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Okay so this is a project I've had in mind for quite some time, basically when I was very young me and my brother had the Spacebase 2000 book, which is a collection of stories but the only reason we used to look through it because it had some really fabulous art in it of all kinds of spaceships.
I think flicking through the pages of that book is what first inspired my interest in all things sci fi, and one particular image always stood out as my favourite, and after doing some internet searches a while back the image popped up in the results and I just thought "that would make a great model" and then I started to think about sculpting one.
So fast forward to now and thats what I'm going to have a go at, I'm not intending to copy it 100% (thus the "inspired") but I want to recreate it as best I can, although I want to change the helmet design so you can see the full face. Below is the image, after doing a bit of research managed to find out it was by an artist called Peter Elson.

My idea for it is to have the same mid air pose, but one of the arms will be grabbing the foot, which will allow me to support it.  Its a pretty ambitious project for me, but thats one of the reasons I'm pretty excited about it, I always like to push myself into trying new techniques and things that scare me a little! And I haven't done that in my last few projects.
I have done a bit of figure sculpting before, but nothing crazy, just a couple of space guys in a ma.k diorama I did last year -
So I started by making my armature, first thing I did was print out a picture of a skeleton that I sized at 30cm to get it at the 1/6 scale.  And then cut a long piece of wire so I could get it done in one continuous piece so I dont have to muck about with joints in the wire.

I went a bit short on the arms, this is because I'll sculpt up to the wrists and then make separate hand armatures later, and lots of extra off both feet for now to give me plenty of freedom later when I'm locking down the pose.
Next up I've got to get some supplies to build my armature stand, then I can get the pose locked down and bend it into shape, then it will be a matter of blocking out the limbs and core with some foil.
Thanks for looking, more soon :)

Model Gallery / 1/100 EX-36 Cosmo Tiger II by Bandai
« on: November 11, 2015, 02:55:58 AM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flicr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Build complete!  :D
This model was built OOB as a way to get my mojo back after a break from modelling, and I'm very happy with how it came out.
Been wanting to build a space jet type model for a while and this is such a great kit, really cant sing bandai's praises enough, so much detail for such a small ship, and I love the design of it.
Heres a link to the wip a big thanks to all who commented, it always makes a build more fun
And here are the final pics, enjoy, all comments and questions welcome







Thanks for looking :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/100 EX-36 Cosmo Tiger II by Bandai
« on: September 17, 2015, 01:57:16 AM »
Well after a much needed break from modelling for a couple of months (first one in about 6 years of going project to
project!) I've made a tentative return to the bench with a Cosmo Tiger II, I got the kit after seeing a lot of Space Battleship
Yamato inspired stuff here and elsewhere.

Feeling pretty pumped about this one, seems like a cool little model.

Just going OOB with this one, the kit allows for various versions to be made, allowing for the single seater fighter verson or the 2 seater with a turret gunner. I'm going for the latter, the turret is really cool.

So its time for good old sprue cutting!

Want to build as much as I can before hitting the paint stage, got the body together, there are the two bits that stick out at the back which are designed to be held in place when the body goes together. But as these are red I cut the plastic to allow them to be inserted after painting to save on masking, also did the same thing for the engine cover which slots in front.

Got the missiles/bombs stuck in place, again there is an option to add two large torpedos but I've stuck with the classic look, will sand out the seams later before painting.

Then the top and bottom fins were glued in, as were the landing gear covers, going for the in flight look, with pilots, its got to be played with! haha

Nose cone bits were added, think these are laser cannons (I've never actually watched much of the show!)

Then I want to get cracking on the cockpit to get the front end together, hit it with primer then sprayed some black over it and into the inside of the front end as some of it is visible when inserted.

Made a small start painting it, just got the side consoles painted white, when dry I'll use a wash on it and add further details. And I got the tiny pilots and chairs glued onto a ice lolly stick for ease of paining.

So thats where I'm at at the minute, next up I'll be continuing with the cockpit and pilots, and will get the seams from missiles sanded out.

Thanks for looking, more soon :)

Model Gallery / 1/20 Gans Salvage Ma.k Diorama
« on: June 28, 2015, 10:41:54 AM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flicr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Build complete! Had a blast doing this one, as usual its pretty different to the original plan but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Thanks to everyone who commented in the wip, it always helps make the build enjoyable and I always appreciate any interest.

Here are the pics :-)

Link to the wip -

Thanks for looking, any comments or questions welcome  :-)

Model Gallery / 1/9 Groot and Rocket Raccoon by Dragon
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:19:47 PM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Groot and Rocket are now complete!

