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Model In-Progress / SAFS Split Suit
« on: March 31, 2010, 12:59:28 PM »
After years of putting it off, I finally started work on a split suit SAFS. This build is based on the Nitto SAFS as I had enough parts to cobble one together from spares. The head is from the recent Wave SAFS. While the face is a little cartoony in proportions, it has fantastic detail for an injection molded head.

This is a photo summary of the interior and pilot.

There are many things I would do differently now, but this has been quite the learning experience for sculpting with Duro epoxy putty aka Green Stuff. One of the major goals for this build was to get more comfortable with this epoxy putty as figure sculptors swear it is better for sculpting fabrics. As I have progressed with the build, I have replaced some of the earlier Aves joint covers with the Duro epoxy putty.

Additional photos and more detailed SBS can be found here: SAFS Open Suit

Note on Green Stuff: This epoxy putty is repackaged by several companies, Games Workshop is one, but the epoxy is the same. A ribbon of yellow with a ribbon of blue. Equal amounts are mixed together until a uniform green. The working consistency is like old bubble gum or stiff silly putty. I have not paid attention to working time, but as the putty sets, it becomes easier to sculpt convincing looking wrinkles and folds which make it perfect for soft goods. It does have its down side though. The stuff is a challenge to sand and work with after it has cured.

Model Gallery / SAFSR Rapoon
« on: March 04, 2010, 11:01:10 AM »
Rapoon is now complete.

Built from Wave/Nitto Raptor and spare parts
All gear sculpted from epoxy putty
Hand painted with Vallejo Model Color
Weathered with oils and MIG Washes and Filters
"Neuspotter" wreckage scratch built
Groundwork is tree bark, Acrylic Gel, synthetic grass, plant roots

Additional images can be found here Rapoon Gallery

In progress images can be found here Rapoon Build Diary

Model In-Progress / SAFSRS Rapoon
« on: February 23, 2010, 11:20:54 AM »
Don't know why I hadn't posted any in progress images on this guy so here is a brief summary. The base model is a Wave/Nitto Raptor detailed with parts from the spares bin. Model is textured with Mr Surfacer 500. Joint covers are Green Stuff Duro Epoxy Putty. Gear has been sculpted from Aves or Milliput epoxy putty. Straps are either putty or pewter foil. Cord and rings are .02" solder wire. Model is hand painted with Vallejo Acrylics. All weathering is with oils and MIG Washes and Filters. No pigments yet, all dust effects are from oil paints.



Paint - Hand painted with Vallejo


Weathering and Details

Still quite a bit of weathering to  work on though, especially hoses, joint covers and silencer.

Further images can be found here: Rapoon Build Diary



Model In-Progress / JTR Style "car"
« on: February 12, 2010, 07:15:27 AM »
This is a fun little kit bash project. The concept is inspired by one of the Junk Tank Rock designs The Viper. I loved the concept and decided to build something similar but with the kits I have on hand. The main fuselage is of course a 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 the wheels and transmission are from a couple different 1/35 armored car kits. The intent was for this to be 1/35 scale, but the fuselage is a tad too narrow for a driverís shoulders, so either only small guys can drive or Iíll just say itís ďbox scaleĒ.

Thank you so much Francesco for the wheels.  :)

A couple more images can be found here GluhKafer Build Diary

Like the subject asks. Is the Tamiya rattle can Clear Semi Gloss TS-79 a lacquer lacquer or is it some kind of enamel lacquer? I applied a clear coat from the spray can and later applied a couple of MIG filters and the surface is kinda tacky in some spots. 

The Tamiya site says they are lacquers, but I've been able to affect their German Gray with Turpenoid.

Guess I'll just have to set the model aside for a few days/week and hope for the best.

Model Gallery / HAFS Goblin
« on: January 07, 2010, 09:50:24 AM »
A new year and a newly finished model.

The HAFS Goblin is a Mercenary Heavy Armored Fighting Suit developed on the HAFS Jerry chassis. A new torso/hull was developed which incorporated the armor protection and indirect sighting advantages of the SAFS. 2x three tube missile launchers in armored housings are located on either side of the hull. There is no additional armament.

