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Model Gallery / Re: MG Wing Gundam
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:36:13 PM »
I hate how expensive modern MGs are getting, because I love this properly proportioned take on the WG. You did a nice clean job too.

Model In-Progress / Re: first time: MG GM C with spray cans.
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:30:37 PM »
Everyone has their own taste on color schemes, and the GM comes in a lot of flavors so you can pull off a lot.

As for spraying over Tamiya primer, you should be OK. The duplicolor stuff should be lacquer. I know most Tamiya jars are acrylic save for the enamel line, so I assume the primer is too, in which case i'd let it cure 100% first as I am not sure how the lacquer will respond to acrylic base coat.

I know! I wanted to kill myself when I saw how high the price jumped in a day. The FAZZ I think only got to like 20 or 30 which is good even with the 20 dollar shipping. It'll be a while I am sure before another good run of finds on eBay.

BTW what's the difference in the kits? I figured all the Crossbones were the Ka version.

Model In-Progress / Re: GNX Teaser!!!!
« on: April 01, 2011, 08:58:12 AM »
Amazing. Love the metallic torso and panel lining.

Model In-Progress / Re: first time: MG GM C with spray cans.
« on: March 31, 2011, 01:47:36 PM »
Looks good so far, you might have to tweak your camera settings for pictures.

GMs are typically not "stark" white like the armor of 95% of the Gundam Class MS, they're usually a bit off white to light-grey, (or mint-green according to Bandai's take on the GM Custom...*sigh*).  That being said, I think this is going to turn out pretty nice, great choice for blue!  It looks great!

Keep up the good work!

The GM Custom is green though.

Jackal, he means paint intended for automobiles. You'll find it in any parts store, Autozone/Advance Auto/O'Reily. They stock duplicolor which has great pigment, but it's all gloss, so find some dullcote.

There's a crossbone on eBay as we speak, may be what you need. But stay away from the G05 and FAZZ lol.

If you're willing to lowball the Mk II I'd like to have it for parts.

Tools / Re: Which compressor from Harbor Freight?
« on: March 12, 2011, 09:56:01 AM »
The link 404'd. Not to bring up an old thread but I have a similar question. Of course the compressor/airbrush bundle is great, but I noticed for 15 bucks less I could order the 1/8HP (40psi) model and airbrush separately, but I am curious if the 1/4 HP would provide a better finish when painting?

Model In-Progress / Re: newbie here, actual work in progress :)
« on: March 12, 2011, 09:24:52 AM »
Newbie? Lolwut? You don't look like one to me. Love the concept. I don't like the color, but I think that's because I liked the grey of the plastic.

Model Gallery / Re: X-men broken sentinal repaint
« on: March 06, 2011, 10:12:25 PM »
Some added and some part of it.
I bought it for cheap to use  as a painting exercise.

Too much snow... Yeah, I can imagine in retrospect. Most of the paint and modification are lost beneath it all...

Oh  well, next time maybe.

From what I can tell it looks like you did a nice job of handbrushing. I like the Iron Man ish colors.

Model In-Progress / Re: TOYMAKER vs DC23 WIP update 030611
« on: March 06, 2011, 10:11:08 PM »
Good God. Best of luck, it's gonna be huge! Nice work so far.

Model In-Progress / Re: Fixing the HGUC Zaku
« on: March 03, 2011, 02:03:19 PM »
Any plans to mod the skirt? The thighs are so huge they're making gaps in the armor. I really like this though, neat idea.

Model Gallery / Re: X-men broken sentinal repaint
« on: March 03, 2011, 09:27:57 AM »
Too much snow. I'd bet that's why they didn't take notice. You can't see any work you've done for all of the snow. Were the cables n' such added or were they part of it?

Model In-Progress / Re: Kampfer Revival
« on: March 01, 2011, 09:45:05 PM »
This looks really interesting, and is a great use of other parts.

Model Gallery / Re: 1/35 Tieren Ground Type ver DC23 >>> Yellow Squad
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:46:15 AM »
Looks exactly like weathered construction equipment. I really like the weld marks too. Fantastic, and a cool concept as well. The Tieren works well for this.

Model In-Progress / Re: Evangelion Kits
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:39:04 AM »
I love Evangelion... but the arms on these kits... It's why I've never bought one. Although somehow I have the decals for the 01.  :wacko:

Are these aftermarket? What type?

Model In-Progress / Re: Evangelion Kits
« on: January 31, 2011, 12:49:41 PM »
I like the pallet guns, the scheme reminds me of the Steyr AUG. I'd like to know if you've come across a solution for painting the arms. I've got a Unit 01 kit I'd like to do (and I'd like to do it 1.11 style) but the arm situation has it boxed up.

Model Gallery / Re: G-System's 1/35 RX-93-2 Hi-Nu
« on: January 04, 2011, 09:53:17 AM »
I agree with Dr. D - of all the G-System kits, this and the GP02 Bust both suffer from sever "narrow" syndrome.  :embarrased: Still, given what you had to work with, I think you did a great job!  I really like the metallic blue!  Good work!

As for the decal setter - yes, again like Dr. D said, well worth it.  I use a cheap Testor's version, and it still works just great, you'll see that it will reduce the obviousness of the decals when used, and creates a near, if not perfect (like in Matt's work) 'painted on" appearance. 

In addition to this, cutting as close to the design as possible is a good idea. It'll help mimimize the "sticker" look.

Model Gallery / Re: G-System's 1/35 RX-93-2 Hi-Nu
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:16:45 PM »
Is it just the photos or is the crest crooked?

From what I understand decal setting fluid is worth it. Micro Mark sells some that a lot of modelers seem to like. I like the metallic color choices a lot. I think the biggest problem is just the sculpt itself, it looks so narrow. But obviously that isn't your fault.

Model Gallery / Re: VF-1 Valkyrie, YOT 1:72
« on: January 03, 2011, 06:51:55 PM »
I may steal this idea! Sort of like a modern/anime take on WWII fighters with pinups on them. And I love purple too so this is cool to me. Nice work.

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