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Model Gallery / 1/48 nameplate diorama modeled by DC23
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:24:44 AM »
Just a quick sort of 1/48 nameplate diorama for my Facebook page. As my MAC ( laptop ) is busted right now and I do not have Photoshop to do graphics and edit my photos ( to look better - lol ), I thought of creating a quick really small base that would have my internet name DC23. This looks cool in Facebook and as I do not know anyone with the same idea, I thought it could be cool ( albeit narcissistic ).

The whole base is about 2 1/2 inches long and an inch and 1/4 wide. The figures are Tamiya 1/48 figs and everything was hand painted with Vallejo Model Color. It is important to note that I am so lazy to even apply Vallejo pigments for weathering, so all the washes and weathering are just plain hand painting and dry brushing.

Anyways here is a quick look on my very narcissistic and quick 1/48 diorama project...

DC23 diorama by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (13) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (12) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (6) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (8) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (2) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (5) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (4) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (14) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (7) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (10) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 nameplate diorama (15) by donc0023, on Flickr

DC23 namplate diorama A by donc0023, on Flickr

Model Gallery / MG Zeta diorama " NO MATCH " versionDC23
« on: December 12, 2011, 12:10:52 AM »
Finished at long last!!!

I am proud to present my most recent work, the MG Zeta diorama " NO MATCH ".

This has been a very long around 10 months in the making project as I had so many distractions this year. You may remember this diorama as the desert Khaki colored hangar diorama a few months back. The client of this build is pretty strict actually, he tells me what he wants his dio and his kit to be. I had to revise or redo a few times during the build.

Having a unique client who knows what he likes and makes you redo certain parts of the build practically kills your momentum ( makes you slower ). However you are assured that he would like ( hopefully ) your work as he guided you throughout the build. The latest revision was to repaint the red parts of the big gun to copper. See older gallery here without the diorama.

Well at last this project is finished! The best part of commission works is ahead... getting PAID!

The instruction is to copy boss Eday's piston waist modifications and base most of the modifications on my PG Zeta commission work. The client also wanted me to do a diorama that is similar to my " Coup de etat " diorama that I finished 4 years ago. I think I did a fairly good job on the instructions and now I hope my client likes the completed build.

Enuff talk, now here are a few photos of my recently ( but old build ) completed MG Zeta diorama I entitled... NO MATCH.

MORE PHOTOS in my website as usual -

MG Zeta diorama verDC23 (3) by donc0023, on Flickr

MG Zeta diorama verDC23 (17) by donc0023, on Flickr

MG Zeta diorama verDC23 (7) by donc0023, on Flickr

MG Zeta diorama verDC23 (15) by donc0023, on Flickr

MG Zeta diorama verDC23 (21) by donc0023, on Flickr

Thanks as always for dropping by! :)

Model Gallery / MG the O II Hauer conversion verDC23
« on: November 14, 2011, 08:16:16 AM »
First of all... thanks a ton to Kenny Lim aka Toymaker for making this project possible!

Before I start boring you with a lot of talk, here is the link to the summary of the work in progress of this project.

This is basically my entry for the Toymaker versus DC23 build off that I talked about in a lot of my older posts. The Toymaker versus DC23 build off is better explained HERE and HERE.

This was supposed to be my entry for the up coming Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011. However as I have won 4 times as Champion and 1 time as 1st runner up, I am basically disqualified in joining the Open category here in the Philippines since last year ( 2010 ). I will still be placing this link in my contest gallery though as this was originally planned for GBWC expert category anyways.

MORE talk and photos in my website as usual -

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

Model Gallery / MG Zeta verDC23
« on: October 10, 2011, 12:58:39 AM »
Presenting my long overdue MG Zeta ver 2.0 version DC23. This project is not yet finished as I still have to work on a damaged commander MG Dom and a diorama. However I figured I'd give it a photo shoot without the diorama and give it a separate gallery.

The client wanted some metallics on the kit as well as some piston mods inspired from Eday. The client also requested a huge gun that is I think kinda impossible to mount once this kit is in flight mode over it's diorama. If ever you find this kit a bit similar with my PG Zeta ver DC23, that is because the client basically also wanted a MG version of that one in terms of color scheme and some mods.

