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Ok, so I've been a member for some time but spend my time lurking and watching what others are doing.  Lots of talented people here for sure!!!  Today I thought I'd post a few pics to show what I've been working on with the hopes of the members keeping me motivated.  Like a lot of modelers, I have no problem starting a project but finishing is another story.

I love Steampunk technology and thought I'd take a stab at converting a Bandai 1/20 Scopedog into something from the Victorian Era.  For some reason I started the project by working on a rifle.  Also included are pics of the torso.  The steam-driven power plant will be mounted on the back and the arms and legs will have to be re-worked to dumb down and hide the Scopedog technology.

Being from the Victorian Era the gunstock HAD to be made of wood.  At first I was going to carve it out of balsa or other soft wood but decided to make it with sandwiched sheet styrene and tubing.  The tricky part will be painting it to look like wood.

Carving and scraping the gunstock to shape wasn’t hard but was a bit time consuming getting it to fit in the Scopedog’s hand correctly.

The gun barrel was also made from sheet styrene and tubing.  I wanted something “beefy” looking and will add some delicate detail found in most Steampunk tech.  I think the barrel has to sit further down in the stock so I’ll continue to tweak it.

Here's a few pics of the torso, lots of rivets and such will be added when I get further into the project.  The cockpit access panel will be made to look like it flips forward on hinges.  At first I wanted to do a Victorian-style cockpit but decided to focus on exterior detail.  Perhaps next time?

The head is something that’s been holding back the project but I think I found a direction I want to go in.  More pics to follow and all comments welcome.

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