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Capitalism Corner* / Wanted: 1/60 scale Hands/Manipulators.
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:43:31 AM »
Anybody have any 1/60 manipulators they want to part with? Anybody going to Japan?
I basically(not basically,actually) need these:
I just can't order from G SYs at the moment.. long story.
Anybody got any ideas?

Model In-Progress / Custom 1/72 Scale G-System MSF-007 MK.III
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:30:01 AM »
Entry for MAC Forums 2012 Mecha Contest – Modified Resin Category

G-System MSF-007 MK.III 1/72 Scale Gundam

203 Resin Pieces. 22 Alternate material pieces.
Overall  Height:37.0cm    Width@Shoulder:16cm
Head Height:28.0cm
Depth: 17cm    Weight: 1.5kgs.

This kit will be my entry in the resin category of the contest. It will be modified a lot, and I'm excited to participate.

Hopefully you will all enjoy the project.   :D Thanks guys. All questions and comments welcome.

Getting rid of mold release. Wait..hey Zampri, what are those grey parts in the batting cage? Shhh..   ;)

Scrub step.

Thanks for checking it out!

MAC Forums 2012 Mecha Contest Entry – OOB Unmodified Plastic Kit Category.
Kotobukiya 1/144 Scale Linebarrels of Iron : VARDANT Medium Range Type
This will be a custom painted unmodified version of this kit. Depending on interest,this piece may be up for sale when I am done.  
First post, posted for the entry opening image. More pics to come.

Originally an entry for the MAC forums 2012 Mech Contest, but It didn’t really fit in a category being that it will be slightly altered in many areas, so It will be a new custom build for the forums. Depending on interest,this piece may be up for sale when I am done.  
I will be between this, my day job,and many other project in the next while so I hope I can keep you entertained with this wip and post regularly.  
:unsure:  :D
Thanks for looking! Any questions or comments are welcome.

TONS of seam lines. Clean em up time.


Seam lines gone. Adding black for metals.

Fine Molds 1/144 Millenium Falcon Custom - The Corellian Bloodstripe  
Heavily modified 1/44 plastic kit.

WHew.. finally finished. This project was ... tiny..  :D   A little back story on the fly maybe ?  ^_^
So.. This version of the Corellian freighter, is the long lost cousin of the Millennium Falcon. Coming from a similar military product run, it also had a troubled past starting with unreliability on Corellia itself. The ship proved it's worth many times over a long history through the Corellian rebellion and the Imperial Rebellion yrs, and coincidentally was reunited with the Falcon in many events due to a mutual friendship of captains Solo and Burev.

Took a lot of pics. Many more in the bottom 2 galleries here. 
WIP here:
So here's some pics! Hope you guys like. Comments/questions welcome.

Hey guys.
I know some of you have some garages that get pretty hot. Do you store paint in there? Model kits?  
Matt M, I saw your vids and I see you store your models in cabinets in the garage. No meltdowns or anything?

We just moved and I have a garage setup finally. It isn't too hot.(probably about 25C  77-80F degrees at the highest)
I don't know of a temp those products like,I'm thinking that may be too hot to store my Thinners,Tamiya paint ,Alclad paint, etc.. ?  :unsure:
It's perfect paint drying temp,but I'm really unsure about storage. I can put them in the same type cabinets and/or on my paint rack. Or should I just bring them in the house?
I just don't want them to evaporate or dry out too quick. I have always had them in really cool places until now.

Same question for my expensive resin kits and plastics?
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks everybody,.

Hey guys!
I am having trouble finding a good workflow for removing the mold flash (I don't know the correct term?),that is left behind in places like panel lines,or chunked up on a visible detail part,etc. I am starting some prelim work on another older G Sys kit and just like my Zeta,there is tons of that crap in little areas.

When I cleaned it up on my Zeta it was a turbo bitch to get done. I was using xacto's and files etc. I tried dremmeling but I couldn't figure out how to deal with a really tight area without mass destruction of the kit and I couldn't get a knife to maneuver in those places either.
I can't find any specific tut's on this at the moment,unless I dumbed out and missed it?
Any ideas? This problem make sense?

