I've not actually finished a model in months. >_>;

Model In-Progress / Updating an old project: Victory 2 Gundam
« on: February 24, 2007, 03:37:48 PM »
Since picking up a few F91s for custom fodder I've realised that the F91 frame is much better suited to making a 1/100 V2 Gundam than the Wing ver Ka I was using.  

I'd done a fair bit of work on converting parts, and thankfully I can use many of them as far as I got with them.  I also got inspiration from Gamerabaenre's Haruhi statue with the idea to use magnets at some of the V2's hardpoints, rather than have stubs and grooves obvious everywhere.  

The main problems I'm thinking of ATM are:

The back of the torso.  What the heck I do with the huge F91 radiator array?

The Arms.  They were the most annoying part with the Wing Ka frame, and I was never happy with what I cobbled in the end.  Having the same problem again now.  The V2's arms have a very unique shape, and very cool but very annoying beam shield emitters.  I thought I could cobble something with the G-Gundam frame's shoulder parts for the internals, but that doesn't mesh well with the F91 arm frame and I'm at a loss as to how to make it fit.

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