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Model Gallery / MG RX-78-2 , sort of anyway...
« on: May 24, 2005, 05:09:07 PM »
This is the second kit I've "completed". Nowhere near what you guys are showing but I thought I should at least post evidence I'm actually trying to aplly what I read. It's a bootleg copy I took off a friend for about $3-$4 (he thought he was buying something decent looking). I started this thing about a year ago with the intention of making look like an original but after about 7 months of plastering, scraping, shaving and scribing I decided to heck with it and just practice modding and painting instead of wasting original parts. At least I now know what to do with a Proj. Phoenix version(or what not...) :lol:

Mods(what can be seen here anyway):
1. Backpack built-up
2. Sabers replaced with "fuel cells" :P
3. Added boosters to shoulder armor
4. Added boosters to lower legs
5. Modified some of the upper chest and vent armor.
6. Cut up the shield
7. Decals are from Bandai and from the kit itself. They are inaccurate and are mostly there to see what they would look like.

Most of the mods are to cover up severe mold irregularities and bad parts. Unfortunately I only have a dinky HP 5MP camera(no actual focus) so the pics are rather bad. Anyhow, any opinion or suggestion about what you see will be welcome as they will help me make my 3rd(1/144 Serpent mod, original)  in the works better. I hope I can find a decent, affordable digital camera.

Kit Specifics / OZ-06MS LEO, looking for pics
« on: April 13, 2005, 06:19:33 AM »
I'd like to try my hand on doing an actual scratch build so I went and looked around for the Gundam Wing grunt OZ-06MS LEO. Unfortunately all I could find are profile shots like the ones on MAHQ which aren't really a good basis for accurate dimensions.

So I'm looking for a schematic-type(no angles/effects) Front, Back or Side drawing. Any one should be enough to get better measurements. I'd also like to know of a publication that have these so I could try getting that if there aren't any images available. :)

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