This scene depicts a Goblin in the Rocky Mountain region during the Mercenary counterattacks against SDR bases on the North American continent. The first fields test for the Goblin occur on December 31, 2885. So this diorama depicts a mechanic making adjustments to the hydraulics in a field shop shortly after the initial production makes its combat debut .   

The Goblin in this diorama is a repaint of a scratchbuild I finished a number of years ago but was never happy with the finish. The figure is from the Hasegawa 1/20 Mechanic Figure Set #1.

Additional images can be found here: HAFS Goblin

The complete build diary can be found here: HAFS Redux

Model Gallery / AFS - Kestrel Finished was Betty Page ;-)
« on: October 06, 2009, 09:40:42 AM »

This is my latest finished piece, the AFS Kestrel. It is an original design based on a Wave AFS Mk1.

All gear is sculpted in place with Milliput Standard Yellow. The model was painted with Tamiya acrylics. The gear was painted with Vallejo Model Color. The majority of weathering is with  W&N and 502 oils, even the accumulated dust and dried mud on the feet and legs. Only a light dusting of pigments were used at the end. The most challenging part was deciding to dirty up the gear.

Additional images can be found here.

AFS Kestrel Gallery

Model Gallery / PKA Ausf K-4 Ketzer
« on: September 20, 2009, 06:00:22 PM »
The Ketzer is complete.

Additional photos here:PKA Ketzer Gallery

If you know a thing or two about Joomla, send me a PM.

Model In-Progress / 1/20 PKA Ketzer besonders
« on: August 24, 2009, 08:27:06 AM »
This is a pretty straightforward conversion of a Nitto 1/20 Gustav kit modified with parts from the spares and a bit of putty.

Inspired by something similar to this

I painted this. Fairly bold scheme for myself but I just did not want to do another Dark Yellow or misc gray scheme.

That was OK but it needed more cowbell.

All airbrushing has been repainted by hand.

It's pretty bright at this stage and not what I was after. So two quick applications of SIN filters. Gray for Bright Green and Gray for Dark Yellow followed.

This toned down the contrast and muted some of the brush marks. Looking at the surface after drying, the effect is like misting the whole thing with very thin Tamiya Buff.

Pilot, Decals, Wash, unifying filter, and then local filters and some oils straight from the tube worked in to brighten the surface. And a scratch built potato masher.

Close up

The canopy has been sorta attached. It does not fit flush all that well and has popped the glue joint in front so I will need to reinforce it with super glue. There is a noticeable gap too so I will need to fill that and weather it in.  I have applied simulated paint chips and scratches with Vallejo. Rain marks are Tamiya Buff heavily thinned with water 5/95 and gradually built up. Overall dusting was a light application of Tamiya Buff on the upper surfaces and Tamiya Flat Earth on the lower portions.

When I dusted the model with the Buff, I didn't skip the canopy so it had a fine mist of paint too. The reverse rain marks were created by using a #1 round brush just moist, almost no thinner left on the brush, with Tamiya Laq. Thinner and pulling down through the paint to remove the Buff. The clumps on the canopy are dried bits of oil paint from an earlier "dusting" with Unbleached Titanium oil paint left to dry and later scrubbed off with Turpenoid.

Also you can see the reconstructed hand. I hate doing things twice, but this was worth it. Now he has grip!

Next is additional washes to highlight panels, rust, and then final dusting but those will occur once it is mounted on the base which is next up.

Model Gallery / MaK/SF3D HASE - Complete
« on: August 17, 2009, 12:33:36 PM »
HASE - Heavily Armored Snake Eye.
Space suit for Lunar and Orbital combat

The armored suit kit and figure are limited run garage kits sold at the Japanese WonderFestival. The hanger base is scratch built around a PVC pipe fitting. The gantry is styrene strip with over 120 individual rivets. Yes, I'm a sci-fi rivet counter. I won't bore you with the WIP. Let's just say the suit was a breeze, the gantry was tedious, the base was fun and the figure... shudder... I'd rather not talk about it.

