Author Topic: RG 1/144 Custom Zeta - Deep Space Striker Zeta (Excalibur)  (Read 4983 times)


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RG 1/144 Custom Zeta - Deep Space Striker Zeta (Excalibur)
« on: December 11, 2016, 06:18:56 AM »
Hi Everyone,

 It is a long time I haven't post anything, I build this kit during year 2012 which giving me idea concept of deep striker with advance Z area technology. With this build it truly give me a lot of 1st time experiment on implementing LED, Intensive scratch build part as well as try and error on the design concept as i go on building over the years. I can say this is my mile stone achievement that would able me to access this method for future kit build. I hear alot advice from master said the more you build the better you get.

Please enjoy the view and all C&C are welcome for my improvement.

Thank you
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