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Model In-Progress / AMT/ERTL SLAVE 1 (Boba Fett Version)
« on: April 17, 2012, 03:28:03 PM »
Hello fellow modellers.
Though I would post a WIP of my entry into my first contest. So here we go:

First off, this is an AMT/ERTL kit.
On this perticular kit, the fit is not very good; lots of seem lines and the two half of the fuselage don't align properly. Nothing that can't be fixed though.
Another thing is the panel lines. On this kit, the panel lines are not recessed, they're like inverted if you will.
The bottom of the ship, the guns and the cockpit are pretty innacurate and lack lot's of details.
Finally, the two sides of the ship are identical. Basically the left side is somewhat accurate but it's repeated on the right side making it completely wrong.
Besides that, the general shape of the ship is pretty good.

All in all, it's exactly my type of built: a real challenge.

The plan (for now):
I'll sand down most of the details on the left side of the fuselage, all the details of the right side of the fuselage and all the panel lines.
Then, scratch build some new details and scribe the panel lines.

Before and after left side

Before and after right side

Skirt sanded and scribed

Top view, bye bye seem lines

Did I mentioned that I'm gonna lit this thing?
yeah, lots of work ahead...

That's is for now.
As usual, comments and suggestions are always welcome


Hi guys,
Tried following FF discoloration tutorial. I'm at part 1.
I must be doing something wrong: After lightly wetting the surface with turpenoid, I'm applying spots of different 502 abteilung colors. Afterwards, using a wide brush lightly dempt in turpenoid, I gently brush the surface. The result is good but here's my problem:
Spots of paint are still visible were I applied the 502 (see picture).

Uploaded with
I tough the tupenoid might be the problem, so I switched brand, same result.... I tried all sort of things, like thining the paint a little before applying, working faster, putting more turpenoid, again same result.
Oh, I should mention that I'm applying the discoloration technique straight on top of my base color (tamya), no FFA or any other protection. Could that be my problem?
I basicaly screwed the whole lower part of my model trying stuff.
Please Help!

Model In-Progress / AMT/ERTL Millenium Falcon Diorama (hopefully)
« on: December 28, 2011, 12:09:10 PM »

Ok, this is it, first time posting a model build log. Other then my charming (and very patient) spouse, you guys will be the first to take a look upon my work. I’m not 6 years old so please fell free to criticise, but not too brutally ; confidence is slow to built…  If I see this through, this will be a DIO of the Millenium Falcon as seen for the first time in New Hope (Star Wars for the purists) in docking bay 94 on Tatoine. However, the ship will be lit like in Empire (flood lights "on").
This is my first build ever and I have to say, the different techniques and all the available tips and info found on this site is fantastic. 
Enough blah blah blah ….
Here we go:
What a piece of Junk  :sick: :sick: I have to be honest, when I opened the box, I was amazed at the detail on the kit… yeah, I know better now. Nevertheless, I think this kit is perfect for someone who wants to try mods.

Battle damage : First experience with a dremmel ! This is addictive  :twitch:. Showing here the principal scars on top and lower dish. Following the 1/72 finemolds tutorial by Sleepylafayel, I also added scratches here and there.

No effort was made by AMT/ERTL for the cockpit ; it is inexistant. No dashboard, no back or side pannels, ah, actually, there is a clear back panel with a submarine door of some sort… ugly. So I customize my own cockpit. Butchered the original keeping only the floor (which I lowered), pilot and navigator chairs and middle console. I built a first console out of styrene but hated it so made a second one. The picture showing to whole cockpit is with the first console. The second cockpit is also made out of styrene and guitar strings were used to create the controls. Then I made a new back panel with door out of styrene (door is way to big but hey, it’s my first time). Using photoshop I created a « cockpitlike » series of dots to mimic the back wall of the falcon. Printed the whole thing on photo quality paper and sticked it on the back and side walls. Pierce holes all over the place, wired up some fiber optics and voilà ! I now find the final result is poor but I’m progressing a lot through this project so everything I do could be redone better. I want to see the end of it so I have to let some things go.

I pierced holes in the lower dish for flood lights and flight lights. Then tubing were glued on top of these holes so I can place the LEDs and give them a « flood » feel if you will. The flight lights will be fiber optics.
Painted the whole interior in black to avoid light bleed. I pierce holes for fiber optics in the landing gear as well just to get a bit of light from them. I need a few LEDs inside to power my fiber optics.
My thechnique goes as follow : I cut some aluminum tubing according to the diameter of the led to be used. LEDs must fit inside the tubing. The lenght of the tubing goes anywhere between ½ inch to 2 inches depending on the situation. The longer you have, the more control on the orientation of the fiber optics towards the light you have. Then I put a piece of heat shrink tube at the end of the aluminum tube. I leave about ½ inch of heat shrink off the aluminum tubing so that when I heat it, the heat shrink fits tight on the aluminum tube leaving ½ inch free on wich I can fit the LED. Wow, I don’t know if that makes any sense to you guys, hopefully it does…. Ok pictures.

Oh, btw, the engine grill was custom made out of styrene. 6 blue LEDs power it up. The inside of the box is covered in aluminum paper for reflection and a mesh of moskito screen and an industrial neon light diffusors were placed on the inside side of the grill to help diffuse the light and to give it a cool look !
Next, I’m planning to have the acces ramp down so we can take a peep inside. So you can expect some more scratch building in my next post.
Cheers all !

Tools / TRIMMING FIBER OPTICS (What are you using?)
« on: December 05, 2011, 04:35:53 PM »
Hello all!
Just wondering what you guys are using to trim fiber optics. I know basically anything will cut it, but when it comes down to trim it very close to the subject, it can be tricky  :twitch:.
What I do (until I get a better technique) is cut it with a regular small cutter as close as I can without damaging the paint work (about 2 to 5 mm from the surface). Then, I bring my soldering iron as close as I can I melt the tip... What actually happens is that the fiber optic "blooms"... if that makes any sense... This usually makes the tip of the fiber optic as round as it can get and diffuses the light very nicely. However, it's difficult to have a constant finish from one to the next.
So, what are you guys doing?
Cheers all.

« on: August 03, 2011, 01:58:33 PM »
I broke a part (needle tube) on my airbrush recently (Crescendo 175). Found the part on the net on Badger's site and on other online stores. Problem is, shipping cost are averaging between extremely high and highway robbery!
I found this place in Montreal called Jacques Coulombe Ltée. His shipping cost are very reasonnable.
If you are from Canada or the US, I strongly recommend it for anything Airbrush related.
Here's the link:
I hope you never need him, but if you do, he's great to deal with, and no, he's not my cousin, my dad, brother in law or friend LOL.
See ya!

Concepts / Millenium Falcon color guideline
« on: July 25, 2011, 06:46:32 PM »
Hello everyone,
After 20 years, I'm back to modelling! Working currently on a AMT ERTL Millenium Falcon. Yeah I know, it's a crapy model but, it gives me the chance to try a lot of new things; using leds, fiber optics, plastruct, making drastic modifications, and of course cutting myself. Ok so here's my question: I'm planning on using Tamya paints. Before going to the hobby store and buying five bottles of every different shades of grey available, can someone suggest a color and/or a mix of colors.

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