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Pre-Order Chance!

"Valkyrie" and "Gertie" are ¥4,000 each.

"Helen" is ¥3,000 each.

Choice of Dog (normal, "Winston" or Space) plus arc welder, ¥3,000 for the set.

Space Dog in a 2 set, ¥3,000.

Space Dog is a Special Edition Box Art by Travis Wright.

******* HOW TO BUY *******
Add up what you want and PayPal me in JPY via and please add to the note your order and check that your address is correct.

I'll put your boxes away, they don't go anywhere near cash filled hands at Tokyo Wonder Festival this Sunday the 10th.

We will then let you know your total shipping Week of the Feb 11th and send them out!

*** Special Note - "Valkyrie" is a very limited offer through a partnership with one of our very good friends, ST Models. We have a limited stock to sell at ¥4,000. Once this is sold out, this model must return to the standard retail of approx. ¥6,400 so grab it at this price whilst you can.

Thank you!!

Scale120 Figure Series #1 "Helen"

Scale120 Figure Series #2 "Gertie"

Scale120 Figure Series #3 Strahl Demokratic Republic (SDR) Oberst Tomas "Valkyrie" Kruse.

Scale120 Accessory Series#1 "Winston" with Arc Welder.

Scale120 Accessory Series#1 "Space Dog".

Space Dog Cover Art by Travis Wright!

Model Gallery / Falke Armoured Raider with Excimer Laser Gun
« on: November 10, 2012, 09:05:21 PM »
Hey guys, here's a Falke for AK Interactive's "The Weathering Magazine" volume 3, "Chipping". These are some extra photos I shot that probably won't be used and I figured you guys might like the preview.

Thanks for looking, hope you like it.


Model Gallery / Panzer Kampf Anzug Ausf K-4 KETZER (WAVE)
« on: May 13, 2012, 03:01:30 AM »

WAVE’s 1/20 Ketzer!

I think it’s done? I’ll follow up with some photos showing which AK products I used, where and how. Thanks for looking, hope you like it!


Model In-Progress / I've been a very dirty Ketzer!
« on: April 14, 2012, 02:32:36 AM »
Ok, ok. Old guy with another crappy model is a more accurate title!

I still make models... really!

With a little time between projects, I can get back to some personal modelling – something I’d like to bring to Korea Hobby Fair next weekend. I realised I don't have much "new" to bring that I can bring, everything else is at Hobby Japan or WAVE.

Finally had a chance to get my hands on and experiment with some excellent weathering products from AK Interactive. They offer a comprehensive selection backed up by years of experience and know-how.

Please check the photos at the bottom of this post for the names of all the products tried, mainly Washes, Streaking Grime and Earth, Mud and Dust. Once I become more familiar with them, I’ll do a more thorough write up and WIP of each. For now I am just trying them out but also with a mind to match my Ketzer to the Gans I did a few years ago.

Conflicting objectives make it more interesting and fun!!

Hope you like it so far,



1/35 Nutcracker build with prototype photo-etch upgrade. That “texture” on the turret will make sense soon because you will forget about it in subsequent steps. ^^

The build is nice and simple, very easy with the large hull parts and then some details.

The instructions clearly state that the smoke launchers are optional but so far every single build I have seen has used them. I want to make the instructions accurate so believe I have made the first version without them!!

I also liked the profile without them so decided to push ahead with a smoother version. We’ll see!

Some of the additional parts I have added are;

1. Radiation Cover PE Mesh. I really needed this 2 months back but here we are!

2. Turret -lots of added PE details as well as brass and spring scratchbuilt antennae.

3.The PE insert for the engine area was too cool, so no cover.

4. The green and blue texturing here is very important for something!

5. Yes, I do very low level scratch building, don’t tell anyone! 0.3mm piano wire antennae.

Please hit "like" here;

I'm trying to show the powers that be that we have enough market to do dual language, English/Japanese Publications...


