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thanks Michael, glad you like it and appreciate the comments.  8)

cheers Chaos and thanks for the tips on more wires, will make sure to check out those types as well and add them to the tool box.  :-)

Model Gallery / Corporal Jay Weston, "The Big Ma.K", SAFS-R "Raccoon"
« on: August 19, 2008, 08:58:52 PM »
During post battle analysis after the re-taking of New Canberra, it became obvious that dedicated Reconnaissance, EW, ECW and ECCW units would play an increasingly important role in future conflicts.

Seen here in his newly issued SAFS-R "Raccoon" suit, Corporal Jay Weston, famed for his success in the Mercenary forces hamburger eating contests, is performing evaluation trials for the stealth package fitted to the new SAFS line and field testing of a new disruptive pattern for woodland areas.

Jay went on to pioneer new and innovative uses for the Recon class and is now an instructor for the re-training of recon teams now being outfitted and upgraded to operate the new classified suit known informally as the "Rappoon."

All done, most educational and very importantly, lots of fun! The plan here was to implement the ideas and philosophies as mentioned in meeting with Yokoyama-san, using the fastest and best result producing techniques to get more done in less time. Amazing that after one chat with him, I finished this in roughly one third the time and achieved a comparable result with my last build. Yokoyama-san helped me to improve at least 300% after just a few minutes talking!

As a side note, this is meant to be a relatively new suit, in good condition and very well maintained. The maintenance tech was a little over-zealous with applying oil, still training up on the new suit type.

Thanks for looking and all the great feedback and tips in the WIP thread, most helpful!



Captain Matthew Fujii.

During the intense fighting for Lunar a rapid progression of arms technology led the Mercenary Forces along a swift path of advancing suit designs. Unfortunately for Captain Mathew Fujii, seen here in his veteran Fireball suit dubbed "Oji-san", his advanced engineering background and expertise with the care, maintenance and field improvement of the Fireball series kept both him and his team using the fast becoming obsolete equipment a great deal longer until their eventual upgrade.

Capt. Fujii went onto great success with his Snake Eye suit and was last seen operating in the Oita Region.

Hello all, thanks for the patience on the photos, some more lessons learned!

Don't take so many photos that you can't decide which ones to use. I swear, I can't tell the difference between them now!
The curves of the Fireball make photography very challenging. With bright lighting it flattened out, looked better with directional light sources but that hides a great deal of the details.

Basic build with a few detail parts from Kotobukiya. Aim of the project was to make it look like Yokoyama-san's artwork, page 25 of the "Maschinen Krieger in Action Bande Dessinee". So a great deal of artistic license with regards to the aesthetics of the finish, looking good being the primary goal with realism taking a back seat but still in mind.

xtra special thanks to BK for the great idea to actually do something with the base. I used the same paints as the rest of the model, basically the undercoat on the bells which is the camo dark green-grey with black with all of the other colours added in and merged and blended, including the weathering colours. It's not obvious, good for a base, but it has the same tones as the model which seems to work nicely.

Next 3 for a walk around but they are too bright...

The Base!

Thanks for looking and commenting.



Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 18, 2008, 10:29:30 PM »
Finished - I can't help but remember BK's word's on each model I wrap up now. "When you don't want to work on it anymore." I'm honestly having some trouble getting photos I like. I either light it up and it flattens or shadow it and it looks good but hides all the details...

Anyway, I call this the "vision" shot and it's how I imagined I wanted it to look and it's come out close enough.

Thanks for looking and all the comments, this has really been a fun build and you all made it that much more enjoyable and kept my motivation high.  ;)

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 18, 2008, 10:28:12 PM »
mechaskunk bells showed up, vewy nice.

The little insert for the LED lights is a nice touch. I replaced it with a part from Kotobukiya MSG sprue P-113, perfect fit!

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 18, 2008, 06:51:15 PM »
thanks for that MB and yes, SW bells. Good and bad, no seam is nice but the baffles are so thin... don't hold much color. Might try the Appregio versions next.  :-)

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 18, 2008, 01:45:21 AM »
thanks Ezechiel and you are very accurate, it is painted with "lacquer" paints, the GSI Creos Mr. Color series so.  ^_^

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 17, 2008, 11:37:41 PM »
Onto more fun. Still wasn't quite where I wanted the color and base greasiness to be so a heavy filter/wash of oils, again Mig Industrial Earth for the Green-Grey-Brown hue. A little heavy, wiped off some the next morning after looking at this pic;

After matting it down, I thought the camo line looked a little plain and the overall color balance still not happy so I outlined the camo with Windsor Newton Burnt Umber-Green for to both blur it a little and add a darker green brown in the hopes to make the grey of the grey green base pop.

Yep, much more happy with that although I am sure it might turn some people off a little and look a little overdone... What do you think?

Next onto some more color variations with oils, not going too crazy and want to stick to blue, green, orange and brown.


