Author Topic: 1/100 IBO Graze Custom ('Goshawk')  (Read 7548 times)

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1/100 IBO Graze Custom ('Goshawk')
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:02:27 AM »
Finally, after years of absence in this forum, I have retuuurned!! But this time, with more skills and I got 3 finished models wohoooo!!!

So to kick this off, I'm gonna start by sharing with you guys a custom I made of the Graze from the latest Gundam series: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans. This mecha was not my typical love-at-first sight. When I first saw the lineart, I was like 'meh'. But that soon changed when I receive the 1/100 Graze as a gift. It was a thing of beauty in model form! This immediately became one of my top favorite mechas and model kit as well! But as always, my strive for wanting something out of the generic was itching me. I have to do it! Thus, it began.

After around 2 months of building and customizing, I have finally finished it! Now feast thy eyes!!! (Details on how I did the model comes after the pictures)

Basically, it's a mix of custom paintjob, some parts rearranging, scratchbuilding, and a bit of kitbash.

Kitbashing part involves the use of the HG Megashiki for the front skirt, some bits of the 1/100 Barbatos for the sword, and a spare MG EX-S chestplate for this build's front chest piece.

I scratchbuild the side chest pieces as well as the rear skirt. The shape and design was made using Google SketchUp 8. It's a fun and simple 3-D software. And it's freeeeee! Anyway, I build the model and 'unfolded' them into a flat plane. Pretty much like the same way you see people design papercraft models, except without the use of the Pepakura software. I printed the flat model in a piece of paper and made a mock-up to see if it fits my model. Once I'm satisfied, I directly transfer the flat model onto the plastic plates, and cut and assemble them. With a bit of filling and sanding, viola!!! A finished part!

I painted the model using enamel spray cans since I have no access to an airbrush yet. The model was drybrushed with a Gundam Marker, and weathered with Tamiya Weathering Master

The screw-up I had in my experience was with the decals, particularly on the right thigh, the one on top of the Indian decal. I noticed the decal started to silver after I did the final coating.  :sick: It was too late. But anyway, still a learning experience. If you guys have suggestions on how to tackle silvering decals after topcoating, I'm all ears.

Anyway, comments and criticisms are always welcome!  :D Hope you guys have fun and hope this forum continues to grow! There seems to be a lot less posts nowadays hmmm  :unsure:
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Re: 1/100 IBO Graze Custom ('Goshawk')
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2016, 11:14:35 AM »
This looks so cool! Nice work dude :-)

For silvering i normally pierce with a scalpel point and flood thecdecal with setting solution, but not sure if that would work after a to coat.
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