As I said in the wip this was a commission piece to advertise the kit for my friends comic book store. Delivered it to him today and he was over the moon and its now on display in his cabinet.

Really enjoyed this build, the kit is really good quality and I had a lot of slinging paint on it!

Link to the wip -

Now I can get cracking on my now slightly neglected Gans diorama!

Thanks for looking, more soon  :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/9 Groot and Rocket Raccoon by Dragon
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:57:45 AM »
My friend that runs a comic book chain often asks me to do display models of kits he buys in, and he's asked me to do one of these. And even though I'm working on another diorama, and I never work on multiple projects, I jumped at the chance to make this kit and I'm stoked about doing it!

I'm hoping this should be a quick build as its OOB so pretty much just a paint job thanks to Dragons excellent tidy break down of the bits. I'll start with rocket, so for now I've got him primed ready to start painting when its dry.

Thanks for looking, more soon  :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/20 Gans Salvage Ma.k Diorama
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:47:04 AM »
Okay time for a new project, had a Gans for a long time now, it was the first model that got me into the Ma.k universe and I've finally come up with an idea for it.

This is the rough dio plan sketch

The gans is going to be wrecked and a crew in a modified pick up is going to be salvaging it, for the truck I'm going to use a lindberg syclone

Most major thing I'll need to do with it is to make a gun turret with a mounted machine gun, so I need to cut a hole in the roof. I've got some bevelled metal rings I found at work which will be the rim and two more pressed together later will form the mounting ring for the gun I'll make

For now I'm starting to get the head together which I'll show being loaded into the back of the truck by the two man crew, with damage and bits hanging out of it

Not much to show for now but just wanted to outline the idea and crack on with the wip.

Thanks for looking, more soon  :-)

Model Gallery / Toy Biz Spiderman Diorama
« on: January 08, 2015, 11:58:50 PM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Another one bites the dust! Spidey dio complete  :-) took a little longer than expected but very happy with the end result.

Like I said in the wip this kit was given to me partially started (cut from sprue and some glue) by my best mate who asked me to do something interesting with it, so this is what I came up with.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the wip, here are the pics  :D

Link to the wip -

Thanks for looking, I'll be back very soon with a Ma.k diorama  :D

Model In-Progress / Toy Biz Spiderman Diorama
« on: August 17, 2014, 08:02:57 AM »
Okay, new project time!

My best friend had an old toybiz spiderman model that he had made a small start on and wants me to do something with, I've worked on a couple of these kits in the past and I know it means lots of putty and sanding!
It doesn't help that it looks like he bit the parts of from the sprue with his teeth, and they are splashed here and there with really thick god awful gloss paint   :wacko:

The original base is pretty crap, so what I've come up with is to have him supporting himself with a webline on the side of a NYC water tower, with J Jonah Jameson webbed up on top, and he's taking a photo of the two of them. Luckily I have a JJ left over from an old Rhino model I did, its only from the torso up but hes going to be encased from the chest down in a web ball

For now I'm just gluing and sanding the seam lines on the body and limbs before giving them a coat of primer to see what I'm dealing with.

The construction plan for spidey is to get all bits seam free, then get the limbs on and sort the main joints out too. Hands and feet will be last to be attached, as for now I'm not sure how much I'll have to change the angle of the feet to make him look like hes on the side of the water tower with his feet flat. And also I'll have to sculpt a new hand that will be holding the camera in a 'selfie' position.

So next up is just more seam filling and sanding, may have to rescribe some of the webbing too depending on how heavy I have to go with the filing and sanding.

Thanks for looking more soon  :-)

Model Gallery / 1/9 Tsukuda Hobby ABC War Robot
« on: August 12, 2014, 12:08:26 PM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

All done and final pics taken! So glad this project is complete and super happy with the results. Only small things I did since the last update to now is to pigment around the feet and add the details.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the WIP, it always makes a build more fun and this one has been a blast!  :D

WIP link: -

Thanks for looking, I'll be back with another project soon  :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/9 Tsukuda Hobby ABC War Robot
« on: May 25, 2014, 11:39:24 AM »
Another day another model  :-)

Okay so I've had this model for quite some time, managed to find one very cheap compared to some prices I've seen. Tracked one down after purchasing a crappy ebay recast, this was way back before I knew about the whole recasting issue.

The quality really doesnt compare and is breath taking, the detail on the tan vinyl of the tsukuda one is pin sharp, where as the white bubbly cracked crappy recast has some shocking 'soft' details.