I know a space suit and hanger would never get this dirty, but NASA clean looks like something in a museum. The suit is hand painted with Vallejo Model Color for a rough artistic look where I expressed the brush marks. Mind you, there are no brush strokes in the paint, it was thinned properly, I chose to use layers of translucent paint to achieve some variety in the surface finish and give it some depth rather than a solid green and white camo job. The paint chips are a combination of those jabbed on with a torn sponge or those applied with a 3/0 brush. The model was then weathered with oil washes, MIG Filters and Washes and some areas were topped off with straight oil paint worked in with thinner as localized filters to brighten or darken for highlights or shadows.

The pilot bust and mechanic are hand painted with Vallejo Model Color.

Overall Views

And Another

Close Ups

To Share

And some Artsy Shots

I'm not sure how well the up-lighting shots worked out. I had a real fancy set up - an LED flashlight in an old salsa jar held in place with some foam. The base was sat on top and held with masking tape. The first shot was underexposed while the second was a 6 second exposure in a dark room. The red eye is a photoshop touch. Normally you're trying to get rid of those things.

Model Talk / EBay Knockoff. You have got to be kidding me!
« on: August 11, 2009, 07:15:39 AM »
Does this look familiar?

To something I did 5 years ago!

Yeah it does because some recasters have copied it and are selling it on EBay. They are even calling it the NS466. The name, design, paint job, details - more or less, what a riot! I'm not posting the EBay link as it will be easy enough to find.  ::) I've sent my complaint into EBay and received the standard form reply. I'm sure they will get right on it.

It's not even a recast, it's a design knock off, these guys are getting more sophisticated. If you look, the Krachenvogal solar panel is not a cast of the Krach part. So here is the lesson for the day, if these crack heads can scratch build, so can you.

Oh wait, theirs doesn't have the top sensor bulge, never mind. It's totally different.

Model Talk / Looking for Robotech Defenders/Dougram Builds or info.
« on: August 06, 2009, 02:09:15 PM »
I picked up a Condar a couple of weeks ago. Simple little kit that I plan to make not so simple by building new hands, grafting a MG frame, and detailing the cockpit. I picked the kit up for cheep on EBay and it's quite a throwback feelin' to the olden days when I built the kit the first time when I was 12.  :D I still have some of the parts in the spares bin.

Searching around, I haven't seen many built Defenders/Dougram online. I've seen this site Is there anything else? Something better.

Are there any Japanese fan sites for Dougram builds?

Is there any line art for the cockpit or mechanics?

What are the original H102 Bushman colors? The colors on MAHQ are dreadful. I'll either paint it like the box art, Dougram colors, or something else.


I've got eventual plans to build a Robotech Defender kit. The hands in those kits are horrible.

Of the three BClub Resin manipulators for the Dom, Sazabi, or 1/20 Scope Dog, which one is the largest? I have the Sazabi hands and I don't think it is big enough, so how would the others compare?


Model Gallery / 1/35 JTR - TacoBeetle-34 Firebeetle - Finished
« on: July 23, 2009, 09:33:49 AM »
Overall Views



Close Ups




Detail Shots

Combo Platter-39

Crispy Relleno

The ground work and vehicle work were pretty straight forward.  The basic ground color is Vallejo Iraqi Sand, the rocks are a custom light gray, this was then given a wash with MIG Neutral Wash. The grass is a mixture of artificial grass and seaweed fibers airbrushed with Tamiya Acrylics. The groundwork was then dusted with MIG Beach Sand, Light Dust and Dry Mud fixed with Turpenoid. the same applies to the Beetle. MIG washes and pigments blend it in with it surroundings. The figure was the most challenging part. It's been 20 years since my last 1/35 scale figure (think Tamiya Flak Gun Crew and Testors Enamels)  and this is the first full figure of any scale I have painted with acrylics. Calvin Tan? More like Calvin and Hobbs but he gets the job done and sells the size of the walker. You guys that paint 1/35 all the time, my hat is off to you. I don't think my highlights are strong enough for the photos. It's the lighting, yeah, I'll blame the lighting.  ;D

Enjoy, BK

Model In-Progress / JTR Taco Bell
« on: May 28, 2009, 08:22:23 AM »
A fun little slap together build is turning into a painting exercise.

