Author Topic: Soviet Union's MS-09F Dom 144th scale  (Read 2435 times)

May 10, 2008, 03:24:44 PM
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Soviet Dom. included in one picture is a B-58 Hustler in the same scale that I might include in a diorama.

I wanted to duplicate the kind of paint scheme that Mig-15s had in the fifties

I'm just getting started, this was my first model that I used proper putty, primer, spray can Tamiya and wet transfer details.

I still need to paint the hands and clean up the AK a little bit.

May 12, 2008, 06:33:58 AM
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It's a unique color scheme, so points for that.

I have a problem with the markings--on the right leg you have "088", but on the left front skirt--and in the same style--you have "08".

The AK-47 looks a little bit silly on a 1/144 mobile suit. An alternative would be to take a Gundam-style weapon and modify it to look more like an AK-47.

Finally, the seams are still pretty rough--especially evident on the shoulders and the back of the legs. They need to be sanded down to be more flush and less lumpy.

These are all merely my personal observations and suggestions. Take them at face value. Ultimately, you're the one that needs to be satisfied with your results. Not me.  :-)
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