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Assembly/Scratchbuilding / gundam wing kits 'beam' parts
« on: December 16, 2006, 02:06:32 PM »
I was wondering, is there any way how I can make the green-transparent beam parts that come with the 1/100 Wing kits look any good? I like the detailing on them, and the shape, but besides that they look crud. Did anyone ever tried something?

Model In-Progress / Keämpfer... Tetra!?
« on: December 09, 2006, 03:20:18 AM »
As first research, I watched the series. (Which quite dissapointed me, actually. It had some good bits, but it didn't really catch me overall.)
However, before this, the Kampfer kit didn't really strike me as a hit-and-run type, more as in a get-in, and destroy as much as you can type. So, my first idea is to change the kampfer as it is, and make look a lot faster, make it slim, and maybe making it a space-use MS instead.
(Random question: What I assumed from the series was that the Kampfer was supposed to escape with pilot through the colony wall hole that was created, into space. Does that mean the Kampfer *IS* in fact already a space-equipped MS?)
As for colours, I'll just take something I like ^-^;

And as for modding... I was looking through other kits I had, and there were quite some similarities between the Gerbera Tetra body, and the kampfer's. So I started playing around with both.

*Sorry for the picture quality, when I have something drastic to show, I shall make better photographs. What you see here is the Kampfer, snapped, with Tetra shoulder pads (Put on backward) and a gerbera head.)

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