Painted this kit a few months ago with Tamiya acrylics and detail painted this yesterday with Vallejo paints. It was fun to see this come together at last. I made some boo boos as usual, but I am kinda satisfied with the results. Kit could be better, but the overall look is kinda okay. Now here are more photos of my MG Zeta verDC23 without it's diorama...

MORE photos in my website as usual -

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next finished kit. :)

Model Gallery / Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam modeled by DC23
« on: September 17, 2011, 08:32:56 PM »
I am proud to present to you today my OOTB RG Aile Strike Gundam in purple background! hehehe, I chose a purple background as I thought the kit being OOTB with ootb colors, would only stand out from the hundreds of ootb RG Aile Strikes all over the net, if it has a different colored background.

Seriously, now I think my RG is unique because of the background. The client requested it to be ootb, in ootb colors and clean. Yeap, I rarely do clean builds as I feel like I skipped a couple of modeling ( weathering ) steps whenever I do clean builds. I did put brown washes to at least give it a subtle weathered look ( hope it worked ).

MORE photos and more talk in my site as usual -

Thanks as always for dropping by! Enjoy the hobby! :)

Model In-Progress / 8inch custom robot QEE wip - working with VINYL
« on: July 31, 2011, 06:37:43 PM »
Took a break from Gunpla after setting up my MG The O II diorama yesterday. So I started a little bit of work on my very first custom vinyl toy commission work. A client from the US basically asked me to create for him a sort of steam punk looking robot QEE and make it a ver DC23 of some sort.

I am not really aware of how an 8 inch vinyl toy could look like verDC23... should add liberal amounts of Tamiya pla plates all over the poor thing I guess. Anyways, I gave the client a concept and he liked it so far. Basically I sawed off the upper part of the 8 inch QEE and added a metal hinge at the back.

The concept is to make the whole head the cockpit of a 2.5 inch QEE. I am still thinking if the smaller 1.5 inch figure would be a better fit as the pilot. I do like the huge mis proportion of the 2.5 inch QEE over the head. Looks kinda funny but nice to see him fit exactly on the inside of the 8 inch head.

A few important things I learned while working with the toy...

Tamiya thin cement and Tamiya thick cement works like a charm on this vinyl toy. The cement melts the vinyl faster than it melts styrene, so be extra careful.
You cannot or it is difficult to use mini modeling saws on cutting vinyl. A really sharp and new art knife blade would better suite the cutting job.
Screws are very difficult to drive... bore a hole first before driving a metal screw. However once driven, the screw will firmly fit on the vinyl.
Boring holes on the vinyl is different than boring holes on other plastics. The vinyl tends to squeeze on your drill bit, a little pressure is always needed.
Anyways, this should be a really fun non-Gunpla build. I found the concept of the opening hatch at Here is the link of the inspiring work and some photos for my client...
Robot Munny with Munny Pilot @

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Model Gallery / Designer vinyl toy - DIY mini QEE ver DC23
« on: July 27, 2011, 08:53:39 PM »
I just closed a deal with a client from the US. He basically asked me to do him a custom designer vinyl toy with a steam punk concept. Nope this is not the commission piece yet, this is actually my very first designer vinyl toy. I bought this 5 inch DIY QEE as a practice build before I tackle the commission.

The client originally asked for a " munny " from, however I was not able to find one thus we settled with the more expensive QEE. I finished this toy last night, just a quick build to learn how to work with vinyl.

I will be working with the bigger 8 inch QEE for the client, which means more paint and more details. This 5 inch toy was really fun to do as I simply focused on the painting only and just a bit of sanding to give the vinyl surface a tooth for the paint.

I painted this steam punk boy with vallejo paints... this is fully hand painted, thus the brush marks. hehehe. Anyways, here are a few more photos of this very fun quick build!

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Model Gallery / ROTF Leader Class Starscream repaint ver DC23
« on: July 08, 2011, 11:14:37 PM »
I have here some photos of my recently finished Tansformers toy repaint. This was a really quick 1 day painting work on the Return of The Fallen Leader Class Starscream figure. I used some Citadel metallic paints, Vallejo metallic paints, Vallejo washes, Vallejo pigments and Pledge Wipe and Shine to seal everything.