Moved along a little more and think I am getting close. Just waiting on the bells and working on the groundwork.

BK gave me a great idea to try to mottle up the plinth edges, will continue with that next.

Otherwise up to this;

The camo outline is still pretty punchy, well, it's was educational... Thanks for looking!

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 15, 2008, 06:26:39 PM »
cheers for that and yes, that shot on pg 5 of the snake eye is a beauty, good call.  :D I'm still looking at than one, so many colours have been used and brought together, it's a very complex piece. Might actually ask Yokoyoma-san about it next week when I visit him again. He loves talking about his "e-paintings" as he calls them.


Model In-Progress / Re: Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 15, 2008, 08:32:45 AM »
thank you for stopping by and commenting, very much appreciated  ^_^.

Next steps;

- paint decals with Gaia Notes Ex-White. Was a little apprehensive with using the lacquer paints but it went on fine over the satin coat and wanted to try them for different uses. This is a step I would have done with acrylics but this went on much, much better.

- tried something new with the Blue Clown shoes. I wanted to blend in the blue with the light green and produce an aged effect. So here I lightly stippled back on some Duck Egg Green, worked it back in and re-mixed it with the underlying blue and light green paints in a localized version of a wet-blend, adding thinner as needed. Pretty scary as it's an ideal way to go from acceptable to botch job in a stroke of the brush and it's another of those lessons of knowing when to stop. Which for me is always way before I think I should.  ::) Seemed to have turned out ok, a more faded and multi-colored version of the blue with random browns and yellows coming out. Also stippled this to the edges to localize and randomize the damage on the feet edges.

- Next part of the plan was to add a stage with Mig Filters -Allied Set. This product is to alter Bright Green, Light Green and Dark green which seemed perfect for what I was planning for the Fireball. It's an interesting product, very thin and perfect for light filters. Obviously not specifically intended for Ma.K but with our use of military colours not far off either. Perhaps we are at the heavy use end? First stage with Bright Green all over, allowed to dry, repeat. Interesting change of shade. Went with Brown for the Dark Green-Grey. Then after all dry, used their "Grey" which is more of a light brown-grey overall. Interesting effect, unification and additional colour modulation.

So far so good but still some way to go. I am aiming for the look of the Fireballs on page 16 of Maschinen Krieger Chronicle and Encyclopedia, Volume 2. A vehicle perhaps a little past it's prime service life that's been heavily maintained. Not necessarily damaged, but kept in service and working hard.

Thanks again for comments.


Model In-Progress / Re: Za.Ku - Fireball SG
« on: August 14, 2008, 07:53:02 PM »
Stage 3

Some progress, need to move it along...

- Blue Clown Shoes added.
- Wrong color decals added.
- Sensor welded on.
- Green muted and layered with the above mentioned Violet Grey and White.
- grey details given a coat of 50/50 Black/Duck Egg green to make a grey that works with the main colors.
- rear details washed with the above grey.
- Still waiting on Dewberry inspired Mechaskunk bells...

Model In-Progress / Re: Random Gundam? - Fireball SG
« on: August 14, 2008, 07:54:45 AM »
I can't beleive it's not Gundam!

The Plan has two pieces of inspiration, first is;

BK's  Prowler Super Armored Fighting Suit Recon Space Type

Yokoyama-san's artwork here is very impressive, it's on page 25 of the "Maschinen Krieger in Action Bande Dessinee" book, the one with the comics in it. The vibrancy of the colours and his miss-matches, intentional or not, of discrepancies in the painting. For the main part, the suit has been painted with light green base with dark green over it, but the side armor pieces are reversed if you look carefully and the light green has been painted over the darker color. Second is BK's Prowler, which really had an impact on me for the simple fact that it uses slightly different colours, particularly the green, which I think looks outstanding on a space based suit. I think this is in part due to my own tunnel vision with Anti-Flash White/grey Schemes buzzing around, when I saw actual colors it really hit me that I could that too!

Here's another pic of The Primer.

New pics but they aren't great, in fact, I don't think I could even sip water whilst looking at these pictures...  :'(  Must... stick... to... The Plan....

Words might work better...

ooh, that last shot... needs some welds there on the sensor...

Subsequent steps;

Mixed Gaia Notes EX-White into the Duck Egg Green. In hindsight, a little too much perhaps but then again, this gives me a wonderful chance to do more with filters and washes this time.

Mixed Grey Green - a tough one to make, I couldn't find one in the store so mixed up a custom. In rough order of volume; Field Grey, Dark Sea Grey, Duck Egg Green and white. This is the underlayer, a cold, dark Grey Green. To get it to the Green Grey I visualised, I added some "Russian Green" and then some "Israeli Kfir Light Green" and that was it, very happy. Added more white to brighten it to about the level I am guessing the Duck Egg Green is at in preparation for the whole purpose of building and painting models, weathering:D

Don't be shy, feel free to pinch that reply button and come back with something like, "I have no idea what this is or what you want me to say!". Or "spring for an airbrush you cheap bastard!".