S.A.F.S. Staff Sergeant David Woodwards “Snowman” from Eggplant 6 Squadron. After the successful raid on Old Darwin, April 14th 2885, David was tapped to play a pivotal role in the liberation of Nu Canberra the following winter, August 22nd, 2885 by leading the initial Reconnaissance in Force Squadron to contact through the outskirts of the battered city to locate and identify anti-armour and anti-suit defences employed by the beleaguered Strahl Forces left guarding the city. Acquitting himself and his unit admirably, Woodwards went on to enjoy further successes with the Mercenary Arms Forces. Even though he's plastic and only around 6 inches tall.

Special thanks again to David Woods (DWartist) for painting the figure head again as per the first David Woodwards SAFS suit I did here, I asked David to kindly do me another one to keep a uniform look between the models which he has done admirably, along with a very nice and subtle shift in the skull cap colours to a lovely warm, leathery brown. Please do check out his painting blog often, David does excellent work across a plethora, yes I said plethora, of scales.

Also a timely thanks to Mig Jimenez whom happened to be in Tokyo just as I finished the white-wash and before I had started weathering, emphasising I should do more mud effects on the legs and color contrasts on the leg power pipes this time. I agree!!

Lastly, thanks to anyone reading this far!! ^^


Model In-Progress / "The Show Must Go On!" Hello Mr. Snowman
« on: April 09, 2011, 09:16:19 AM »

Well it's about &%#$@ time I stopped crying about the ground moving, building swaying, no milk, toilet paper or Radiation Free Tang and got back to making something important, plastic models so...

Hello Mr. Green Snowman! He’ll be white-ish soon enough. Ok, he already is, WIP photos are still catching up.

For my friends whom enquire into my random processes, -STFU Struschie  :P- I tried taking some more pics along the way to break it down into little steps. The bench top/non studio photos might work better for me, they seem to interrupt my flow less which is a good thing. My “studio” shares the same workspace so…

The following correspond to here, when you hear the bell ring, turn the page and look at the pics. There's secret boobies in one of them.

Start – a nice, solid base of roughly 50/50 Mahogany and Flat Black from Mr. Color in 2 light coats with a large, round brush shown.

Next a light coat of Mr. Color Field Gray, again with the same large round brush that I use for almost everything.

Next a couple of different variations on the theme, I add RLM02 Gray to lighten the base in places and some Gray Green to further lighten it in places. Not going for any kind of lighting or effects here, just breaking up the green gray finish for interest.

As you can see, (well no you can't, I didn't link the pics, go here like I asked ya use a paint mixer from WAVE, one of the best ¥1,000 I ever spent and pour Gaia Notes T-07 “Moderate Thinner” from a home made shaker bottle inspired by Yokoyama Sensei, cleaning the paint mixer with the thinner and then using that same large round brush for all steps.

Nice and easy and it’s not a bad looking, basic green suit. You could decal this up, add a couple of washes and do a little drybrushing and call it done but I have other plans this time. ^^


Please go here and mash "like" even if you hate it. I can show Kow and Max how much gaijin love Ma.K!  :D

Model Talk / Ozzie Ma.K Modelling in Hobby Japan - May Issue!
« on: March 28, 2011, 06:05:25 AM »

Hello! It’s been some time since an update and my apologies on this. A few things happening of late in Japan and just to let my friends here know, my family, friends and myself here in Japan are all fine and safe. It’s been a tough time and more challenges ahead but moving forward, more fun with cool plastic models!!

This month in Hobby Japan’s series, “Ma.K in SF3D” features… me! Really! Yokoyama Sensei came up with an excellent name too- Ozzie Ma.K Modelling in Japan. I’m extremely grateful to Yokoyama-san for allowing me to represent the hobby in this issue and especially grateful to Max Watanabe for suggesting the idea of a “Lin.K Special” and for taking a holiday. Of course, Max Watanabe will be back twice as good next month both in Hobby Japan and in his new book, Ma.K in SF3D Max Watanabe Loves Ma.K – Bon Voyage!]

I’ve appeared in a few editions here and there but just a photo or two as an unnamed Photo Bomber, this one is a more of an introduction and being introduced by both Yokoyama Sensei and Max Watanabe is such a privilege and honour.