Nothing much to tell aside from the fact that I got this very nice toy on sale at half it's original price. I needed a quick project to try to condition myself on doing Gunpla, thus I thought of buying and working on this figure. It was a really fun build, thus I will hunt for a Leader Class Megatron on my next trip to Greenhills.

Anyways, here are some photos of my Starscream ver DC23 repaint...

MORE Photos in my blog as usual -

Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next painted project! :)

Model Gallery / Starcraft 1/30 diorama ver DC23
« on: May 01, 2011, 05:15:57 AM »
I have finally completed my Starcraft diorama last night. I have finished painting the 1/30 Zerg Hydralisk more than a month ago and the Terran Marine has been sitting unpainted since then. The Terran Marine kit is basically my first fully hand painted kit so far.

I primed the kit with my usual industrial grade primer ( Bosny grey primer ) and let it cure for a day. I then hand painted the kit with all sorts of Vallejo paints, washes, pigments and 3 kinds of Vallejo varnishes. I enjoyed hand painting this so much, I need to look for more Sci Fi figures to paint. I am thinking Warhammer and should get a set sometime soon.

The Vallejo paints are a delight to use except for the Vallejo washes. The washes being water base is impossible to clean up without harming the Vallejo undercoat. Although I was lazy to mix some enamels for washes as it always ruins my brushes. So I had to settle for the pool marks of the Vallejo washes.

The 3 varnishes are nice, notice that the body of the zerg and the face of the Terran are matte, the Terran body armor are satin and selected parts of the Zerg are super glossy. All the varnishes are also hand painted and it worked like a charm.

Now here are some photos of my 1/30 Terran Marine over a Zerg Hydralisk diorama...

MORE PHOTOS in my blog as usual -

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Model Gallery / 12" Kratos figure repaint by DC23
« on: April 25, 2011, 03:42:50 AM »
I just finished painting and taking photos of this 12" Kratos action figure. I will give this to my client / officemate today and I hope he'd liked it. I actually enjoyed painting this toy specially the blood stuff. Battle damaging this is better than battle damaging Gundams! I will also look for my old LOTR toys and repaint once in the same manner.

I painted this with some Vallejo and Citadel paints and I never used any enamel washes this time. I basically re painted the gold and silver parts as they were too dull. I also added a few wounds to the figure and added blood using a red Gundam marker.

The red looks like real shiny blood as Gundam markers dries to a shiny hard paint. The flat coat of the skin tone together with the shiny blood and metallics completed the look that I was going for. I blended the skin tone of both the Medusa head and the Kratos figure with Vallejo pigments.

Overall I could have done some spot enamel washing to improve the painting and have removed the mold lines. But I love how easy the Vallejo pigments are applied, so I got lazy to mix some enamel paints. Besides enamel paints easily damages my brushes.

I also did a simple base for this action figure. It is just a simple ground work that was also painted with some Vallejo paints and pigments. Vallejo paints and pigments and citadel paints came from above! These are fabulous paints for toy repaints and I highly recommend them.

A lot of thanks goes to my Skype buddies Hummingbird, Kamm and Decay for their suggestions on how to tackle this repaint without actually repainting everything. The next couple of photos shows the quality of the final photos ( lol ) and the jump before and after my repaint. Now here are a ton of photos of my blog's first TOY repaint...

MORE PHOTOS in my blog as usual -

Thanks a ton for dropping by! Hoped you liked this post as I plan to paint more toys! Thanks! :)

Model Gallery / 1/35 Turn A head diorama
« on: April 01, 2011, 10:51:13 PM »
This was a fun weekday ( 2 hours a day ) project. I learned a few weathering tricks throughout the build and it was my first time to paint some 1/35 military figures. I painted the details ( flesh, white and black ) of the figures with Citadel paints and it worked like a charm!

The citadel dries flat and fast and it is easy not to produce brushstrokes on such small details. I also made a lot of booboos during the build. Mainly I was not able to achieve the overall look that I was aiming for. Which is the Turn A seemingly submerged form chest down on the cliff side. I eventually came up with the look that the Turn A bust was ripped off from the body and is sitting atop a cliff.

