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Model In-Progress / Tuff Boy 1\35 random scifi tank
« on: April 19, 2010, 12:47:46 PM »
Hi everyone!

After a very long time i can build again. Now i have a little overdose by mechas, so this projekt will be a resting model.

This tank is a modern post world war 3 abandoned radioactive over robbed double barreled sovietamerican monster. I think in life its almost 200 tons.
The whole concept is based on my new (finalyyyyyyyy) mill and lathe. In this case i need to build a full scratch model from the first bolt to the last track link. Now i really enjoy the the building and planing, because every detail is decided in that minute. I dont planing forward. We called this in Hungary 'happy modeling'.

Now here are some pics from the two option of wheels, the movable track links, the suspensions and the hull.



So! I started building my mech a cuple of days ago. Now it has its full closed, welded-laminated armor box. (uper hull) its just te box, but today i could plane the legs on scale. I just finished a mutant-mech leg, what is movable and all the hydraulics are operative. because of that i think, i can make more realistic  legs for thisone! when it will be finished, the whole mech from top to the bottom, will be 35 cm high and looking very demonstrative. if a can assemble the main frame of the legs ill post the pictures from it. promise.


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