Author Topic: A very helpful site that can eliminate pre-building  (Read 2418 times)

February 11, 2006, 07:11:03 PM
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I am stumbled across this Korean site that shows all MG kits and HG kits as well!!!

What this fellow did to ALL those models is to just snap fit them and draw panel lines on them. Then he will take tons of photos in various angles. Not only that, he also scan ALL the instruction manuals, make comparison to similar models, etc..

Not to say that he is a lousy modeller or a"snapper", this information is very useful for us to see the model even before we decide to buy that kit! It will give us a glimpse of what to expect from that kit that you are interested in.

For me, I look very closely for possible seam lines. This will reduce the need to pre-build my model the next time round!   :razz:  So that more time can be used to modelling!  :lol:

February 11, 2006, 08:52:22 PM
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Doctor Seleski

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Dalong's Gunpla Kit Review is a well known site for kit build and parts images, instruction scans, etc.  I am sure it has been mentioned here (if not linked to) at FFF before.

Using it as a research resource can certainly save you a great deal of time and help you plan, but in many cases, I don't think there is anything that can replace having the kit in hand.

edit: I thought for sure FF had this in his How to Build Master Grade Gundams article under Research, but I was wrong.  Perhaps he will think about adding it after he reads this.  It is certainly helpful. :)