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In-Progress Creations / Vertical cityscape (h0 scale)
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:28:40 AM »
I have been very interested in these huge dystopic towering cityscapes from artists like Nihei and Chantarra. A bit Kowloon City on steroids.
Having an ample supply of h0 scale houses I figured I'd try to make a test panel to see if it works. A POC if you will.
Used an Ikea picture frame for it,  hoping to convey something liek the city bursting out of its bounds.
Glued the backing in and filled it with CD cases and assorted plastic shapes to make for a less even backdrop.
Then started to add houses and stuff without a real plan, to make it more organic (I hoped at least).
Already looks cool on the wall, just needs a ton of wires and tech and sheds.

Completed Creations Gallery / Futuristic Robots 1/35 Ameise
« on: September 10, 2020, 10:54:07 AM »
Don't see these enough, so here's one.
Made for my girlfriend at the time as she loves the design.
Good practice for a wee bit groundwork and an attempt at weathering.

Lots learned, lots to learn.

Model In-Progress / Vehitle
« on: October 18, 2013, 04:31:44 AM »
For a sortof competition on the Mechalounge I decided to build a vehitle (  
Scrounged some interesting parts from the box of plastic waste and started.
I want to try and use as little kit parts as possibly, mostly to clean out my boxes of random crap, but also because I always turn to kit parts while I have so many nice shapes and pieces that I neglect because I feel it too be too much work to make something out of it...

Glued the bunch together

Then I made some leg parts from 10 and 25 ml pipets, bent using a lighter, also made lumpy on purpose.

Dude's got a ball ^_^

And the parts that keep it in place.

Started building the leg wells too, now just need to find more parts for the legs

Model In-Progress / 1/24 flying car thingy
« on: September 13, 2013, 11:27:45 AM »
I didn't feel like painting , nor did I want to finish one of the other long-term projects.
So I decided to follow Marcel du Long's ( footsteps and build something quick and easy from a small scale battleship kit.
I figured such a build would be good for the building stamina. Start it, finish it, no hassle.

Sadly, this also meant it was quickly built, so little WIP pictures.

I used a vintage (and apparently very expensive) Aurora 1/600 enterprise kit, turned upside down for the hull. With a 1/32 p38 cockpit for the, well, cockpit.

Then I filled up the hull with (mostl) a 1/87 revell BigBoy locomotive, all holes that were left were filled with leftovers from this locomotive and some random stuff from the bitsbox.
I think there's 1/84 jeep parts in there, 1/24 and 1/20 engine parts, 1/35 calliope rockets and 1/32 stuka cockpit details.

Basically just needs some antennas on the lowerside, some cockpit parts and a pilot of course.
Someone suggested it looks like a vanship, but I don't think I can add the weird propulsion system those things have.

Name ideas? anyone?

Model In-Progress / Weltenraum Nahkampf Gefechtseinheit Ausf. B 'Ollie'
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:04:07 PM »
Years ago I started a build based on a picture I found on 'Der Zweite Plan', a now dead website full with Ma.k and Ma.k inspired drawings.

I got never finished it because I was dissatisfied with how it was turning out, but I recently rediscovered it and I think I should at least finish it to have something to practice painting on.

Here's how I found it:

I'll just be adding an engine, some thrusters, an antenna array and maybe some extra detail thingies. But other than that I'm not going to put much more effort into it.

Some more WIP pictures in my blog

Model In-Progress / Decahell (Kobayashi style mech)
« on: October 30, 2012, 03:45:39 AM »
I'm always building too much at the same time, and this is the robot taking my attention aways from the rest of my builds at the moment.

Fell in love with this picture from the hyperweapon book (2008 I think)

Luckily I managed to get a really cheap MG zaku I, which was torn down

And some parts reassembled:

Slightly modified torso

And added plastic

A wee bit and no in progress photos later:

And after some sanding and priming and sanding and sanding:

Big bots need big guns ofcourse:
Basic idea:

+ bits:

+ more bits and cables:

As for size:

Just need to fix up the last things, sand a few more times and then I can start detailing, cabling and paneling it.
Might actually finish a build this year ;P

Model In-Progress / Weird Fred - 1/35 combat walker
« on: October 03, 2012, 02:31:22 AM »
I am a very big fan of genocidal penguin’s mechas on deviantart.

They are less human shaped than most and it makes them more evil-looking somehow.

