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I recieved this kit for Christmas of 2002. I liked the desert colors, but I thought it needed a lottle more “oompf” so I went to work camoflauging it. This was not as easy as I assumed it’d be. I used photoshop to create my camo pattern based on a photo I scanned from the box. It was easy and it looked great. Unfortunatly, my first attempt started to look like what I like to call “chocolate swirl zaku”.

What I did to get this look was this:

  1. spray all the parts a light tan color
  2. cut out a tiger stripe shape from pieces of masking tape and apply them.
  3. spray a brown color (bad choice of colors on my part)
  4. remove masking tape
  5. try to figure out how to fix this crap.

So I went back to the drawing board, did some research, and finally came up with the below technique:

  1. spray all parts with tamiya J.A. Grey (it’s kinda light olive greenish)
  2. cut out organic shapes from masking tape and place them on parts
  3. spray with a light tan color.
  4. remove masking tape
  5. use a very small brush and paint on darker stripes along some edged (I used the chocolate color with a little grey)
  6. shade with airbrush

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