Going to do this pretty much OOB with the exception of giving him a hammer hand like Hammerstein from the ABC Warriors which the movie war robot was of course a nod to. Pretty excited about this one as I do like the ABC Warriors and have always liked this mech design with all the nice details exposed, plus its a nice break from the labor intensive dioramas I've been doing lately.

As its a vinyl kit all parts were first given a damn good toothbrush scrub in some soapy water, then allowed to dry.

In the above photo uou can see I've already cut the flash off some of the parts and have already got the tank track feet snapped into the legs. Did some dry fitting with the torso piece and noticed that one of the legs appears to be longer than the other.

On closer inspection I could see the right leg is actually bent a bit to the left from the ankle joint

So I poured some boiling water over the joint and once soft bent it back over and held it into position while I then ran it under cold water for a minute or two to lock in the position. And after another test fit its now much better.

Next I wanted to get the chest glued onto the torso, which led to a lot of test fitting and vinyl trimming, it really isn't that clear how much to trim and exactly how they fit, but I got there in the end, however it then became clear I'd been a bit over enthusiastic!

But its nothing some greenstuff cant fix, want to get it nice and sealed anyway as I am going to fill the parts with plaster for weight strength and stability before the paint stage.

Next Up I'm going to clear the flash of the arm armor plating then once the greenstuff is dry Ill start to fill some of the parts with plaster.

Thanks for looking more soon :-)

Model Gallery / 1/20 Ma.k Split Fireball Space Diorama
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:47:14 AM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Finally all elements are done and together!  :-)

I've really enjoyed this build, a lot of new things for me, the split suit and the figure sculpting plus first time with lights.  I'm very happy with it, only thing I would change if i started over is to maybe add some lights to the outside too.

The figure sculpting was very frustrating at times but I am over the moon with my figures and how they turned out, think I will definitely be having a go at it again in future builds.

And a big thanks to everyone who followed and contributed to the WIP, you guys helped make it a fun experience and kept me going through the frustrations!  :-)

So here are the pics -

Link to the WIP -

My next project is a (hopefully quick) Tsukuda Hobby ABC War Robot so I'll be back with that soon  :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/20 Ma.k Split Fireball Space Diorama
« on: August 01, 2013, 12:08:47 PM »
Okay onwards and upwards, new build time!  :-)

Going to do a diorama with my SAFS fireball, it will be painted in my own custom colours as if its involved in a war over the colonisation and control of Mars so I want to paint it a dusky salmon-ish red with some dark red details.

The idea is my fireball was involved in a fight/battle and heavily damaged with one of his engines having blown up and the fuel tank ruptured, and with what little power it had left was able to drift in the general direction of the fleet and safety.
One of the large battleships is able to detect it approaching one of its smaller maintenance airlocks and one of the crew is able to put on a space suit and go and pull the pilot in, who is in the process of climbing out of the suit in the hope they have seen him coming.

Okay, so here's a simple sketch to get an idea of the pose and what I'm doing

So basically I'm going to do this as a split suit (which I've never done) and sculpt 2 figures with sculpey (which I've never done) and scratch build my section of space ship complete with airlock with internal detail. A pretty ambitious project for me which I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into.
Oh in case its not obvious in the sketch the crew member and the pilot are holding hands as he is pulled in and the whole thing will be supported through the arms to give a sense of zero gravity.

Started off by getting the back and side bits together, and I'm just cutting sanding and getting the basic bits (arm, and leg sections) I'm sculpting my own joint covers with supporting brass rod so I can just get them glued together for easy airbrushing later.

And I've ground off the detail from the inside of the side bits as these will have padding added to them which I will sculpt with aves

Also I've cut the top internal section where the head normally sits as the back piece will be my top padded cushion on the back

Only other thing I've done so far is to add a piece of styrene sheet over the big gap at the back as a platform to add my seat padding to.

Next Up I'm going to carry on with the internal tidying and seat sculpting with aves.

Thanks for looking more soon  :-)

Model Gallery / 1/100 RGM-79 Ground Unit Dio with APC and Troops
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:15:44 AM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

My latest dio is complete! So glad to see this one finished, and I'm really happy with the results, I feel like it turned out better than I originally hoped.

Its my first time with a gundam model in a diorama and I chose the GM as I really like the design of it, I gave it my own custom camo, and added a scratch built generator back pack to power the large beam sniper which I modified to beef it up a bit!
The troops are 15mm Soviet Infantry Summer Uniform from the Plastic Soldier Company painted to look like Earth Federation troops plus one dead zeon guy I did green, APC is a 15mm Kabardin from Antenocitis Workshop.

