In Progress » Gelgoog NT

05.17.2006 » Concepts
/ Intro

paint dries on my Flaptter figures, I’ve started on my Newtype-Use
Gelgoog. What makes it an NT use MS? Pretty much just some
funnels on the shield and because I said so. I could make
crap up about magnetic joint coating and a 360 degree cockpit,
but really I just want to make a cool looking mecha.

I’ll be doing a color scheme and
look similar to the [S,MATNGA GELGOOG] seen only
as a thumbnail here
on Jeep’s site. I’ll also be taking ques from
his thruster bell work when creating mine. This
means bells within bells to give a dynamic look.
You can see some great work on another of his
Gelgoogs here.

For accessories, I’ll be using a
double-wide Zaku shield, Dom heavy beam cannon,
and funnels made from Zaku shoulder spikes. The
fore-arms will be modified to remove the vents
and to add instead one beam spray gun and one
chain-whip. I’ll also be adding plenty of beads
and chain from the MechaSkunk

Below you can see images of where
I’m at so far:

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