Author Topic: 1/5 Bisley Terminator (Mikey B) The Enemy Within  (Read 714 times)

September 09, 2020, 04:27:45 AM
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My prime focus on collecting is everything and anything from the Terminator Universe.
One of my absolute favorite artists is Simon Bisley, and combined with the extremely talented sculptor Mikey B (Underworld) this kit was a must have when it was released in 2011.
It doesn't hurt that it's based on the cover art for one of the best comics on the subject either.

6 parts; Torso, arms, legs and weapon.
Arms and torso/lower body seams were puttied with tamiya quick type (vaseline method) for easy painting before assembly.

Stylynrez primer as usual (50/50 with thinner at low preassure).
White for skin areas, gray for clothing.

Flesh tones:
Vallejo Air RGB (421), flat cote and transparent extender on top pf Stlynrez white primer.
For the highlights (right) I added white and yellow + more extender.

Basic blood work (oils), gloss black as base for the chrome color; Molotov 1mm pen.

Vallejo Red Leather (brush) for the base of the jacket. On top of that multiple layers of black with transparent extender.
This is after the first pass.

Stylynrez grey primer, masked with Silly Putty, then Vallejo Air + a bit gloss cote for that natural leather sheen.

More blood work + a black wash for the jacket.
Hair laid in (black wash on Stylynrez grey).
A drop of epoxy on the eye for the lens.

On to the gun; Basic masking on top of gloss black.
I used three metallics; Humbrol metal cote Gun Metal, Molotow chrome and Kosutte Gin SUN polishing powder.

Stylynrez grey primer with the white on the skulls.
Oils; Burnt Umber, Yellow ochre and Burnt Sienna. Hastily brushed on, let sit for a while and then wipe off.

A black wash on the base, then dry pastels (Dark gray + a bit Burnt umber) along/on the skulls.
I then used brought the pastels up/around the skulls with a wide, flat, soft, slightly wet make up brush, then polished with a piece of cotton. I did one skull at the time for control.

For the "wooden" base I used a steel brush to create graining.
Vallejo Red leather + Black + flat cote applied with brush with the base on a rotating disc.
Another pass with more black and then a Gloss cote followed with a drybrushing of burnt umber oil.

Technically done, but it's been sitting in quarantine waiting for final touch ups and beauty shots for quite some time now  :construction:

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That turned out really nice so far. The painting on the skulls is superb and the leather looks like leather.