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Model Gallery / 1/144 Gouf Custom OOB
« on: October 10, 2006, 03:23:42 PM »
I figured I should post something of mine to get a foothold on here, so I pulled out my old Gouf Custom and dusted it off for some pictures.
This model kit was done a VERY long time ago, at least 4 years, and I have since learned many new techniques and such from these very forums :D  The model was snapped together then painted. After a few broken parts and some roughed up paint, I decided to experiment on it. I used epoxy and left over sprue to fix the broken arm pins, then I tried a shading technique that I made up on spot. I simply mixed up some colors that were darker than the original plastic and painted them on.  :oops:  I feathered out the paint to make it blend better with some thinner then filled all the panel lines with a wash of black or dark blue acrylic and dry brushed several shades of brown and grey to simulate dirt and dust.
Looking back, and looking at the peice, it was a good attempt, and it looks reasonable. There are still huge gaps and seam lines, but, over all, I think it turned out well.
With that said, I have learned a lot and am very anxious to put what I have learned over the past years to use, but I just dont have the tools or money to do it at the time being.

Front View

Back View

Collage of differnt pics

I know my photography is horrible. Its another thing that I cant improve upon much just yet. All I have is a small digicam, some flashlights, and lightsabers. :oops: Trust me when I say it looks better in person.

Questions, comments, suggestions, anything, shoot away  :lol:
Oh, and um...I used the same Thumbnail code that Fucly posted in the rules...and it didnt work. I did everything he said, yet no dice. Did I miss something? :shock:

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