Here’s a couple of quick photos, will update again with better quality soft copy docs and will translate into English so you can all laugh at me too.

If you’d like to buy a copy, please check out either Amazon Japan or Hobby Link Japan. If anyone is interested in signed copy with witty remarks, please email me and we can work out a way for you to buy and send to me and then me to you. They will be sold out again as always and it will cost too much money but just thought I could through that out there.

Thanks for lookin'!


P.S. I'm not in this for my looks...  :P

Model Gallery / S.A.F.S MK III “RAPTOR”
« on: December 31, 2010, 01:46:59 AM »

Autumn, 2886. In a an effort to delay the Mercenary Forces assault on Nu-Canberra, the defending Strahl forces were ordered to employ Scorch & Burn tactics, torching large swathes of bushland surrounding the already battle scarred capitol. Thick, choking smoke from stockpiles of old rubber tyres were set ablaze to reduce the effectiveness of Merc Air Superiority, reducing Air Support from Falke Squadrons and resulting in copious amounts of soot and ash falling in the city.

Despite these setbacks, elements from the 441st Armoured Infantry, the famed “Horned Owls” were able to punch through from the south, clearing a path for Merc reinforcements to compete the push and re-take the bitterly contested Nu-Canberra after 2 weeks of brutal fighting.

Here we see Christophe Olivier, an acting Corporal whom took over leadership of Sabre Squadron Bravo 2. Due to his squad leader being incapacitated and communications malfunctions, he found himself leading a formation 3 ranks above his own and acquitted himself admirably, receiving an acting First Sergeant rank immediately and a field Commission within weeks of this action.


S.A.F.S MK III “RAPTOR” finished! Great feeling to finish this project for the year and must say again, I love this new kit from WAVE and really look forward to doing another one. With the back story, the finish should explain itself – I wanted a dry and dusty looking suit that looks like it’s been fighting in both a dry and burnt environment.

Will update again with the last installment of the WIP Tutorial again shortly, I first wanted to get the pictures into my gallery for 2010.

The really short version if you don't want to read through it all is that I based this finish on the idea that the blue plastic the kit comes in is the color of the ceramic armour, as it comes from the factory. Then in the field, the issued unit applies their own camo - in this case a base of Dark Earth with Chocolate Brown camo splotches. No rust on the armour but I did finish the muffler area as if it's a replaceable part that is metal - painted to look like the blue ceramic armour that has then had the paint both burnt off and oxidised a little. The overall finished and base is meant to represent a brunt and dusty environment.

Thanks for looking, hope you like this one. I must say, I’m extremely pleased this time!!


(If the photos are too big/too many, happy to knock them down or just link to the blog, sorry in advance!)

Model In-Progress / the All New, WAVE S.A.F.S. MK.III Raptor!!
« on: December 22, 2010, 07:40:12 AM »
Heya FF, I haven't bored you with my crap models for ages, prepare to be underwhelmed!

It's the Raptor, it's new and cool and available and helps you get laid so much more! Well, it's cool and available and pretty easy to make, that's a little more honest...

It’s here, the All New, WAVE S.A.F.S. MK.III Raptor!!

I’ve been excited about this one since it went into development in 2009 and it’s a big release for me – this is the design that hooked me on the coolness of Maschinen Krieger. Yet I’ve still only made 1!?!

Now that it’s in a new WAVE version, I plan to rectify it quickly and make a bunch of them.

Here’s my results this evening after work, it’s a breeze to put together like the new WAVE Snake Eye and SAFS kits, it shares much of their toolings with Raptor specific parts added. It comes with a new pilot sculpt with a different version of the VR Helmet but you can also fit the old style one if you prefer, still available in resin from Brickworks.

I’ll photograph and share the sprues and extras on another kit shortly before assembling it as well this week.

Fun times and I plan to try something a little different with painting this one.