Went a bit photo crazy with this one, so here they all are  :-)

Link to the WIP : -

All comments and questions welcome and as usual all the advise/encouragement/comments in the WIP were the fuel for this build so a big thanks to you guys  :-)

Model Gallery / Iron Man Mk VII 1/9 Scale from Dragon
« on: June 12, 2013, 05:36:29 AM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

This is my build of Dragons Avengers version of Iron Man, its for a display model to advertise the kit in my friends comic book shop.

This was a pretty fun build, thanks to Dragons moulding it was a breeze to construct and masking isnt actually as big a headache as it looks when complete. My old halogen lights I use when photographing tend to give a red hue, so apologies for the "warmth" of the photos! I have included 2 outdoor natural light shots to get a better sense of the colours.

Link to the wip

Thanks for looking all comments and questions welcome  :-)

Model In-Progress / Iron Man Mk VII 1/9 Scale from Dragon
« on: May 13, 2013, 01:43:38 AM »
Okay so I know I'm already in the middle of one build but as a quick favour to my friend who runs a comic shop I agreed to build up this Dragon Ironman kit as a display model.
I must admit I have a weakness for ironman kits, I built up a few of the old moebius ones for him a couple of years ago, I just love the look and colours of the suit, and this kit doesn't dissapoint its the avengers version and its really great with a nice dynamic pose.

The kit goes together by way of an internal skeleton that the chest and crotch areas clip to, then the limbs are pushed through onto the connectore, which completely hides it after construction, so started by getting the internals together

The elbow and knee connector bits are visible so they will be painted, first thing I did was to get all the parts cut from the sprue sanded down and then seperated into bags for left right limbs and chest and head, mainly because I took them to work and have been sanding down and cleaning them up on my lunch breaks at work and didn't want to get it mixed up.

So while everyones sitting round drinking coffee I've been furiously sanding down sprue nubs while getting a few funny looks!

I've always heard good things about Dragon model kits (mainly tanks) and can easily believe it as the way this has been moulded and produced with such an obvious way to help the modeller in construction and ease of painting is really great, such as hidden seam lines and some parts that are seprate for apparently no other reason than being a different colour and saving on masking.
All the seams on the body are hidden behind side panels which join where a natural seam in the armor occurs and the seperate bits of armor that go over the shoulders. In fact rather impressivley the only seams you really need to deal with are on the back of the thighs and a little bit at the top of the front of them, on the front and back of the upper arms, which are mostly covered with seprate armor pieces anyway so its minimal work, and on the knee parts.
All others are mostly concealed so I just spread some squadron over and then sanded it all down, only thing I had to do was re scribe the panel lines on the knees.

As its a display model its strictly OOB, so no mods which is a shame as the only thing thats a bit of a let down is the base, its just plain black with no design or title on it, where as if you get the pre painted version of this kit the base has a smashed up street design on it.
Only thing I have done to the base is to fill it with plaster to give it some weight, had to put a small bit of styrene over the tube where the rod that mounts the model goes to seal it, and I also cut some holes in the supporting bits of plastic so when the plaster dries that locks it into place.

While that dries its on to the paint, started by organising all the bits so that they are attached to cocktail sticks and organised on the polystyrene blocks in order, one for arms one for legs one for head and body.

I'm using alclad laquer paints for this build, so first thing I do is lay down the gloss black metallic undercoat, its not really a primer but I never prime underneath it when working with styrene as every time I've used it I've never had adhesion problems.

Then I spray down aluminium which will be an undercoat for the alclad hot metal red, which I love as a colour is a great shade of red and perfect for ironman.

Next up I'll mask out a couple of spots on the shoulder plates and back that need to remain aluminium, then it will be time to spray down the hot metal red, I've had to order another bottle as I've only got 1 full bottle at the moment, which sounds like a lot but the hot metal colours that alclad do go down like you wouldn't believe. I'm anticipating 2 bottle may be just enough, but we'll see, really it goes that quick!

I'm really enjoying this, should have it finished by the weekend, so more soon thanks for looking :-)

Model In-Progress / 1/100 RGM-79 Ground Unit Dio with APC and Troops
« on: March 05, 2013, 09:49:27 AM »
I've been dying to get started withthis project, and now The Crow is done I can crack on with it  :-)
I've been wanting to do something in the Gundam universe for a while and was a little unsure of where to start, in the end I decided I prefer the more gritty soldier types like the zaku to the flamboyant more futuristic Units like Unicorn etc.
So after looking around I came across the RGM-79 and I really like the design, and decided I'd go for desert colours as if its based in Africa or somewhere like that, this was the initital doodle plan I came up with.

