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There seems to be a lot of metal thrusters and tubes available from a lot of different vendors, does anyone have any thoughts on which would be best for the MG Sinanju?  I'm just looking to replace the tubing and thrusters, but not with anything too large.  A lot of the replacement thrusters I've seen have cool detail, but are way too big.

I'm also curious if anyone has tried photo-etched or metal transfers for the detail markings. 

And while I'm at it, does anyone have a recommended source for some of the option parts like the bazooka or beam gatlings?


Capitalism Corner* / Thinking of selling a bunch of kits
« on: August 16, 2010, 02:17:31 PM »
Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting rid of some of my kits, since I've been way too busy for modeling lately, and could use the cash for other projects.  I have no idea what these are realistically worth to people now, so if you guys can tell me, that would really help me decide what to sell.

Here's what I have:

PG Strike (snapped, with an extra sword) + PG Sky Grasper (new in box)
MG Blue Frame Second L Revise (new in box)
MG Unicorn (snapped + extra bazooka + stand + waterslide decals)
MG Hyaku Shiki + Ballute (new in box)
MG Crossbone (new in box)
MG Zeta 2.0 (snapped)
MG Char's Z-Gok (snapped)
1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom (snapped)
MG Ex-S + NeoGrade hobbyfan recast conversion + Coreworks recast conversion (snapped, no work done on resin)
MG Dom (partially painted)

I really don't want to part with any of these, but I don't know when I'm going to get to these (I've only done two kits in the last year), and there's some gear I think I want a lot more.


Capitalism Corner* / WTB: Gundam toys (Robot Damashii, Fix, MSIA, etc.)
« on: December 08, 2009, 11:44:57 AM »
Just curious if anyone would want to part with any of their mecha figures?  If they're mostly complete, and in good condition, please let me know by PM or post.  Thanks!

Model Gallery / Orange Frame Astray Custom
« on: May 31, 2009, 11:24:44 AM »
Here's a kit I built and shot several months back, but have been too busy to post (hopefully now I'll get around to a couple others I haven't posted).  It's a 1/100 Red Frame kit with a few modifications, Exia resin hands, mechaskunk parts, and custom paint.  It was also the first time I used Mr. Super Metallic paint, and I have to say I like it a LOT better than alclad II.  Let me know what you think.

The rest of the pics are here:

I'm looking for any kits (preferably used) of 50's cars, bikes, scooters, grills, tailfins, headlights, whatever kits or parts you might have.  For my Group Build 5 entry I need anything with an art-deco theme that's made out of plastic or resin.  I'm especially interested in any Vespa scooter model kits, or anything that resembles it.  Please let me know if any of you are looking to sell anything like this.


Hey guys, I recently picked up a pretty cheap MG Ex-S, so I thought I'd add on a conversion kit.  The problem is there's two that I like.  The CW ver.2 kit, and the Neograde kit both have parts I like, so I was toying with the idea of getting both, then selling off whatever I don't use or can't recast.  The Neograde is nice because it's unique, and is easier to build for someone new to resin kits.  The CW one is truer to the original, and has a bit more flow to the design (and I can get it for cheaper).

Basically I'm torn, so I thought I'd see what people here thought.  If you could mix and match these two conversion kits, what parts of each would you keep, or would you stick with just one kit?  Here are some pics of the parts I'm torn on...


I know I prefer the CW head but the rest I could go either way on.  I like the shoulders, gun, and removable chest pieces of the Neograde, but I can't seem to decide if they're overkill or not.  So what would you guys do if you could build any combination of the two?

Capitalism Corner* / Looking for 1/100 Coreworks Ex-S head
« on: February 19, 2008, 04:18:50 PM »
Hope someone can help here.  I'm looking for a coreworks Ex-S head from the ver.2 conversion kit, or anything like it.  So if anyone has one for sale, or is willing to recast one, or allow me to recast theirs, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanx.

Hope someone can help here, because I can't find these in stock anywhere.  I'm looking for 1/100 hands for an HG Astray, so either the HDM59 set, or the HDM66 set.  So if anyone knows where to find them, or is willing to sell them, even if it's just one pair out of the set that you're not using, please let me know.  Thanks.

Okay, so I have no idea what to call this thing.  Maybe as this thing comes together someone else can come up with a less retarded name.  Anyways, this mod will be mostly focused on increasing the Kämpfer's armor, and giving it a ridiculously huge gun.  I'm kind of building it as it goes, with no real final look in mind.  I'll basically do as much modding as I have time for, so any suggestions on what's needed will be greatly appreciated.  Here's some pics of what I've done so far.

Everything is just tacked in place for now, but you can see I've removed the thrusters from the sides of the upper legs, and added the Sazabi's skirt armor.  I also lengthened the knees and abdomen to make the mech less squat, and to make room for other mods.  On the back I'm adding six pods (maybe as additional generators, or some sort of munition launchers).  Here's a pic from the back...

And finally I've added the Sazabi abdomen cannon, and cut out the armor to fit around it.  This area is still pretty rough, and will need some additional mods to help it blend in to the torso.  Here's a close up pic...