If you have an idea,but have questions about what I'm using ,I have lot's of decent tools,the flexible dremmel attachment with the pen style handle,and lot's of attachments.
Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks !

Model In-Progress / Fine Molds 1/144 SW Milennium Falcon-Custom Mod.
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:31:42 AM »
Hey model junkies!
New project I have started. Just setting up the wip thread. I'll mod this thread and add more wip info and pics Sunday.
Stay tuned.

Kit Specifics / Car model questions
« on: February 21, 2011, 12:52:10 AM »
Hey guys,
I have some project ideas, and I'm looking for a few cheap specific car model kits in the 1965 -75 muscle car range. I'm wondering if anybody can tall me which manufacturer would have the best detail in a cheaper kit?
(or if any others produce car kits?)Revell,Monogram,Ertl,Tamiya,Resin?  I can find a few online,but rarely can I find a pic of the assembled kit so I can't see quality or detail.
Also, if anybody knows where to buy model 4x4 trucks etc? ( not the regular newer 4xs but the cool lifted ones.)I can't seem to find any. I only found 2 on ebay.

I was approached recently by a local comic shop to do a re-paint of the Sideshow Collectibles Legendary scale series Morgul Lord.

I attempted to make it kind of original with my own spin,and not go way off base from the character.It was a bit tough,as it's a weird kind of vinyl so it was hard to get anything looking right,but the client thought it was really cool.
Just finished it,so here is some pics.
*I created some different light scenarios so you can see the paint/pigments react while I work on my painfully amateur home light setup.I also included some outdoor shots for a look at it in natural light. Ok, bad news is,in 1 diabolical turn,I lost access to a ton of data on my home system,and the wip images were part of that data.Good news is,I lost access,not data, so 'm hoping to post the wip images as soon as I regain access. (Note*I was not asked to paint the base. It is the original.)
Questions and comments are always cool.Cheers!

More pics in the gallery here as usual.

One of the best free workflow tutorials I have seen for a fully realized model,printing from a 3D package.
If you are using other 3D software and want to know if it can do this too, the answer is no. ZBrush rules.  8)  :razz:  Seriously though,not many packages can do this to the degree Zbrush does;however,you can output all kinds of models and parts from many different 3d programs. This is just a great free tutorial for one of the best in my opinion.
Should help answer some questions I hope. :D


One of my spots for great build reference. It helps me with work stuff a lot.
Staring at all the sweet submersible builds,and T-rex's awesome Bower build,I was looking at some large tank ref, when I just now realized this would be great to post here. 
 :lol:  :doh:
It's free,and there is some nice rust for all you corrosion junkies.  :-)

I don't have this kit yet,but I thought it may interest some,when I saw some new Ian McCue Art on Concept Ships.
He has a pretty cool sort of alt universe beat up seafaring series up.
I thought of this build(and a lot of other ship ideas)when I saw it,and I thought it might help some inspiration.
Cheers guys.

Model In-Progress / AT-ST MPC Kit. Alternate Use Version
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:57:50 AM »
New Project action.
My new idea was for a very simple sanity build.
Taking an old MPC kit I had laying around,the (All Terrain-Scout Transport) from Jedi,and changing it's use to Ranger or Combat instead of Scout. AT-RT,or AT-CT.The idea is;cooler guns,stronger,faster,more agile, and combat ready,but still looking sort of believable and from a similar manufacturer,or modded by soldiers. I'm trying to continue my "near future,junky sci fi"preference of modding as well.

At the early stage,still modding,just got some primer on,and now in the process of sanding it off again.I'm trying to add functionality (and bad assness)to the model and legs all around.Beefing up ankles and making working swivel joints for them,(not pinned yet. Just a place holder right now)adding inverted fork type suspension instead of the old friction fit metal,and I have started detailing.I have also sort of imagined this build for 1 pilot at roughly 1/35 - 1/40 if that were possible.
This kit needs a ton of fixes. Might not be so simple, as things rarely are.  ^_^
Anyhow.Very early stages,but something to look at.
Questions and crits anytime. Enjoy.  :-)

Capitalism Corner* / Moderator,Please Delete this topic.
« on: October 27, 2010, 10:32:38 AM »
No longer posting to this. Please delete.

