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Model In-Progress / Project "Linebacker"
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:40:40 PM »
The whole German name thing got old on me so I chose "Linebacker", and I'm building it to suit its name. I always thought the Kampfer design was a bit too, uhm, "curvy" as if it needed a skirt and tube top so I'm changing that. Nothing you see is final as I change ideas everytime I stick something on. It is going to be human-sized or slightly larger so I will need to find/create parts to show that scale. Diorama is out of the question. Any ideas on what can make it look about 6 to 7 feet tall? Maybe a cell phone or iPod. Anyway.. onto the pics.

Here the body is widened using 5-minute epoxy putty. I shaped the shoulder mounts, pressed the female poly cap socket into it and wrapped the putty around it. The shoulder ball snaps so nicely into it that I'm afraid of taking it back out. This epoxy is stronger than anything on the model. On the torso you can make out the two holes I drilled with the matching pins on the armor below.

Armor pins. I am using the top torso armor for the front, and the bottom torso armor for the rear.

Looks much better than the old girly shoulders, but something's missing. Okay, time to add more meat. I also thought the head was cool but 2 minutes later I didn't.

Shoulder armor from the mecha graveyard, widened with styrene the filled with putty.

How it stands tonight, at least until I touch it again.

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