The most notable booboo is using white to dry brush the military figures as it created too much contrast with the black parts. The white also made the figures look glossy in the photos as the highlights are in white. The harsh 12 noon lighting also contributed to the glossy look of the figures.

Anyways, I enjoyed this very relaxing build and should do another 1/35 scale diorama one of these days. Now here are a ton of photos of my most recent diorama...
MORE photos in my blog as usual -

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next project! :)

Model In-Progress / BUILD OFF: Toymaker VS. DC23 -MG The-O II
« on: March 05, 2011, 07:03:29 PM »

The title and the image above says it all... The TOYMAKER versus DC23 Face Off is all about our MG The O build. I figured in this post and this post that Kenny also plans to create The O II Hauer, I then thought to ask him if he is by any chance interested in a build off. Kenny aka Toymaker graciously agreed!

So this is set guys, Toymaker and I will practically start our project exactly on the first day of June 2011. We should modify the MG The O kit into a The O II Hauer and finish at the end of November 2011. We will be posting the WIPs in the forums in a span of 6 months and so the battle begins very soon.

No fancy rules or regulations so far, but we won't just modify the The O kit into whatever we fancy or just over detail it... we should basically modify the kit to make it look like the The O II Hauer version. Same base kit, same output, different style... this ought to be really interesting.

Thanks for dropping by guys! You could easily check updates about this Face Off by clicking on the versus banner on the right sidebar of my blog. Til' next post guys!

A little more read and tons of photos in my blog -

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Model Gallery / Starcraft ZERG HYDRALISK 1/30 model kit: re-paint finished
« on: February 24, 2011, 07:16:14 PM »
This is basically the base for my ongoing 1/30 StarCraft Terran Marine kit but I thought of putting up a separate gallery for it. This Zerg Hydralisk kit was painted way back 1996 and I just hand painted the Zerg back then using Reeves acrylics.

I painted this kit with Tamiya acrylics, mainly dark yellow as the main color, some browns and blacks for the skin patterns and post shading, some clear red and clear green to give the skin additional color tints, some Tamiya enamel washes, detail painted the teeth and eyes with Citadel paints and sealed with Pledge Wipe and Shine ( red variant ).

I particularly liked the RED future as the final gloss coat as you can see it settled on the crevices thus it also served as a filter. I initially wanted the ground work to be lighter to make the Zerg pop out more, but soon realized that sealing the ground work in flat coat is enough to make the glossy/ slimy Zerg stand out already.

Anyways here are some photos of the completed Zerg -

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

Model Gallery / Finemolds 1/72 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter
« on: February 20, 2011, 02:42:18 AM »
I have been working with this beautiful kit for a few days now ( or a week ) and this kit has been my project during our Skyping sessions. I highly recommend this 1/72 kit by Finemolds as I honestly think a first time 9 year old kid could produce great results with this.

I desperately painted the pilot with red and yellow markers to produce orange as I did not have any orange paint last night. I painted the pilot visors with Citadel Bronze, painted the gloves and boots with black fine Gundam markers and gave it a flat brown enamel wash. It came out ok I think as it ill be covered by a tinted cockpit cover anyways.

I made a few booboos during the build but I really enjoyed this kit so much. My base paint had some nasty small orange peels thus I opted to sand the whole kit. The sanding exposed some of the original plastic and chipped away some decals. I like the effect so much I will always sand down kits that I plan to weather from now on. It is I think a great way to show some natural looking chipping effects.

A bit more talk and TONS of phots in my blog as usual -

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

Model Gallery / 1/35 Tieren Ground Type ver DC23 >>> Yellow Squad
« on: January 29, 2011, 03:57:40 AM »
I just finished my first completed kit of 2011. This is just a practice build and also my entry for the ZeroGunz Weathering versus Metallic GB. I thought of painting this one yellow as I plan to paint my MG The O build yellow with weathering come year end.

I experimented a bit here by doing two layers of paint chippings which are rust colored and silver. I thought the silver could be the fresh scratches acquired during battle or normal movement. Placement of the silver paint chips could be better but I like the result.