Model In-Progress / Random Ma.K - Fireball SG
« on: August 13, 2008, 05:44:31 PM »
Random Ma.K #4 Fireball SG       

Hello again! Another very basic build, couple of minor details added with Wave/Kotobukiya parts.

Just hitting the despair stage now, right on cue, but have managed some snaps along the way. I really should hold off until it's done just in case but what the hey...

Primer - using left over paint on the palette from the Polar Bear, I reactivated it and stippled it on.

Might be a way to do the Jungle Camo Yokoyama-san did. will keep this in mind for the future!

The laser on the arm in the kit is quite feeble looking, replaced with this;

Some of the base color smeared on, Duck Egg Green. I've heard it's the new Middlestone!

Coming along, some more work. Looks a little better, thinking I'm quite clever again by now...

Very important step, to let the paint dry properly between coats you must get online and trash talk on Xbox live. Fluked a good game! (Joe Kalbi)

Ahh, that feeling passes quickly and hits despair, self doubt and "you fool, you've pulled it off before but this is the one that won't work!" Such a sick color but am hoping it will come together with The Plan...

Next steps,

1. Was hoping to make this model appear brighter from above - was going to say "lighting" but that might sound like LED's. Just a painted effect.
2. The light color and I intend on brightening it up further has no coverage and I dont want to go thicker, a deadly balance with the brush...

So fall back and re-group at the airbrush!  To give this enough opactiy I will need to hit the centre of panels with the airbrush but that also falls nicely into place as I can do the "add white" routine and lighten it up but still have my funky primer show through.

Please feel free to laugh, point fingers, lay bets and throw smallish stones.


Model Gallery / Re: Scout Flier SF-3A- Maschinen Krieger Scratch-build
« on: August 04, 2008, 07:56:50 AM »
what spoons? I see flying machines thingies. Very classy build Dew and nicely painted.

thank you very much for the kind welcome, very much appreciated!

Ezechiel - thanks for that and yes, the pipe covers are 2.5mm Wave detail parts. For a cold weather suit I thought some insulation might look the part and the stock ones aren't great.

FichtenFoo - "perfect" from you is high praise indeed, thank for you that! The SBS... sure thing!

maxwinamp- cheers for that!

chaos_theory - nicely picked out, I appreciate your eye for details! I agree that the face is a little over-washed, too heavily lined. I spotted that you've also done some 40k stuff in your threads on burning things, very clever by the way and I have been thinking of doing something with a magnifying glass for some laser spot marks, but my point was that this is the 3rd 1/20 face so I am just kind of getting the idea. Until now, a handful of space marines and a couple of Tau have been my intro to painting faces. So next one I will try for a little more subtlety. Of course, the suit on the bench now is enclosed.  :D

Hello Fictenfoo Forum!

Signed the guestbook and have been browsing the excellent forum here. You guys certainly have built up a fantastic database and I am very much looking forward to learning the tricks of the trade here and furthering the great cause of robot love.  :-)

Here's my last build that the great team led by Mr. Bryan Krueger on none other than Maschinen Krueger site and forum helped me put together.

Hope you like it!

During the fighting in Nth America, this team of covert operations specialists turned down their scheduled upgrade to SAFS suits and instead upgraded their AFS C.D. Polar Bear suits and retained them for much longer than most other such teams. After field testing the SAFS, they reasoned that their current suits fitted their covert operations tasks more closely and that the SAFS was not yet reliable enough for the extended field use they were were seeing in Alaska, ranging far in advance of the Forward Operating Bases.

Seen here in his customized AFS C.D. Polar Bear suit in a broken ground pattern of his own design, Sgt. Beckett, a former marksman and sniper before being transferred to an AFS equipped unit, has earned himself the nickname, "The Big Nailer". He has had an interesting and varied career and has helped his team to great success with his expertise in field craft, stealth, infiltration and pioneering "sniping" techniques and hit and run tactics for the AFS suits. Despite operating in an earlier model suit, his skills close the gap and put him on an equal footing with SAFS equipped troopers.

With this particular suit, he has a record of 8 confirmed Melusine kills, a record which remains to this day.

In the close ups, the micro-painting can be seen, I feel this adds a great deal of interest.

Pilot Figure

Natural lighting, seems to suit Mak!

Close ups of the weathered and damaged paint, hope these help for reference.

WIP Thread is here;


3rd MaK done and it seems to have turned out well enough. Many thanks to to BK for his pointers and many guides, extensive reference was made during this build and the new groundwork guide was especially educational and useful.

Thanks for looking and commenting!



Public Announcements, Rules, and Guestbook* / Re: Sign The Guestbook!
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:38:38 AM »
Hello all!

Have seen quite a bit of Michael's work on Maschinen Krueger and am very interested to see what else you clever chaps get up to here and perhaps share a build or three.  :-)

Very nice site and layout so far.



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