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Model Gallery / MG Zaku 1
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:12:55 AM »
Hey there everyone, been ages since I completed anything. Here's a little something I just completed several weeks ago. 2nd real attempt at weathering, and 1st attempt with salt technique. Comments and suggestions welcome as always. Did a crappy job taking the pics, they came out either over exposed or under exposed... Thanks Eric for adjusting them.

More pictures in our website here: -

WIP can be found here : -

Model Gallery / Adventure Time!
« on: March 18, 2013, 05:24:39 AM »
Hi everyone, been ages since I touch my modelling stuff... Just completed this small project recently as a birthday present for the missus. Based off the characters from "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake"

Fully scratchbuilt using milliput and some paper clay... Fun build! Check out ebasenet for more pics and follow the link for the WIP. :)

Model Gallery / Gundam Head Groupbuild
« on: September 13, 2011, 11:32:49 PM »
Hi there! We recently concluded a groupbuild amongst some fellow modellers. I would like to share the completed galleries with all of you. Unfortunately, my ZZ gundam head was not completed in time. Will update the gallery later.

Here's the link:-


Model In-Progress / MG Zaku I
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:12:08 PM »
Going old school, working on one of the early generation Master Grades. As per my previous project with the Zaku F2, it will be mainly OOB, meant as a test bed to practice weathering.

The rest of the WIP is here: -

As usual, comments and suggestiong are most welcome!

Model In-Progress / Banpresto Non-Scale ZZ Gundam Head
« on: January 02, 2011, 10:14:46 PM »
Helloooo and Happy New Year! Its been a long time since I posted something here. Nothing like starting up a new WIP thread on a new year!

We're running another small group build centered around desktop heads. Here's my entry for the Group Build! As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome!

WIP can be found here : -

Model Gallery / MG Zaku F2 (Mostly OOB)
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:32:06 AM »
Hi guys! Its been a while since I last completed anything, and this Zaku has been sitting around waiting to be painted for ages. First time doing weathering, rust and battle damage, so its overly done at many areas. Hope I'll get better at this with more practice

The gallery is here : -

As usual, comments are most welcome! Thanks!

(Thanks Eric for cleaning up the pics and putting up the gallery!)

Model Gallery / ebasenet Banpresto Desktop Head Groupbuild
« on: September 12, 2009, 03:25:19 AM »
Hi there! We recently concluded a small groupbuild for the Banpresto Desktop heads and have put up a special gallery with guest modellers (GP participants) in our site. Just thought I'd share it here with you guys.

Here's the gallery : -


Note : due to the fact that the banpresto heads were near to impossible to find, we accepted G_System heads as well, hence the EX-S which is not part of the Banpresto line.

Model Gallery / V Gundam Desktop Head
« on: September 04, 2009, 07:56:35 PM »
It's finally finished! Thanks Eric for cleaning up the pics and setting up the gallery!

The rest of the gallery is here : -

Model In-Progress / V Gundam (Banpresto Desktop Head display)
« on: January 26, 2009, 05:42:03 AM »
Hi everyone! Here's (yet another) WIP from me! Banpresto's line of "Gundam Vs Gundam" Desktop head displays. They're great, and I highly recommend it if you can get hold of some :)

Details are here : -

As usual comments are welcome!

Model In-Progress / 1/72 VF-25F
« on: December 20, 2008, 07:47:39 AM »
Finding it difficult to squeeze the time to airbrush my zaku. Its difficult coz I don't have a ventilator in my apartment, and I got a baby around. I'm used to the fumes, but not good for baby. 

So I figured I'd start on another WIP... yeah... that's 5 now if we count the abandoned Exia :meh: I promise I will complete something... soon  :embarrased:

The detailed WIP is here : -

As usual comments are welcome!

Model In-Progress / MG Zaku F2
« on: May 18, 2008, 04:02:18 AM »
Lately with the hectic life, seems like I've got not much mood to do any modelling. Each time I sit at my table, my mind totally goes blank, and its really tough to get any inspiration for my current builds. So I decided to take a break to do some OOB work. The model of choice, an MG Zaku F2 (yes... an MG finally). Here goes...

The rest of the details are here.

There will be no major mods on this one, and will keep it simple and mostly OOB. Will still be documenting some basic stuff and hopefully the WIP will be informative to some.

Model In-Progress / 1/144 Meteor Unit
« on: March 20, 2008, 05:42:03 PM »
As per my previous projects, I'm slowly migrating the WIPs into our website. Here's the WIP for the 1/144 meteor unit i was working on (still working on  :embarrased:)

Starting a new thread instead of digging out my old one. Still in the midst of sorting out the pics and doing the write up. More updates will be coming along in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

As usual, comments are most welcome!
Details here : -

Thanks Eric for cleaning up the pics for me!

Model In-Progress / 1/144 YF-19 Fire Valkyrie
« on: March 20, 2008, 04:42:02 AM »
Hi everyone... here's my latest distraction...

Details are here :

As usual, comments are welcome!