Basically I want the unit taking cover behind a bombed out building, I like the sniper version of this mech and want to use the beam sniper with him, I did notice that on the proper sniper version its powered by a big power station (fortress?) that is seperate, with mine I want to mod it as if it has a big power pack on its back so its a more mobile sniper.
Then after some research and more planning wanted some troops or a tank to go with it to add interest. So then looked into 15mm scale soldiers, and stumbled across the Plastic Soldier Company and found that the russian infantry was very similar to the gundam ground troops I'd seen in my research, so I grabbed some.

The purchase I was most pleased with was a 15mm anti tank APC from Antenocitis Workshop, its a very high quality cast couldn't be happier with it

So the plan is, bombed out building with the RGM-79 taking cover preparing to lay down sniper cover and the troops and APC moving down chewed up road seemingly in the midst of combat.Starting building work on this tomorrow and then I'll update my initial progress on here.

More very soon, sorry for no actual build photos yet, just wanted to lay out the concept (if anything just to get it straight in my head!  :lol: )

Model Gallery / The Crow 1/6 Resin
« on: March 02, 2013, 02:00:30 PM »
Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

Finally got this complete! Its been a fun build, tried to keep it totally stress free and simple, only things I have done is add the moss and resculpt a lot of the crow as it was atrocious.

I'm not a figure modeller and wouldn't usually choose a model like this, but it was a favor build for a friend, the kit has been kicking around his shop for a while so I agreed to complete it for him and he's really happy with it, as am I! Its especially nice seeing it on the shelf of his comic store when I'm there.


Link to the WIP -

All in all had fun with this one, thanks for looking, all comments welcome  :-)

Photobucket zapped all my photos, photos of all my builds can now be found on flickr here: -

And this is a link to my latest sci-fi sculpture build -

EDIT: Improved the photos by adjusting the white balance, should have done this to start with really!

DONE!!  :-)

This is my 1/24 Extreme Turbine Combat Racer, its a kitbash using various kits I gathered, the main body of it being a Porsche 956.
I wanted to make a combat race car, but not the post apocalyptic 'Mad Max' type or stock car 'death race' type, more like the futuristic Formula 1 of combat racing, high technology big budget well organised and sponsered racing.

So the thoughts behind it are each craft has plasma cannons it uses to drain the shields of opponents before attacking with missiles, of which you are limited to six, and a rear turret which can defend against missiles but can only be used 6 times, so its more strategic combat racing.

This build has been stressful and a challenge at times but I'm very glad I pressed on with it as sure there are a few things I might do different if I started again, but overall I'm very happy with how it came out. Thanks to everyone who followed the WIP your advice and comments helped me get this one over the line!  :D

So here it is...



Here is a link to the WIP -

Only slight thing with it is the windows went slightly cloudy when I sprayed on the future, so you cant see as much as the pilot and interior as I would have liked but Like I said I'm very happy with it, all questions and comments welcome, thanks again guys!  :-)

Model In-Progress / The Crow 1/6 Resin
« on: July 28, 2012, 12:46:53 PM »
Okay, so the story behind this is my friend who runs an independent comic books store had a guy trade in a load of statues and this random Crow resin model in a box, interestingly it was in a Screamin' Jason Vorhees vinyl model box, so I'm guesiing the guy collected models at some point.

This isn't my usual model, I dont do figures, but as a favour I agreed to build it up and paint it so he can see if he can get anything for it, or just have it as decoration in his cabinet at the shop. I figured what the hell, I'm in the middle of another build but it sounded like a fun little (hopefully quick!) project.

This was the box it cam in

And this is the model

After doing some research this looks like a recast of sculpt done in 1995 by a guy called Jay Dee, the only image I could find of it on the net.

The reason I say its a recast is because the quality isn't that great, the shotgun is missing the end of the barrel beyond the pump grip, it doesn't look like its been broken off, more like a cast problem, although to be honest its not as bad as it could be.

The crow that sits on his shoulder is going to be the most work, it looks awful, the wire supports for the wings are sticking out, its ridiculously thin like its been run over, and the head/beak is a total mess, so this will be getting the aves treatment!

To start with I soaked it all in warm soapy water, then a rubbing alcohol rub, then rinsed off left to dry, and then glued the crow together. Got the limbs and head in place with super glue then dripped in some 5 minute epoxy for strength.

Just held it on the base to give an impression of size.

After getting it together, I have to say, I'm really looking forward to painting this, I'm even looking forward to getting the crow in order!

Once all thats dry I'll start filling all the gaps, of which there are many!

More on this soon thanks for looking!  :-)

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