Author Topic: Vacuum Forming - potential new (cheap!) tool  (Read 4474 times)

December 26, 2008, 06:02:56 PM
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Hi All!

I was inspired by the great scratch building article posted today by Funaka - Thanks for the work put into sharing your expertise!

I happened to catch a glimpse of a new tool on DIY channel's "Cool Tools" that may prove indispensable to those who use vacuum forming as a means of creating new parts.  The tool is called V-Clamp and is surprisingly cheap and configurable.  It uses a standard air line from your compressor to create the vacuum and, based on the demonstrations, creates a VERY strong pull.  Here's the link -

I have tried the old "Shop-Vac-and-wooden-box" vacu-former designs oozing from the Internet - with varied success.  I am dangerously close to obtaining my very own V-Clamp and giving it a wirl...
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