A little more read and TONs of photos in my blog as usual -

Thanks for dropping by!

Model Gallery / PG Gundam MK-II ver DC23
« on: November 22, 2010, 05:31:39 PM »
Discarded my post yesterday, made a booboo with the topcoat and ended up with super glossy finish plus the indoor lighting added to the glossy effect. I was not able to meet up with the client yesterday as I was not feeling very good ( Hypertension ), So I applied a final matte coat on the kit today and gave it an outdoor photo shoot.

Not to make an excuse, but this project is wayyyy long overdue.  got this since February this year but was only able to finish it yesterday. So many distractions last July, set up a fan page at Facebook, created a MAC Facebook, co created the MAC forums and finished my Gilgamesh project.

Anyways, here are some photos of my most recent work...

MORE photos n my blog as usual... photobucket is killing me already -

Thanks for droppng by! XD

Model Gallery / MSN-04 Sazabi ver DC23
« on: October 31, 2010, 09:10:07 PM »
I have been working with this kit since around June but I only worked on it for roughly 3 months since then. Too much distractions since July thus I was only able to focused on working on this build for the last couple of months ( September & October ).

I have two inspirations for this build... the first one is Schnabelgun III by Zluca which has outstanding out of this world weathering. I am not capable of such topnotch weathering though, but I hope to reach that level one of these years.

My second inspiration is my own AC White Glint which was my first international ( client from the US ) commission work. I was really surprised to have pulled that build off coz it was my first time to do a good job on weathering a white mech.

As I've said before, the AC White Glint is the most impressive looking kit out of the box that I have built. The overall look of the mech with the Vanguard Overed Boost was outstanding. Thus, my MG Sazabi is simply a vain attempt to replicate the look of the White Glint.

This is going to be my entry in the up and coming Bandai World Cup 2010, though it will have a backpack and a diorama during the event. I obviously do not want the main kit to be revealed in not so good coverage photos come Saturday. Unless you have a really nice SLR, lighting in the event is just too lousy for the usual point and shoot camera ( like mine ). So, I present to you my standalone MG Sazabi ver DC23...

Gazillion more photos in my blog as usual -

Thanks a ton to all the support throughout the build! without you guys I won't have enough inspiration to finish this build.

Model Gallery / scratch built CORE FIGHTER ver DC23
« on: July 31, 2010, 10:22:15 PM »
Ello guys, I just finished my ZeroGunz Core Fighter GB entry... The deadline is today at 12 midnight, I painted the blue parts last night, added decals, did some detail painting and pane lined with Gundam markers. It's a bit of a rush but the finished kit is decent I think.

I painted this with Bosny grey primer, Pylox flat white, Tamiya french blue and Tamiya bright red... all spray cans, just to make it to the deadline. Happily I made it before the deadline, thus I will not lose my Moderator status and won't have a " shame " banner anymore. hehe

TONs of photos in here -

Thanks for dropping by. ;)

Model In-Progress / MG Sazabi - DC23 - it's done! THANK YOU!
« on: June 14, 2010, 06:59:31 AM »
Ello guys, I have been posting these stuffs in my blog for some time now but  I finally converted the blog posts to a WIP thread.
Obviously BIG GUNS are the in thing now...but I started to work on a BIG backpack first... I did this while I was still working with my AC White Glint project, thus it is very much inspired by the Vanguard Overed Boost ( White Glint's backpack ).

I suck at scratch building, not really good at measuring stuffs ever since coz we only have one math subject in college ( Fine Arts ) hihi... Anyways, I just used a mini M&M canister ( green ), some white board markers, a zeta gun, some military parts, some 5mm and 2mm plastic rods and a few koto parts. This is half way done... but I have not worked on this piece since finishing my White Glint. Anyways here are a few pics...More pics in my blog as usual -

to be continued....

Model Talk / DC23 M.A.C.'s 1st online competition...XD
« on: June 10, 2010, 06:16:28 PM »
Ello guys, I would like to invite you to join our small but steadily growing international community at Facebook and we have our 1st online competition...

Hereis the page -

Hope to se you there!  :D

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