I've seen so many good examples of salt weathering that I thought I would give it a try.

Salt Based Paint Chips

Base coat with rusty browns

Apply salt crystals

Airbrush the base colors

Remove salt

Examine where things went wrong.  :(

The colors are no good and the areas masked by the salt looks like ambush camo. Maybe I needed smaller salt crystals. What really did me in was that I had to preplan the salt application. I don't do all that well with planning. I paint as I go and adjust as needed. Applying the salt crystals did not allow me to adjust visually as the chipped paint progressed. That and the end result sucked!

It seams the Ball is a good model to practice your hairspray skills on, right Mike. ;)

Hairspray Based Paint Chips

Let's try this again. Sorry for no progress shots. My utter failure as a human being the first time around discouraged me from taking any progress shots. But there are plenty on the web. Not since Poison 1988 have so many men been so interested in hairspray.

Base coat with the same mixture as above Tamiya Hull Red with a mottled custom medium rust.

Apply a clear coat - Gunze rattle can to protect the paint and let the HS sit on the clear, on the paint.

Apply a couple of coats of hairspray - direct from the can.

Airbrush the base colors - Tamiya Desert Yellow+White and Tamiya Nato Black+White

Wait for the paint to dry to the touch

Work at paint with small brush dipped in water - it may take a while to to soften the HS through the paint, but once it gets going in a area, it's pretty quick and the results are very effective.

Sand colored chips have been applied over the Nato Black to show scuffing. I've included a misc. 1/35 figure with Bob Dole Action Griptm to give a sense of size/scale. I think I'm going to need a smaller brush.

Side mounted gun has been rebuilt with a bunch of misc parts added. Still debating this. The larger rust areas received some variety with different rust colors. More of this will happen in weathering but wanted to give it a base to start.

Even the smallest chips created with the HS method are more realistic than ones created with just paint as this photo shows.  :-\

Next up is markings.

Model Gallery / FNS-465 Krachenvogal
« on: May 21, 2009, 06:43:34 AM »
The Krachenvogal has been on my to do list for oh, 10years  ???  The build is more or less out of the box with some minor exceptions.

Early progress shots.

I replaced some of the smaller details with Wave/Koto option parts, added details to the back of the solar panel and replaced some of the molded in springs. Many of the Krach parts had sink marks which required filling. The Panzerschreks are almost useless because of shrink on the warhead, I ended up leaving them out of the finished build. They're not necessary. The painted AG pods are left overs from a Neuspotter that I built probably 20 years ago. These parts are a royal pain in the butt to clean up so I used parts from my spare bin since I did a pretty good job with the old build and was not looking forward to all that work again.

The base is a Martha Stewart candle holder/coaster/some shit which was never intended to be used for a model. It has a nice brushed aluminum finish and some heft. Groundwork will be simple with mostly tall grass to help hide the brass rod.

Base colors applied

Scene Missing

I skipped any further progress shots as I wasn't sure I was going to like this until I started to apply oils and by then it was too late. The base colors were just too lifeless, so I applied some yellow ocher and sepia filters with oil paints. Then it just looked like a muddled mess. I then selectively applied MIG filters Blue for Panzer Gray to the dark gray areas and Green for Light Green to the pale green base color. These really livened up the colors and helped to save the model.


I used MIG Dark Wash to accent the recesses and panel lines. The wash was very concentrated and I used Turpenoid to thin it further.

The engine bells are F style replacements from Mecha Skunk. They were spray painted with Krylon Dull Aluminum and tinted with Tamiya Clear Blue and Clear Orange applied with an airbrush. I thought Kryon would be impervious to Turpenoid, but it wasn't. It stayed tacky until I hit it with a coat of Gunze Matt from a rattle can. Burn/soot stains were a combination of airbrushing black and black pigment.

The eye and side "lights" are MV Lenses attached with Matt Gel Medium. These were dusted along with the rest of the model to avoid the dirty model/clean headlights look.