So I wanted to build something similar, but if possibly with moveable joints. As I did not have any spare joint parts, I decided to sacrifice a Gundam I got for cheap and didn’t like anyway, the ‘GN-0000+GNR-010 Trans-Am Raiser’

A bit too gundam for my taste, so let’s rape it!


Cut it up:

Extend with other gundam leftovers:

Add round stuff:

Changed hip joint:

Baby got hips:

Lower legs round stuff added:

Crotch from 1/144 apache

Upper legs are decorated some more:

With crotch:

And gundam torso:

Looking good.

Trying out torso style with blutac:

Just addd glue

Testing looks:

The arms are not spared their fate:

Neither are the feet:

It stands! Figure for scale, I was hoping for 1/35, maybe I'll need to scale back to 1/48, but 1/35 is the goal.

I somehow did not take pictures of the arms... weird, but there’s more than enough there now right?

Going to need to add clay to blend the shapes, than sanding and sanding and sanding, looking forward to that… :S

And he needs hands and a gun, no idea as of yet, I’m apparently not good at hands and guns.
Oh and a head of course, I had a mock-up, but I lost it :(

Model In-Progress / Fred and Ed
« on: August 14, 2012, 04:25:14 AM »
Been building this for a bit, almost done now, just need to fix some details and minor patching up.
And his hands, but I can't seem to find a perfect match.
Now I've got a claw like and a 5 finger hand, any ideas what might fit better?

The other bloke is his friend/controller/buddy/scale comparer.
1/16 German machinegunner

This thing began as trying to copy something Zluca build and then began its own life

Model In-Progress / Big dog
« on: July 22, 2012, 04:51:31 AM »
Started this a while ago after seeing Java’s scratched grosserhund built from spare stuff and gundam legs.
As I had a gundam model I didn’t like I decided to throw it in the blender with some other stuff.
Wanted to go for a grosserhund light version, but as things go it changed along the way to a close combat robot, maybe post-apoc?
Was inspired also by a picture of two grosserhund-like robots facing off with handweapons. But I can’t find it for the life of me…
Any ideas as for the colour? My son suggested ‘SAFS plastic green’ which is olivedrab or something.
Needs cables still, but will add those after painting.

Model In-Progress / 1/24 Hoverbike
« on: September 29, 2011, 12:12:01 PM »
Started this a while back, when my wife found me a cheap (and very old) revell 1/32 Stuka.
I figured it would make a nice JTR style monobike, but a few spoons, some putty and random parts, it ended up hovering instead.

It's not quite done yet, the surface isn't completely smooth yet, and I need to add some wires and cables still, but those I'll add after putting on the main colours.

I wanted it to be a militairy scout vehicle, but my son is buggin me to make it a racing bike.

Any colour ideas? I was thinking metallic blue with a white stripe, black accents and sponser decals (if I still have those...)

The biker is still drying his putty, so he'll come later ;P

C&C welcome

Model In-Progress / Vanagandr - 1/100 Gouf modification
« on: March 12, 2011, 08:26:44 AM »
Hi all,


Let's make this my first Gundam post.
I recently bought my first Gundam kit for a killer price (20EUR ~30$), a MG Rick Dom. This thread is not about that kit.
When I bought it, it turned out the seller was someone I sold wargaming stuff to a while ago. So we talked a little, he showed off his 40+ gunpla models and it turned out he was selling other models as well.
I traded some more wargaming stuff for a snapped 1/100 gundam (no idea which one, I'm not versed in the gundam universe ;p) and a snapped 1/144 (I think) Dom. My son really wanted a gundam model so he's happy now  :D
I also saw an old and battered box of a MG Gouf Custom underneath a low table. When I inquired about it he told me I could just have it was his first gunpla model and he messed it up before really starting on it so he used the box+contents as an airsoft target....
The contents was indeed pretty messed up, but still with enough parts in one piece to try and do something with it.

So in the end I went for one model and walked out with 1 in box MG Rick Dom, 2 snapped models and 1 waste model as well as some action figures he threw in for my son.

At home I tried to see how much of the Gouf I could save, but it was apparent it would be a lot of work to make a gouf out of it. Not only were most runners already sprayed with the parts still attached, some of it quite thick, most of the body armor was damaged beyond repair.
I started building the frame to see how much of that was still useful. Looking at  the damage I figured I could just as well modify it completely while rebuilding it.
This is what I could save of the frame:

Damaged parts and repairs:

With my main inspiration being Zluca and the DC23 Gilgamesh I started to work modifying it.
The plans:

I rebuild the frame legs and repaired where necessary, these were the least damaged parts on the model.
The feet were very damaged but I didn't want them anyway. New feet are being made, still need a lot of work.