Model Gallery / 1/100 G-System MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Complete
« on: August 09, 2010, 03:31:47 PM »
So I finally had time to post these :ninja:. A lot going on..  Crazy Kit. Learned a lot!

Thanks so much to all of you that helped me out answering questions etc. So no more waiting,here's some pics!
Hope you like!Comments welcome! 
Full gallery is here as per normal:

My first all resin kit and my first G System kit.
G-System Resin 1/100 scale MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Archery Bow Fix Pose Ver.

The idea is a Tactitcal Assault type Mech,caught in a bad spot being riddled with enemy gunfire and attempting to end the battle all at once,with a final deathblow from his long range bow.I'm not concerned with correct colors for the series,I'm just trying to imagine something original.To add some detail,damage,and wear,without making it look like trash.

This is a huge testing ground for me and it's proven a monster learning curve at the very least. Damage on resin was maybe a tough thing for me to approach. Gotta try it though. Lot's of work to do,but I think it's progressing.I really like the size of the kit. It seems like a larger 1/100.
As usual, comments,questions and crits are all good. You can see more WIP pics here.
Thanks for looking!

Kit Specifics / Semi Specific Kit Question.Linebarrel and others..
« on: April 13, 2010, 10:51:09 AM »
So I have been liking the linebarrel kits more and more and there are a few types I'd like to possibly buy.
Hind Kind,Linebarrel,maybe something else,but I would like to get bigger than the 1/144 kits currently being made(just a bit,maybe 1/100 ?)and as detailed as possible,as well as being semi pose-able.(just to get it into a cool fixed pose.I could be flexible here)I find that often they are saying kits are 19cm, or 31 cm, or 15 cm in height,even though they all seem like the exact same kit.Who's not telling the truth,and who's just wrong by accident?

My other questions are: Can anybody tell me if it's worth getting a kit like any of these right now?Are they all the same kit?Aside from Hind Kind obviously.  *Kinda lame you have to buy a Vardant kit to get the rest of Hind Kind pieces too.

Or is this series popular enough that somebody could project if they will make other kits(maybe 1/100 with some more detail)so that I don't regret buying one too soon?
Is one kit better detailed than the other? And is the E2046 site "accepted to buy from? I still don't understand the whole "kit stealing" thing and I'm not sure I completely understand what's going on with that site in terms of ordering and such.
Thanks for viewing and any help!

Hey everybody.
The idea for the build is that the ground tunneling Trygon has burst to the surface surprising some future type soldiers and a conflict begins.
I was going to do a larger creature kit I have that I am dying to do,but I’m waiting until we move again,as the kit is really big and a little breakable so I chose the Trygon.
The kit is a Tyranid Trygon multi-part resin model. (140mm/5.5 inches +) in length.

Here's my creature sheet attempting to create an original Tyranid color scheme.Surprisingly hard to create a new original color type.
I don't play the games,so after looking at some out there I found a lot of paint schemes already sort of "done to death".
I'll be using all mediums, like airbrush,hand paint, oils,pigments,etc.and I'll be trying to complete a base/dio.
I'm not married to any of these yet so I may change my ideas, but feel free to tell me one you like best.

All crits,questions,and comments welcome! Monster action!

By the way "FilmMkr" I love your concept work! Did you paint that? If so, I'm way jealous of your DPaint skills.

Painting/Priming / Directions for every Alclad Lacquer Finish
« on: January 30, 2010, 03:10:09 AM »
I'm having mixed success/failure  :doh: testing and researching ways to get a good metal look or finish.
I hear a lot about Alclad and I'm thinking about trying it. ( the results I've seen are all the proof I need. )
I really have no idea how to paint with it so this was helpful.

I don't know if it has been posted yet,but I hope this helps answer a few questions. It did for me.
Happy model action.  8)

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