I used Vallejo acrylics to accent some of the panels and details and then used oils paints as the final level of highlights. I also used Vallejo to paint the scratches and exposed bare metal. Small dots of Sepia oil paint were applied to selected rusted areas and drawn down with a brush just damp with thinner to create the rust streaks. A combination of light tan and white oil paints were used to lay down the first layer of dust in the corners. I then used various MIG pigments to add the light dust. These were fixed with Turpenoid.

The model was a challenge to light properly with my setup. And I'm not happy with a few of the shots, but here they are. As a result, the close in shots look a lot better than the overall views. Also, I find the rear views more interesting than the front views, maybe there is more going on.

The last image includes an AFS MK1 so you can have a better idea of the size of the Krach. It's an odd design, there is a lot going on at the top and the bottom and the middle is just kinda empty.



Further images

Krach 1
Krach 2
Krach 3
Krach 4
Krach 5
Krach 6
Krach and AFS

Model Gallery / MaK/SF3D Catapult
« on: May 12, 2009, 06:20:32 AM »
What started as


Ended up like this. Poor guy.

The model is 1/35 only by choice. As a "space ship", it could be any scale. The wide body engine area is from an old hair dryer. The main tube is from a Saturn IV kit. The engine base is a yogurt bottle, same as the one used on the Falke. The rest is from a multitude of kits from the spares box. Some are more easily recognizable than others. I stopped counting after 20 or so different kits.

Operation Roman Candle is totally made up but sounds like one of those Banana Peel and Super Hammer jobbers. Pity if you know what I'm talking about.  :lol:

Decals are from numerous sheets. I went heavy on the stencils and light on any "hero" personalized markings. This is the ship that gets the hero to the action, it does not participate in the action, so no glory for the delivery truck. Utilitarian for you buddy.

The model looks very dull. After decals, I used a top cot of the Gunze Matt from a rattle can. Very flat, almost too flat. I totally understand the tendency for a Satin finish for weathering now. Flat is just too flat. Especially space stuff. BTW, there is not a paint chip to be found. Weathering suggests use but not abuse.

I applied multiple layers of filters, some home brewed with oil paints and Turpenoid, and some from the MIG line of Filters. The engine is Testors MM Enamel Chrome airbrushed over a black base. I then masked and applied Tamiya Clear Smoke, Blue and Orange to accent panels. It was then rubbed with MIG Gun Metal, SNJ Powered Aluminum, and MIG Metallic Silver.

Model In-Progress / MaK Krachenvogel WIP
« on: March 31, 2009, 08:08:24 AM »
Started on this the other weekend. Pretty quick build, for me anyway, I replaced some of the smaller details with option parts, added details to the back of the solar panel and replaced some of the molded in springs. Many of the Krach parts had sink marks which required filling. The Panzerschreks are almost useless because of shrink on the warhead, good thing they won't be visible. I still need to fit the front "eye" and add a couple more antennae.

The base is a Martha Stewart candle holder/coaster/some shat which was never intended to be used for a model. It has a nice brushed aluminum finish. Groundwork will be simple with mostly tall grass to help hide the brass rod.

Model Gallery / Rust Bucket
« on: March 30, 2009, 07:23:03 AM »
This was a little experiment for a rusty finish and mixed vegetation. Most of the "plants" are natural grasses and shrubbery from either around the house or near the office. The dried grasses were airbrushed several Tamiya greens.

A complete WIP can be found here: Rust Bucket

Model Gallery / Wave AFS Mk1 - Complete
« on: February 09, 2009, 09:59:16 AM »
As the title says, this is the Wave AFS Mk1 completed. The build is mostly OOB. I replaced the kit joints with epoxy putty, replaced the power pipe with a Kotobukiya spring, added the missing wires, and textured the plastic with combinations of Mr Surfacer, liquid cement, an x-acto blade or a small cutter in a motor tool.

It is entirely hand painted with Vallejo Model Color and their Panzer Aces Line. I used thinned oil paints to tint and add washes and MIG pigments were used for the dirt and dust effects. The figure is painted with acrylics too.

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