Base Colors

Base colors done! I’ve tried something different here in my quest for getting the most out of my time and laziness – I’m using the base model plastic color as the base color to work off. It doesn’t sound like much and it’s not possible on many kits because of the bland colors used for their styrene but this time, Yokoyama Sensei and WAVE went to the efforts of doing the kit in a light blue color that a few of the suits are based on, I figured “Why not try to use it?”.

So for this scheme, I am working on the idea that the suits are delivered to the units in the field in a factory “Light Blue” finish and then field colors are applied. In the case of the box art, that would be the Field Grey/Dark Green applied over the light blue. It could also be that the armour is light blue - what's it made out of again? Light Blue stuff!

In this version, a Dark Earth type base color applied roughly over the Light Blue, leaving some light blue as a base pattern on the arms, with Dark Brown camo patches. A slightly different take on a classic RAF WWII scheme.

For the process I mixed 3 Mr. Color paints to make the 2 colors. For my main body color of “Dark Earth” I mixed Dark Earth+Red Brown+Middlestone. Approx. ratio of 4:1:1. Then for my dark brown patches I mixed Red Brown with the main body color “Dark Earth”  in a ratio of approx. 3:1. For highlights on both colors, I then added more Middlestone. The interesting combination of colors can be seen on the model with Mr. Colors’s Red Brown being obviously a red base, Dark Earth also being slightly red (it’s usually a green base and Mr. Color offers both to show the sun damaged, oxidised version in a greenish tinge) and Middlestone being a green/yellow.

The first stage was to prepare the blue plastic – to leave it visible it’s too bright and obviously plastic in it’s original state. I made a thin wash with Mr. Color Propeller Color and Flat Black, approx 1:1 and GaiaNotes #7 Self Levelling Thinner and painted the entire kit with this. It dried in minutes to a nice, almost flat finish and looked like a dirty, light blue suit. I didn’t take pictures because I was sure I was ruining a kit but will do it again if this turns out well.

The main body color was applied quickly with a large brush in a single pass, leaving the now dirty light blue poking through in strategic places of high wear and interest.

Next the Dark brown patches were applied via the same method, this time leaving some main body color Dark Earth and Light Blue patches poking through.

Lastly I added a little Middlestone to both colors and highlighted the Dark Earth and Dark Brown areas of interest.

That’s it so far, this was around an hour’s painting over the bare plastic kit and must admit, quite fun to do.

Decals - Filters - Pin Wash with Added Monkey Poo!

I managed to get another hour or so on the Raptor and probably spent a little more than that on the photos and write up!  :D Apologies in advance for any gibberish contained within, long day...

Next up, decals. One of the best things about the GaiaNotes and Mr. Color lacquer paints series is that they are mostly Semi-Gloss. I started painting with acrylics and almost all were flats over which gloss varnish coats were added. Somehow it had been put into my mind that paints should be flat and that’s what looked better, on models. Well now I beleive the exact opposite of course and much prefer semi and full gloss paints. No flattening agent means the paints tend to obscure details far less and once you are finished your primary color coats, you can apply decals directly to the base finish without further steps to make the surface glossy. Skipping a couple of steps can pay big divendeds in keeping your project’s momentum up and your motivation high as you see progress being made.

So decals next, I’ve gone with one of the suggestions on the paint card, Kow Yokoyama Sensei always seems to get it right!!

Usually now I would shoot a quick spray with the rattle can version of Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss to seal in the decals – most decals are adversely effected by mineral spirits so if you plan to use them later, it’s best to protect them with something like this. However, it’s been either raining or very windy (I run out to my balcony to spray) so an indoor solution is to either have a spray booth set up -I don’t – or to paint it on by hand. It’s much easier than it sounds and I recommend either using clear lacquer paints – with great care and after you have a few models worth of experience using them under your belst – or the safest way which is with an excellent acrylic varnish such as those made by Vallejo. I like their Vallejo Model Air Satin and Flat varnishes but they are all good.

