Author Topic: My first entry...The Alumalloy Airstreak  (Read 6104 times)

August 29, 2009, 07:36:03 PM
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Chris Binnett

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Hey everyone,

I finished this model in June, but just got around to some good photos. It's one of my "Alumalloy" series, a model that has a faux metal skin on frame construction, with some home made rivit details.  I have built three in the series, they all share design traits and are from the same "Period" in my pretend universe.   I think they will fit well in this contest.  I went for a diesilpunk/50's look, like right after "they" stopped useing wood to build things.   Here is my back story, I write one of these for every piece I helps me form a better vision and lets people know what they are lookig at.

Alumalloy Airstreak
Lahng  Industries  Test Frame  # AX-25

     The Airstreak was conceived as an ultra light weight experimental airframe to be used in public displays of speed and agility.  Lahng Industries was best known for their armored cars and tractors, the company decided to prove itself as an airframe manufacturer to land more lucrative War Department contracts.  Because of their late entry into airframe design, project managers decided to build a craft that would push the limits of design, and draw public attention.   Briah Anyhe was selected as head engineer for the project after being persuaded to leave his teaching post at the Aero College in Emerifel City.  His airframe theories and material science degree made him a perfect fit for the challenge.  The vast monetary and scientific resources of Lahng Industries were put at his disposal.
     Professor Anyhe persuaded the company to construct the airframe out of Alumalloy, a newly discovered lightweight metal.  The metal was so expensive to produce, and in such short supply, that the project went over budget by merely purchasing the raw materials necessary for production.  The construction went rather smoothly considering the seven month deadline, and the fact that no one had ever worked with Alumalloy in this fashion before.  Two weeks after the companies deadline the Airstreak took its first flight, Lahng Industries management, and the public, were thrilled with the results.
     The airframe was powered by a pair of four chambered Rotocomp engines each producing 214 tu/m  while spinning at over 11,000 rpm.  Because of its ultra light weight and groundbreaking design it shattered all existing air speed records and was capable of astounding aerobatic displays.  It amazed crowds, and military leaders alike, as it traveled around the country. The Airsteaks success helped Lahng Industries secure a prominent place in the world of airframe manufacturing.

This one is in 48th scale, and has a super detailed cockpit and engines.  It is covered in foil and Allclad, and weathered with Vallejo gunmetal washes and some oil paints for special details.  the base is made of drywall with washes and pigments.

I'll post more later

Chris "back to the future past" Binnett

August 31, 2009, 12:21:38 PM
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Nice model You have there! Very clean build and paint ( is it metallic paint or some other technic like alu paper ?) Some dirt or oil ?  :embarrased: Decals?
The diorama looks cool, but the plane is too clean i think...
Btw, cool model, I also thinking in a transportation plane soon...but lots of projects running still :)
Keep it up!