Model In-Progress / NG 1/100 Gundam Exia : Dance of the 7 Swords
« on: December 11, 2007, 09:04:34 AM »
Here's my latest project, as part of a special group build organized by Plamo.

I haven't watched the anime, so i don't know much about this model except it has seven swords. Therefore, my concept for this kit is going to be based on this. I've seen some very ingenious Gashapon's where objects seem to be floating, but in actual fact, its all connected, and the effect is created using forced perspective. I'll be trying out this effect for this build. Hopefully it works!

The details can be found here.

OK, please shoot!!

Model In-Progress / 1/144 HG DeathScythe Hell Custom
« on: November 05, 2007, 07:09:06 AM »
Hi all.. This is a new WIP for an old kit i did back in 2004. Some of you may have seen the completed model elsewhere. We just updated this WIP with more detailed descriptions and some never before posted pics. Thought I'd share it here. Sorry for posting stale work  :sweat: :sweat:

Here's the link in case anyone's interested
Thanks for looking!

PS. Thanks to Erix93 for touching up the pics and doing the layout.

Model Talk / Introducing ""
« on: October 26, 2007, 08:26:56 PM »
Hi all,

After months of delay and procrastinating, out humble website is finally up. Ebasenet is an acronym for erix93, whitebase and G_net, and the site is mostly a gallery and WIP site featuring our works. The WIPs are still under construction as we have quite a bit of pics to clean up, and we're also re-doing the WIP narrations. In the mean time, please enjoy our humble site :

Any feedback / comments on how we can further improve the site is welcome.

PS. Many thanks to erix93 for slaving for hours on end to get the site up.

Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Recasting simple objects using Milliput
« on: July 25, 2006, 07:35:11 PM »
Just realised that I haven't posted this here. Hope this simple tutorial helps!

Hi, here are some step by step pics on recasting parts using milliput, which are quite self explanatory. I use baby powder as mold release, but I heard that lip balm works as well. Objects to be recasted must not have undercut or it will be locked into the mold, destroying your hard work.

Original part, spliced from leftover ball joints of my old kits

Press this part onto a block of milliput (along its plane of symmetry). Remember to coat both the part, and the milliput surface with baby powder. Wait for the milliput to fully cure.

Once fully cured, press another block of milliput onto the earlier block, with the original part still in place.

Voila... mold is ready. the part in the middle is the recasted part. Just put in a smallblock of milliput into the cavity , coat with talcum powder, and squeeze. You may need to repeatedly open up the molds, remove excess milliput, and squeeze again, until the shape is correct. tedious, but it works.. Extra tip, wait for the recasted item to fully cure, then pry it out of the mold using the leftover 'flesh' around the recasted part. This way you don't damage the actual part.

Here's another example:-

Notice the small hole in the corner of mold on the left. I intentially drilled this in to act as an escape for excess milliput. So when I squeeze the mold together, the excess milliput will be squeezed out like toothpaste. Also, when the part is cured, you can push the part out via this hole as well... dual function!

Final Recasted part with the flesh removed.

other sample:

Model In-Progress / 1/144 Meteor
« on: May 10, 2006, 04:22:35 AM »
Yup.... this was my secret project from 2005, while I was working on the Freedom. As usual work too slow, so abandoned it half way, to concentrate on Freedom. Now I think its time to pick up where I left off. My 1/144 Justice will have to wait for a while, coz I want to concentrate on this baby for 2006 BAKAC. Been super busy lately and frankly speaking I don't think I can finish on time. So I'm making a commitment to post in progs in the forum as a motivator for me to finish my work.

These following pics are from last year, before I abandoned it. Hence in the background you'll see an unfinished Freedom  :P

Here we have a common light bulb, and an empty panadol bottle.

Nice warm glow ya? ^_^

What do i need it for? Here's the air vent forthe meteor

The plastic for this kit is blardy thick, so it was an absolutely biatch to cut it up...

More cutting...


Model In-Progress / 1/144 Justice Gundam
« on: April 08, 2006, 12:11:44 AM »
Forgot that I didn't post my in-progs here...

This is what I've been up to lately. Making a partner from my 1/144 Freedom :)

Nothing much, started out by hollowing some internals for the upper legs

Then extended it a bit. Standard mods for a HG 1/144... nothing special.

Pics shown are before sanding...

Also trying to shrink the lower arms a bit and reconstruct the outer panelling of the arm... dunno how I'm going to make this work  :wacko:

Model Gallery / DragonBall Z - SonGoku
« on: January 22, 2006, 06:12:27 AM »
Here's another soft vinyl kit I did a long time ago.

More pics here..

The detailing of the tear in the panst and the exposed leg was molded as 1 single piece in the original kit. Good thing the kit I got was a soft vinyl kit which is hollow. So I cut away the pars which were supposed to show the leg, scratchbuilt the legs out of milliput, and stuffed them inside the pan legs.

Scratchbuilt the floating belt and also the leftover torn material around the waist as well.

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