Going with lacquers because they dry so fast and let me do more with limited time, I decided (read remembered!) to try out a nifty color I picked up from GaiaNotes – clear brown to both seal in the  decals and add a Filter (also called a Glaze) over the model, to deepen and modify the base colors. When using lacquer paints as a glaze, it’s good to add another clear paint so as not to have the thinner ratio too high. Generally speaking the lacquer paints won’t damage the decals but if you have too much thinner and work the decal with a brush too much, it will start to damage it and likely also pick up and damage your base coats too. Make it about the same as you would when doing base painting. Here I’ve added Clear Brown to Semi-Gloss Clear and used their T-07 Moderate Thinner – it’s the best of the lacquer thinners and works for GaiaNotes, Mr. Color and Tamiya paints equally well.

Leaving this to dry for an hour or so – it really only needs 10 to 20 minutes, once it’s firm it’s set and fine to work on- I’ve then chosen another step to get the color closer to where I wanted it – a slightly deeper and redder brown- by using a Filter – Glaze made from Tamiya Enamel Flat Brown, a little Burnt Umber oil paint all thinned in Tamiya Enamel Thinner. Either product is fine to use on their own for this purpose but it’s also fun to mix them and you get a little of both worlds from them. The enamel paint helps the Filter to dry a little more quickly and to a flatter finish and the oil paint enriches the color and helps it to settle a little more in the deeper details.

After roughly covering most of the model in this Filter, I’ve added a little Lamp Black oil paint to the mix and then using a thinner brush (not shown, sorry!) I’ve directly painted it into the more important details of the model in what’s called a “pin-wash” by many modellers. I used to call it “lining in” on small figures but it’s the same thing, it’s giving your model depth and accentuating your details. It also provides a nice base for subsequent weathering steps.

So far so good, it’s the right base color now for my tastes and I will move on next to highlight it again, then damage and weathering can begin.

Thanks for having a look, hope the write up helps some folks with steps to try out on your models too.



Model Talk / Hobby Japan Sep. 2010 No.495 Kröte Special!
« on: August 04, 2010, 05:01:47 AM »
This month’s Hobby Japan, September 2010 features a 7 page special by super mecha maker himself, Max Watanabe, commemorating the re-release of the Maschinen Krieger Panzer Aufklärungs T.W.47 Kröte Armoured Walker. In his article, Watanabe-san showcases his own fantastic models along with 2 guest artist’s works, first and foremost Kow Yokoyama Sensei and for the first time in Hobby Japan, Lincoln Wright. Yes, that’s me!!

Yokoyama-Sensei showcases his now almost 30 year old scratch built original Kröte and it’s amazing that it’s in such great condition. He contrasts this with one he finished the day before the photo shoot using the new release from WAVE that also contains additional parts seen on other walkers in the series such as the Gans.

To demonstrate the original Nitto Kit, Yokoyama-Sensei asked me to show the Kröte from my Sie Kommen diorama from the 2008 Ma.K Modellers Showcase Vol.4. I built it largely from the box to keep the Nitto kit flavour and to better understand the original, as released.

Lastly, the article introduces the upcoming release of the SF3D Chronicles, a beautifully re-printed and boxed package set of various re-printed SF3D articles from the original Hobby Japan days!

If this magazine is available near you, please do check it out and if not, you can order through Hobby Link Japan here for the Hobby Japan magazine and here for SF3D Chronicles.

Here are a couple of shots inside the magazine and of the diorama featured, thanks for looking!


You can see the rest of Sie Kommen! here.

Model In-Progress / Tiger 1 DAK, 90%
« on: July 30, 2010, 05:39:39 AM »

For a slight break from SF I decided to try something different, Scale Armour! With the 1/35 Nutcracker release from Hasegawa on the horizon, it’s not a bad idea to have a little more smaller scale experience under my belt too.

Here’s a 1/48 scale Initial Tiger 1 by Tamiya, as seen serving with DAK in Nth. Africa during WWII and built straight from the box with one detail added, a metal barrel from FineMolds. Lovely kit, went together very nicely. Some parts and details are simplified and a little thick but the price here in Japan, it’s such good value to make them as is at ¥1,500.

