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Finishes, Decals, and Weathering / Coating and decal solvent ???
« on: April 03, 2006, 11:44:14 AM »
Can I replace future floor with gunze H20 Flat Varnish and H30 Gloss Varnish ? And what is gunze Mr. Mark Softer and Microsol (set) ? I dont know what is the different about decal setting solution and decal solvent ! I want something that can make my decal dont look so glossy and erh...  look a bit old (dull). Sorry my english is bad, hope you guys know what i mean.

I always use the lacquer-base paint (TOA) for my paint job, but if i not careful the paint can make my model meld and emit some hazardous element which bad for my health . So i decided to try the so-called acrylic paint you guys recommend. Then, my problem started now, first i go to my Tamiya Dealer and buy some paint, and they tell me they out of Tamiya paint (sic), so they sell me their new paint -Testor- Arcyl acrylic base. I got no choice cause they told me that they have no intetion of shipping Tamiya paint again (!), what kind of dealer is it ????  Then i got some paint from them which cost me about 20$ (3$ per small bottle), damn those paint sure cost alot ! But i cannot help it so i "happily" (sic) bring those new paint to my workshop, although FF recommend Tamiya paint in his/her painting tutorrial (flash) i think that all acrylic base paint all the same so i mix 1 bottle of flat black and 1/3 bottle of flat white and ready to paint my model. The last step is, when i add isopropyl alcohol 100% to thin the paint, they started to PRECIPITATE ! (dunno if this is the correct words, i use the online dictionary to check)
which mean i must use the Testor brand thinner. After that i rush to my Tamiya dealer and they tell me they dont have the thinner, they recommend me to thin with water (to hell with 'em). So, i thinned with water and they take me alot of time to DRY. So i run to my drawer and take some artist arcylic paint to try. Now i find that artist acrylic paint can be thin very well with isopropyl alcohol, but i dont know if i can masked, hi-light, shade ... with 'em ? Because i have no experience using acrylic paint (save those artist acrylic paint).
So, what do you guys recommend me to do ? Using those Testor but thin with water or using artist acrylic paint ( the brand is Daler Rowney) and thin with isopropyl alcohol ? And i still dont know why you guys thin pain with isopropyl alcohol (this take me a while to find, and costly, about 4$ / 500ml). I always use acetone to thin my paint.

Thanks you for your time, and response  :D and forgive my bad english, i try very hard to make you guys understand me.   :o   :o

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