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putty it
« on: September 30, 2009, 09:57:36 PM »
my first post here- found it 2 days ago and loving the site

reading through the multiple putty topics, i cant seem to find my answers (i might be blind)

putty type- tamiya epoxy in the green box (using it on gunpla)

technical questions
a) what is the optimal curing temperature and humidity for this putty? (it is hot and dry where i live)
b) how will dust or foreign matter getting on the putty before curing affect it?
c) what is the recommended wait time for curing before you can sand or cut it?
         im looking for personal experiences from the guys here, or "how you like to do it"
d) what kind of bond strength can i expect between the putty and gunpla plastic (is it okay for polycaps?)
      - i have some crazy idea about surface area i might get into later

edit- time is really important for me- i only have roughly 5-7 hours for gunpla a week.

*off-topic* is there a "spoiler" type function when for posting?

sorry for the long post and thank you for reading and helping
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