My aim with this project is to apply my hand painting style to smaller scale kit and generally testing it out. I’m also a big fan and very much inspired by the old box top artwork by the master artist, Yoshiyuki Takani who’s works I also use to fuel some of my Maschinen Krieger style of painting. Just as a side note, I do own and use an airbrush as well but enjoy the finish, freedom and challenge of “guy with a brush and some paint” style too.

A base color of Mr. Color Mahogany from the spray can. Misted highlights of Mr. Color Dull Red added over the top. Next a light mist coat of Mr. Color Dark Yellow, again straight from the spray can and applied carefully. I’m not going for coverage, just blocking in some color and to use it as a “ground”.

I sprayed the metal barrel with Tamiya Surfacer as it’s for metal as well as plastic and then gave it an undercoat of Mr. Color German gray, again from a spray can.

Next the hand brush begins with a first coat of RLM Sandy Brown and then working Gaia Notes Dunkelgelb (1 & 2).

Lastly I am highlighting in strategic places to accentuate the shape of the model, adding both Gaia Notes Flat White and Gaia Notes Interior Color and working from a paper palette to keep the mixes random and interesting. I’m using a variety of brushes for different effects and keeping in mind interesting vectors to accentuate the finish. This generally means more stabbing, stippling motions on the horizontal surfaces and downward streaks on the verticals but not always as variation in the finish is my goal.

That finishes the basic color coats, next I can add the decals and begin weathering.

So far I am reasonably happy with this finish, I would like more contrast after reviewing the photos and will keep working on this in subsequent weathering steps.

Thanks for looking!


Model Gallery / GamesWorkshop Tau Devilfish APC Vignette Complete!
« on: July 12, 2010, 06:13:19 PM »

Complete! This “side project” was fulfilling it’s role nicely, sitting off on the side! Learned a great deal from this one including the best reason for writing detailed notes on how I am completing models. Only 6 mths or so old and I had no real idea how I had finished this one so the notes come in very handy for future reference!

To finish up, I added a little more color to the base with acrylics and pigments, added more flat and gloss areas with acrylic varnishes from Vallejo and painted some details like the windows and sensors and added it all together.

Really enjoy this piece now that it’s done and would like to do more vignettes like this.

Hope you like it!!!


Full Series Here;

WIP Here;

Model Gallery / 3Q Models Melusine
« on: June 01, 2010, 03:53:10 AM »

3Q Models Panzer Kampf Anzug Ausf MMelusine” all done!

The Strahl Techs were in a little hurry on this one, they forgot the fuel cap cover and seem to have spilled a little. :D

Just on a month of little snippets of “free time’ here and there to do this one and perhaps not a bad target. Very much impressed with the genius of the Melusine design. Of course I’ve always liked how they look but it wasn’t until making one that I feel I can understand the shapes and geometry more and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it seems to be the biggest of the suit models, very cool.

Full custom build from the box, with all joints replaced and hand sculpted with Tamiya Putty -Quick type and fixed in pose. I replaced the hand with one from another kit, both to have one with a little more of a natural pose and because I wanted something bigger. Much bigger! I’ll make another with the standard hand but for this one, I wanted to try one with Gorilla Grip!

Usual routines for the finish, Mr. Color and Gaia Notes lacquer paints in custom mixes over a dark gray base from a rattle can for the base. Weathering with enamels, oils, acrylics and some pigments.

Groundwork is made up of plaster and the contents from the shake and heat bags that my wife loves as hand-warmers in her coats in the winter. Painted and weathered with acrylics again.

Hope you like this one!


Full series here;

Model Gallery / WAVE Raptor
« on: May 22, 2010, 06:07:05 AM »

WAVE Raptor completed. This is an old model for me, finished a little over a year ago so it’s a nice comparison for the finish on the recent SAFS. It’s a little rough and less technical in some ways but I do like the smooth hand-brush/airbrush finish and the zenithal highlight effect. If making it again today, the pose and groundwork would all be a little different but that’s another good thing about dusting off old models and finishing them up, a little bit of perspective for how much we’ve learnt and grown.

It's a full custom job, replaced joints that are sculpted from putty, custom metal springs and 2 stage aerial.

Thanks for looking, hope you like it.


