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Model In-Progress / 15mm (1/100ish) scale Finnish Army for War gamming
« on: August 26, 2009, 12:34:55 AM »
Hello there I thought I would post up pictures of my near completed AFVs for use in the game Flames of War.

all the vehicles need is some slight weathering, I've found that in this scale that is the easiest thing to totally mess up.

This is a Soviet T-28's, the Finns captured around 7 of them and put them back into service. I painted it in Finnish Three tone camouflage using the colors that the miniature manufacturer recommended.

This is a unit of three StuG G's. Finland purchased several from Germany.

and Finally a unit of T-34/85s. these were also captured from the soviets.

As soon as my Infantry gets farther along than bare metal glued to a bast I'll post some pictures of them.

Finishes, Decals, and Weathering / Fixing Pigments to a model
« on: June 02, 2009, 01:09:12 PM »
Hello there, I recently got two sets of MIG pigments, from the few experiments I really like the results. I had purchased them with the intention of using them on the various wargameing models I have, (mostly WWII) but when I used testors Dull coat all of my work disappeared. Now I know it's best to just not touch the piece in order to best preserve the pigments. this isn't really a solution for my situation as you have to touch the models to play the wargame.

So what can I do?

Model In-Progress / warhammer Dwarf Army
« on: February 03, 2007, 11:49:37 AM »
Below I shall chronicle my epic struggle to paint all off the miniatures I have in this army. First up is what I have done so far.

The full images are 1024x768 pixels

This is the Thane, he's basically a prince kind of thing and is the army general.

The back of the Thane

This is the Runelord/ Runesmith He is there to slow you magic.

The back of the  Runelord/ Runesmith

This is the first unit of warriors, there are 20 of them in this unit, I still need to add sand and other bits, They also need their sheilds as do the rest of the warriors in the army.

top view

The second unit of warriors, Basically the same story as the first one

top view

These are the long beards, they're basically the elite troops in the army. They still need they're shields and the bases need to be finished.

top view

The gyrocopter, This is the only thing that I would consider truly "done" the base on it is what the rest of the army's will look like some day.

Top down view.

One of the artillery pieces in the army, basicly a stone thrower.

This is merely for scale, just to see how small these things are.

Later I shall make an attempt at explaining the methods by witch these things were done. In the meantime comments and questions are more than welcome

Model In-Progress / 1/100 HG tallgeese (built as number 1)
« on: August 30, 2006, 10:23:31 PM »

This kit was given to me for a birth day a few years ago and for some sick reason I decided
that I would accomplish the the look of the Tallgeese I by the use of Gundam Markers....

so I have decided to do this kit right.

First step was soaking all the parts that were painted in 91% alcohol.

oh, believe me, it's not butter......anyway.

after I had sufficiantly cleaned the parts I started sanding off the plastic nubs (Which I also did not do on my first build).

And that is all for now, I will probibly still be sanding all week.

Questions? Comments? Conserns?

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