The torso was lengthened with a part of the 1/144 Dom and widened with pla-card spacers. The back is from the feet of the 1/144 Dom and the font is the tailcone of a 1/48 B1-lancer I got for free once.

The leg attachments were to low for my taste so I put them higher up (creating a problem, the upper leg armour doesn't fit anymore with the legs attached... need to fix that). Also gave him a crotch by gluing the front armour plate to the pelvis.
Then shortened the pelvis and added tank wheels from a 1/35 mathilda as a joint.

Side skirts will be based on the leg armour of the 1/144 Dom and the back armour will be based on a 1/9 revell motorcycle part.
Still need to figure out parts placement and such and then I can putty all cracks and holes, scribe lines, add pistons and wires etc.

I hope to finish this in a month orso... depends on the work needed.




Model Gallery / X-men broken sentinal repaint
« on: March 03, 2011, 03:10:03 AM »
Entered this in the dead snow competition on phoxim, won nothing of course.

Was my first try with snow, came out reasonable I think.
All hand brushed with old citadel acrylics, I need new paints and a compressor, hairspray with brushpaint is not easy.

Ideas on improving? I don't paint much so every tip is useful.

The sentinel itself is a wall plaque thingy I got at a yard sale a while back, it's made of some sort of soft plastic/hard rubber and was painted rather badly in cartoony colours.
I tried to improve it a bit, then dunked on the snow as the competition had snow as a theme.
I can't find any pictures of how it was before and forgot to take a picture...




Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Tippex Correction rollers
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:48:36 AM »

I recently cleaned out some drawers at the lab and found some interesting shapes, Tippex correction rollers  to be precise.

Might be of good use for gundam mods or robot scratching.

Don't know about the availability outside the Netherlands though...

More Examples

Model In-Progress / Ma.k. inspired underwater robot
« on: July 13, 2010, 02:40:18 AM »
Over at the Ma.k. forum, there is an underwater groupbuild/competition running, this is my entry; the Krevette:

Now for the long boring story;

I had no idea what to make, thought of different things, discarded many ideas, tried a few, and the waste bin did not go hungry those days.
Finally I was able to settle down on one idea, after seeing the YetiRobs beastie I wanted to do something similar.
I began with a Christmas ball and two computer mice. This design is not the above, it is still in the ‘to be finished’ bin.
Got stuck on the YetiRob imitation and whilst searching for a small piece of plastic for a nightstalker I found an old Honda Dirtbike toy with a large body piece which looked suspiciously like a shrimp to my untrained eyes.

A Java later I had most of the above picture build, using a 1/48 jeep that came with a
Sikorksky heli and some 1/87 big boy locomotive bits to fill the body.
Random bits were added for details, not sure what everything is.
Arms are made from umbrella struts, and took me longer to make than the body…
I needed to find a way to make it float without pinning the body to the base and now the arms support the weight through the lower part of the mine.

The mine is a  Seeigel BIUM II, (Begrenzte Intelligenz Unterwasser Mine (limited intelligence underwater mine)) mk 2.
I added it to emphasize the underwater theme. Made from a christmas ball, guinnes shaker and all the landing legs of Perry Rhodans ship. The ball on a stick was added to tie it in with the Ma.k. Universe.

Now to get it painted.

This model was also my first experience with adding texture to surface. I like the paint method, but had to decant to do it making it a bit to messy and smelly for my asthma littered home.
Superglue does a neat trick too though, which is most of the texture now.

Paintwise I'm hoping to make it mostly yellow and black with some weathering, will have to look up underwater weathering.

Any ideas for the base? It is covered with sand now but I feel it's a bit empty.
Maybe some oil spill from the drums...



Hi all,

I have been a long-time lurker here and will be most likely as I have precious little relevant models, i.e. all wargame and unpainted.
Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have ever tried to etch brass at home.
A friend of mine is making his own circuit boards using HCl and H2O2 which works a charm. He can heat transfer the design onto the copper and just dump it in for a while and they are eaten through completly.
However, we have not managed to make etchings where parts are eaten through completely and parts are only shallowly etched.
I know there are commercial kits to do this, but I'd rather not buy a 200+ euro kit if possible.

Any ideas anyone?


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