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Model Gallery / Qubeley Eisen
« on: April 23, 2010, 03:18:18 PM »
Hei, thought of posting this here also.  :D This is my second submission for the same UC GB that I previously entered my Guncannon. Just an OOB MG Qubeley built w/ some added details & paint experiments. Wanna make a Q w/ a dark steel appearance & have a Haman Karn personality (The Red Flower of Zeon).  :sarcasm:

Metallic Red (Chest): Gaia Bright Silver & Gaia Clear Red
Silver (Internal frame): Gaia Bright Silver, candy toned & white pearl
Gold (External Armor details): Brass Liquid Leaf, candy toned, yellow & brown pearl powder.
Gunmetal (Abdomen, feet soles): RJ London Silver & enamel black
Black Steel: Junior 66 enamel black & Kosutte Gin Sun
Bandai decals & automotive cutting sticker
Adlers Nest Small thrusters

Had a pretty rough time painting this one, especially when handling w/ dust & scratches, not to mention my old AB that gave some obstacles.

Some Details

Thanx for viewing, Guys.  :-)

Model Gallery / HGUC Guncannon I.S.
« on: December 26, 2009, 08:36:35 PM »
Hei, Guys. This is a UC GB submission for a local forum. The concept is an Integrated System for the Guncannon, a Ballistic System for heavy artillery and the Exass System for short range-high speed assault, kinda like the GFF style upgrade parts. Base kit is the HGUC Guncannon, Jegan, Old Grade Argama, White Base, Z'Gokk, Guntank, pla plate, alternative metal parts, etc.

Finished w/ Tamiya spray cans, decals, flat coat, marker.

Standard Issue Guncannon

Exass System

Ballistic System

Here's the rest of the set & the WIP. Thanx for viewing.  ;)

GB5: Period Piece / Tanker
« on: September 18, 2009, 07:38:17 AM »
Since I signed up for GB 5, might as well post something to start the motor running here. I'm making a steam powered walking armored vehicle from the WW I universe, hence the title Tanker. This vehicle is assigned to the German wehrmacht (army, sory if I misspelled) when they succeeded in taking over Europe. The bipedal movement is additional to adapt to the surrounding terrain.

This is what I used as reference, British's heavy tank Mark IV (if I'm not mistaken)

Used Guntank's lower body for the torso.

No head for protection, thus blended to the torso. Personnel hatch is at the front end (to lazy to open the torso and SB the cockpit detail.  :doh: Add flame throwers at the top & audio parts as steam blowers at the rear (the gold shiny thing).

Initial crotch & leg design, used MG Zeta Plus' feet not only because it's easy as hell, I wanna get the transformation gimmick from the feet as well.

Ok, more coming up (hopefully)  :razz:  :meh2:

Edit: I flipped the pic over @ Photobucket, but it doesn't seem to work out right. Lemme know if it's still tilted.

Model In-Progress / WIP HGUC Deep Striker
« on: May 23, 2009, 07:29:16 PM »
Hei, Guys. Thought of posting my first WIP here to get some ideas and inputs on the current HGUC Deep Striker that Im building. So basically I started this build about three weeks ago when I get my hands on the OG (Old Grade) 1/144 Ex-S for a steal price of $6 (525 yen), thought of getting another one to bash it into a Deep Striker.  :evil: But my friend suggest of gettn the HGUC version of it instead, due to better design and proportion. After gettn the HGUC and a Feb 2003 edition of Dengeki Hobby (which miraculously have a review of the GFF Deep Striker  :razz:), hence started the WIP.

So here's some pics, the first is a line art from MAHQ:

Here's some mock up on the cockpit extension

Here's a frame for the lower booster extension

Used leftover sprue to attach it to the lower booster

Assorted mock up parts

Ok, that's for starters. I hope the pics I put are of the right size, tried making thumbnails, but haven't succeeded. Thanx for viewing  ;)

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