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Capitalism Corner* / FS: Lots of model kits, clipped and assembled.
« on: December 15, 2012, 05:43:18 AM »
Hi all,

Been a long time since I've been around these parts. Unfortunately, due to a somewhat forced downsizing effort, I am having to give up on a lot of models that I had originally had plans for, but have never gotten around to finishing up. :(

I am open to offers on all of the following, so don't hesitate to get in touch. Please note that I am based in the UK, so if you intend on giving an offer inclusive of shipping, do bear that in mind.


Assorted model kits - ALL AVAILABLE WITH OFFERS:
Master Grade 1/100 RX-78-NT1 Alex, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 Kaempfer, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 Gundam , clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 GM Quel, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 GM Custom, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 Gouf Custom, clipped and assembled. Boxed with some damaged parts.
Master Grade 1/100 MS-09 Dom, clipped and assembled. Boxed with some damaged parts.
Master Grade 1/100 MS-14A Gelgoog, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 RX-78-GP01fb, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 RX-78-GP02, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 RB-79 Ball, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Master Grade 1/100 GM Custom, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
MSG SEED 1/100 Buster Gundam, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
MSG SEED 1/100 Providence Gundam, clipped and assembled. Boxed.
Tachikoma model kit.
BBMF Millennium Collection, containing 1/72 scale Lancaster, Spitfires, Hurricane, Dakota and Chipmunks. Kits unmade.
WH40K Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troopers, approx 30 mini figs, mix of painted and unpainted.

Model Talk / Trooper Cooper's custom ideas! Contributions accepted!
« on: December 21, 2006, 10:16:09 AM »
So anyhow, my list of projects continues to expand, and as such so does my list of military-themed Gundam MS custom projects... it seems that no matter what I do, I look at something and say "hey, that would be great if crossed over with <insert 20th Century military conflict here>"...

So, in an attempt to vent it all, I'm going to post up some of my on-going ideas, in the hope that it will either stop, or it will be made into something really, really good.

1) In the same vein as my current [/url=]MS-18F/trop Desert modified Kaempfer[/url] I have also decided to pursue some UC0081 Afrika Korps customs. I have a Dom and a Gelgoog prepped for this treatment - the Dom will be fitted with desert intake filters (a forerunner to the Dom Tropen, so to speak), and some kind of backpack akin to the Dom TROOPER which would be fitted out with a large fluid reservoir, filtration system, replacement thrusters and some other stuff. The Gelgoog would be a modified B-Type, with the Gelgoog C head, modified for use as a sniper unit, using a Dragon K98 sniper rifle as the base for the beam sniper rifle, and with the addition of a hand-carried power pack/coolant unit, desert equipment, and for added measure a rack to carry a large mortar and some ammunition. All of these would feature some zimmerit, scrim netting racks and personel-use equipment, differing amounts of use and abuse, and German WW2 markings to create a very interesting looking unit.

2) Staying with the WW2 theme are two Allied options... my built Ez-8 faces a future either as a custom based on a Sherman, Cromwell or T-34 tank (with added plasticard armour panels, tank tracks attached to appropriate points and a suitable machine gun for good measure), while a recent thought came while looking at the recent Crossbone X-1 release - painting up the anti-beam cloak in the pattern of Denison smock material, painting the entire thing khaki and adding Airborne markings, making the Crossbone X-1 into a British paratrooper Gundam - with either a Sten Gun, Enfield rifle or Bren Gun for a good laugh.

3) NATO 1960s GP-02A - I figured the nuclear age would be a good setting for a custom GP-02A, seeing as how it was a time when flashpoints were so common. I'm considering large scrim netting, Jerry can racks, and US Army markings... unless I go for a 1980s British Berlin Brigade pattern, which is a very odd brown/green/grey/white urban block pattern similar to WW1 battleships. Both would be doable.

4) RX-78-NT1 Merkava custom. An Alex in desert colours, with a shield fitted out with reactive armour padding and the entire thing geared towards anti-guerrila warfare (anti-RPG fencing around the cockpit and a fitted machine gun, gas canister dispensers, added communications antennae, storage compartments...)

5) And as I type this, another Crossbone based custom - this time in a Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe or Fallschirmjaeger camouflage for the cloak and feldgrau/field blue base colour. ARGH! D:

Sorry about the placeholder, hope I didn't piss too many of you off :wacko:

So some of my friends have been keeping me up to date on this for a month now, ever since the first progress threads kicked off - though it was only now I felt confident to join up (and promptly broke the rules - sorry again :(). I had been considering doing a custom Kaempfer for a fairly long time as it is a personal favourite mobile suit ever since I first saw a model magazine with it featured, and had my eyes set on a WW2-style combat unit, having owned the kit ever since the Big Toys'R'Us sale of yore. I am very fond of Germanic Zeon custom units, and with my fascination with desert camouflage schemes and desert warfare (both ground and aerial), a desert custom was a natural choice for me.

I looked particularly to British SAS and LRDG vehicles for inspiration on this one, which as an aside is only my third Gundam kit (all of which have in some way been customised... I really ought to try the basics first). Classic images of dented water condensers on the front of trucks, specially camouflaged Bedfords with scrim netting and tarpaulines and weapons-laden jeeps filled my eyes with glee. I started pulling out tubing, canisters, gauze, wire, my bits box, a plastic bag... lots of things to model these fun little details.

Then I thought about it a bit more - why the hell was I concentrating solely on customised British vehicles if the damn thing was supposed to be a German mecha? So, back to the drawing board... and it was with some hesitation and a whole lot of worry that I bought a tube of Squadron Green putty and plotted the creation of a Kondo-esque zimmerit monster!

Then I figured there was little actual need to cover an entire MS in zimmerit... with the stresses of the vehicle most of it would come off, and even then only certain parts of the vehicle had to be coated in it for 90% of all potential magnetic mine attacks to be prevented (feet, lower legs, cockpit/lower torso, shoulders, head). I started with the feet, which were my big testing ground, and then went on to the head, shoulders, and then the legs and torso. I wasn't very happy with it at some points, but then I remembered that zimmerit was a tricky beast at best with the real stuff, and that there were an awful lot of patterns that were used.

I don't really know if this classifies as a light or heavy mod, but I will list the intended changes here:
Zimmerit application using Squadron Green putty.
Removal of thrusters for the back, replaced by sand filters and fluid condensors.
Addition of scrim nets (in racks and tied down) and MMP-80 magazines.
Custom weapon (scoped MMP-80, using a Dom MMP-80, the scope of a Gelgoog beam machinegun, and a rudimentary spare-bits kitbashed mount)
Replacement of backpack rocket launchers with Panzerfausts.

My chosen camouflage will be a wavy tan/brown camouflage scheme I've seen on several German halftrack models (as well as a couple of photos of the real thing). I will then try a suitable weathering job over it. With any luck it will come out with a nicely used look :)

Some WiP shots - unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of it in the preliminary zimmeriting stages, and I only remembered to photograph the bits as I was priming them - closeups provided of the zimmerit-ed feet, leg armour (one with scrim net in rack) and of the customised MMP-80:

Yes, I know they don't show much, and my shaky hands don't help the fact  :lol:

I've since given the white armour pieces a coat of Tamiya XF-59, which I will be lightening up with a light coat of XF-57 tomorrow. The internals and weapons will eventually be done in a Tamiya Gunmetal spray, which will then be worn for that dusty desert vibe.

Sorry again for starting the thread without any info/images... too eager  :(

EDIT: Also forgot to mention. Current plans are for a base to be made for display which may or may not feature a trashed 1/100 scale Supermarine Spitfire. I'm giving it some thought... feedback would be nice :)

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