WIP series here

Model Gallery / WAVE S.A.F.S. Staff Sergeant David Woodwards
« on: April 14, 2010, 06:40:16 AM »

Staff Sergeant David Woodwards seen operating here near Old Darwin, April 14th 2885. A successful raid operation to disrupt SDRF supply imports from Asia and appropriate fuel and foodstuffs that were quickly loaded into long range transports. This daring daylight raid captured the Old Darwin Aerospace Port intact and allowed full use for sub-orbital shuttles for a full 2 hours before the Strahl Area Robot Defense Network came back online and responded.

Swiftly falling back into the desert to awaiting transports, the raiders made good their escape with zero casualties and only 1 suit lost to malfunction.


Special thanks to Mr. David Woods of DWartist Painting Blog for the beautifully painted figure head, David is not only an artist but a gentleman and does top notch work and had it here within a week of making the offer. Amazing! He’s done an amazing job to match the colors to the suit so well despite not being able to see the suit first hand.

Can’t say the same for myself on this one, probably the longest suffering project I have worked on and there’s only really a week or so of evenings in it but I’ve been stretched to find time to work on it. Will catch up on some In Progress photos as they are in the camera but not had the chance to upload and share but will do so soon.

Thanks for looking, hope you like it.


Series here;

Model In-Progress / Hasegawa Falke with Excimer Laser - Build!
« on: March 02, 2010, 09:56:18 PM »

Close ups here;

Finished! Well, almost… now for paint! It really can’t be said enough, this is my 4th Falke and it’s a fantastic kit and really enjoyed making another one. The color is surprising easy on the eye and makes it very easy to see what you are making and the new main armament, the Excimer laser has just 4 parts so construction is even faster than with the previous Falke kit. No putty used on this so far but will add a little to the main seam near the engine and some of the panels are pressed into place without glue to allow for some options whilst painting which I hope to start shortly.

Thanks for looking, hope this shows the new parts well.



Model News Feed / Hasegawa Falke Excimer - The Arrival!
« on: February 26, 2010, 09:12:41 PM »
Hasegawa Falke Excimer - The Arrival!

What’s better than a delivery door knock on a rainy Saturday morning? Seeing the big “Hasegawa Hobby Kits” box!!!

Will do a more thorough Open Box Report shortly but for now, this is what you get. Sexy desert orange sprues, really surprised and impressed with the color,  they are motivating me to start one tonight! Plus a great DVD with a Takahase-san CGI Falke short movie. Really cool, very excited about this one and have my picks from the Paint Camo Card all ready to go.

This one is a more limited release so do treat yourself to at least one.



Model In-Progress / WAVE S.A.F.S. Super Armored Fighting Suit
« on: February 19, 2010, 06:11:04 AM »
Hello again W.I.P Forum... it feels like it's been some time!  :o

Open box review also on the way, but first, I just couldn’t wait to make one of these because it looked really fun. Easiest kit in the range so far for me, even better fit overall than the Snake-Eye and less parts and seams than even the AFS!

Some quick Work In Progress shots here, the bare plastic which is close to a RLM 02 Grey, a coat of Mr. Color Propeller Color as a base coat applied with a brush and the camo areas sketched over the top, again with a brush and with Mr. Color RLM Black Grey. Finally my “Jedeite Grey” this time is a custom mix of Mr. Color Gray Green and Mr. Color RLM 82 Light Green and the Grey on top is a bluish hued Mr. Color Dark Sea Gray with a tiny bit of RLM Light Blue mixed in.

No weathering at all yet, just the basic colors applied with a brush and allowing the previous colors to show through a little, melt and intermix. In explaining it to my wife whom asked if I had started weathering it yet, I came up with the line “this is as clean as it gets, now starts the weathering!”. That kind of explains it… I hope…

Decals and Weathering steps next!

Full series here;

Thanks for looking,


Here's a quick open box "review" to show what's inside;

1/20 Groβer Hund Altair by Rainbow Egg, Open Box Review and Report!



P.S. Yes I can get you one. That means YOU!  :D

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