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GM Command CAD WIP
« on: September 19, 2017, 07:59:52 PM »
I kind of dove into this project when the MG GM Sniper Ⅱ was announced, because I was upset about how Bandai was handling my favorite Gundam designs in the kit line. In the time since then I've continued the work on the CAD model, with the aim of ultimately 3D printing or scratch building it.

GM Command Project (2017-09-15 update)
The big surprise for me here was that when I compared my new CAD model to the MG GM Sniper Ⅱ, the two were actually much more similar than I would have guessed. There's a big aesthetic difference but it comes from fairly small differences in the shape and size of the parts. A lot of my initial analysis about what I felt ought to be changed with the GM Sniper Ⅱ was apparently just wrong, so I devote a bit of time to why I think that was the case, and what it means.
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