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Model In-Progress / RGM-79-BD-1 GM BLITZ
« on: March 27, 2006, 11:30:07 PM »
WARNING: The first bit is about how this model is inspired. May not make sense.

A thing I've been working on over three years, because I'm always unsatisfied with  my designs, and finally I'm slowly reaching the final parts.... Or so I thought. Basically this is a model inspired by Blue Destiny Gundams and a mix of mechwarrior.  Well, the only part that was inspired by it was  the chest. Let's see.... I was playing mechcommander, so long ago and really like the looks of the Vulture. At the same time I was watching Blue Destiny manga, and were really interested by how close the suits resembled the 08th MS suits (08th MS Team is my favorite series). At the same time, my Ground Type GM and my EZ8 were "heavily damaged beyond repair" due to my testing with models.  AND I also got a bunch of parts from one of my friends who literally tore his models apart and didn't care much about it anymore and decided to pass it over to me. In it were parts of Nataku and Heavyarms (EW) 1/100 and other misc stuff. One day I was just daydreaming when my mind got jumbled up with all the above mentioned and so this is what came out of that.

In the middle of the night, when most of the soldiers are under a spell, sirens suddenly wail. An  explosion ensues, and panic falls over the base. "The Federation is attacking!" One shouts. "Get to your suits!" A lieutenant orders. He heads to an intercomm and connects to HQ command, asking the situation.

"We're under attack, sir!" replied the operator.
"I know that! What's the size of the force and where are they coming from."
"It's only one unit, and it's heading towards the hangars..."
"Only one unit and we cannot suppress it?" the lieutenant asks.
"Mobile suits have already been dispatched to eliminate the enemy, however, they are being beaten one by o..."
Before the operator could finish, the lieutenant ran to the nearest vehicle and started towards the hangars. Within meters to the hangar, it explodes. The force of the explosion knocked the vehicle to it's side and the lieutenant evacuated the car bruised and scratched. All around him, debris litter everywhere. All of a sudden agust of wind rushes towards him and he ducks behind the car. Looking back up, all he sees are bright flames flying over a building....

Dawn finally came... much of the fire created by the attack were pretty much smothered  . Battered by the attack, the lieutenant finally regained control of himself. He went straight for headquaters, hoping to find answers. However, when he reached what was left of the headquaters, the answer shocked him. In fact, everyone was shocked of what happened. One mobile suit was not only not repeled, it successfully destroyed key components of the base.

One man then said "It came like a tornado... It came right through here, leaving nothing but damage behind it...."

==== OFFICIAL Model In Progress Report ====
Ok... So my model is mainly designed for hit and run tactics, which means it needs to be swift and quick, while hitting targets that cripples the enemy.. To make it more fearsome, I decided to make it pack a bit more firepower, and that is where the missles on the chest comes in. The images taken are a bit on the bad side, and I apologize for that, since I took that 3 years ago. To clairify and at the same time to get the paint scheme ready I drew the two images not long ago. The backpack may seem a little bulky but that should be a reasonable size since that's where the generators are put, in order to accomodate the missles in the chest. In addition, the sheer size of the backpack is for fuel capacity since the attack will have the verniers full thrust, which leads to high fuel consumption. The backpack is partly inspired from the GM sniper II backpack. The middles part of the pack is constructed with the backpack containers that came with the EZ8, and the sides are from my deceased ReGZ. In addition, the hip armor and the leg thrusters are also courtesy of my ReGZ. Instead of using it as grenade launchers, I dug out the area and made it into vents, to cool down the suit. That's all for now. I've also completed designing my shield, but I don't have any images of it, but will soon. Basically what it is is something similar to a GM SNiper II shield. I use the shield from my EZ8 and added one more layer of armor from my 1/100 Alex, another one of my dead suits. On the inside, I will have a beam rifle, from the EZ8, attached to it.

That's all for now.
Ja ne~

Eternal Fantasy

Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Cutting Plastic
« on: January 16, 2006, 10:33:52 AM »
Hey guys, especially the FF man, I've seen in your pics of the modifications, and I've been wondering.... How did you cut the plastics for the mods? The only way I can do it so far is to use my knife and cut a line down and repeat the process until it's seperated from the big piece. It's so annoying so I hope that there is another easier, less time consuming way.

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