So that's all I have for now.  I plan to make extensive use of minus molds, and other option parts/little plastic bits to add detail to the body.  For the color scheme I'm going with mostly off-white armor, dark gray mechanics, and some blue highlights.  The main weapon (which I'm still very torn on) will most likely be a heavily modded Ex-S rifle, made to look more like the mech weapons from 7 Samurai.  An additional pack will go on the rear waist of the Kämpfer, and will have two or three mesh tubes running from it to the weapon (I'm also still considering doing the same thing for a large sword, halberd, or some type of Spartan style sheild).  I still need to decide what (if anything) I'm going to do with the head, legs, or feet, so any suggestions in this area would be great.

Model Talk / Who knows this mobile suit?
« on: March 28, 2007, 11:38:19 AM »
Okay, my google skills have failed me, and I can not find any more pictures of this suit...

All I know is that it's called Newman, and that I like it, and want to try to make it.  Would anyone have any other pics of it, or even links to where to get the manga (Under the Gundam: Almarya)?


Model Gallery / Cursed Thirteen - GM Mk.II Heavy Weapons Type
« on: February 02, 2007, 01:02:03 PM »
Well after several months, I've finally finished my first ever mod project.  I was originally going to call this thing Lucky 13, since 13 is normally a lucky number for me, but after going through the cluster-f$ck of a nightmare that this build was, I decided it was definitely cursed.  I've had to repaint several parts multiple times, I've had to rebuild parts after my baby got a hold of them, I had to re-flat coat after the first one nearly ruined the paint, and I had to get a whole new head when I ruined the first one by trying to strip off too much primer (a HUGE thanks to Major Blah for supplying the replacement head).  All in all, it didn't turn out nearly as well as I wanted, but at this point I'm just glad to be done.  Oh well, on to the pics.

So for mods I scratch built the new weapons and ammo drums, using chains from Mechaskunk (which were really hard to paint).  Also from Mechaskunk, there were metal beads on the skirt and ankle armor.  I also added aluminum thrusters (with the outer portion painted with Alclad Steel), and the gernade launcher rifle add-on, both from Ako-Hobby.  Aside from that was just a dozen smaller mods scattered across the body, such as knee caps, extra grill on the GM head, modified the angle of the Gundam head brow, added options parts, etc., etc..

Here's some shots with the modified Gundam head.

A big thanks to everyone who gave me input on my WIP thread.  And if anyone is interested, I can post other pics (my wife is a photographer, and could do a much better job than me).

Model Gallery / MG RB-79K Ball .... Built by a 6-year-old
« on: August 03, 2006, 11:50:24 PM »
Here's an MG Ball my son built a few weeks back.  He assembled it himself, picked out the colros, and did most of the painting.  For my part, I did the Alclad painting (that stuff is a little too toxic), some of the detailing, and I installed some fiber optic lights (the two side lights, and one overhead in the cockpit).  Of course by the time my wifes new digital camera arrived, either the light had burned out, or the battery had run out.  :cry:  Oh well, it probably wouldn't have show up in the pictures anyway.  So, here are some pics.

Model In-Progress / 1/100 GM Mk.II Heavy Weapons Type
« on: June 23, 2006, 11:55:12 PM »
Well, I've had this MG Mk.II Ver.2 for a while, and finally decided what to do with it.  The Mk.II has this burly look to it, so I thought I'd turn it into a ground-pounder suppressive fire support mech.  Like something that provides cover fire, or ranged attacks while other units try to break through an enemy line.  So I'm taking the head (which I don't like at all), and replacing it with a GM Kai head.  I'm also toning down the color scheme, I'm looking for something mean and utilitarian.  Here's a few of my concept schemes; I'd really appreciate some thoughts...

For weapons, I'm doing something I've wanted to do for a long time, big-ass chainguns mounted on each arm.  Here's another mock-up...

What isn't shown in this mock-up is the hands holding the attached pistol-grips, the feed-belts, and the ammo-drums.

I'll be using some of Fulcy's ammo-feed belts to connect each gun to two ammo drums mounted on the rear of the waist.  I might also give a modded Ex-S beam rifle to it.  Other planned mods (which I might just end up abandoning so that I actually complete this thing) are a visor for the helmet (ala Halo), multi-purpose shoulder launchers (like on the Hazel), and twin scratch-built missle pods attached to the chainguns.  That's it for now, I know it may not sound really ambitions, but it's a lot for me (especially since I want to have it done in two-three months).  All suggestions will be gladly taken (since this is essentially my first modded kit). :oops:

Kit Specifics / MG Strike + Powered GM backpack?
« on: March 15, 2006, 10:50:21 AM »
Hey guys, I'm starting on a scratchbuild project for the MG Strike (mostly in the form of 3 new Striker packs), and I had a question for those who have used the Powered GM upgrade (either from Ako Hobby, or the resin kind).  How close of a fit is the backpack to the MG Strike?

I know this is hard to say for those who don't have the MG Strike, but I wanted to see if there were any really obvious reasons why you couldn't modify it to fit (size, structure, etc.).  Thanx for any help.

PS:  I realize the whole scratchbuilt Striker pack is a ripoff of FichtenFoo's idea for the Shinobi Strike (as well as a couple other modellers), but I still think it's a good idea that has at least some room for creativity in it.

PPS: Does anyone know of any other sites like Ako Hobby that sells original Gundam weapons and conversion parts? (something different from the B-Club stuff that HLJ carries)  Sorry if this has been asked before.

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