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Concepts / Wildwurger Builds
« on: September 29, 2009, 09:44:06 AM »
Hey, Not sure were else to put this...
But has anyone seen any Wildwurger builds that stand out? I got the kit as a gift and was just can't seem to find any good reference photos of a finished build aside from OOB ones.

Painting/Priming / Glowing parts? Without Radiation?
« on: January 26, 2009, 08:37:25 PM »
Seriously, I just saw this for a Gundam 00 Action figure and was wondering it there where any decent glow in the dark paints, or plastics... or whatever it is that makes things glow. I think this would be an interesting design that has some use somewhere, although I can see it being very cheesy and lame as well. But imagine a GM visor that is just green in the light, and flick off the lights and they are all lit up without wiring in a LED!

So if anyone has played with this, or has any ideas, I'm very curious.

Model Gallery / A Tribute to Jean Tinguely (Three day build)
« on: January 21, 2009, 08:49:52 PM »
As the title reads, this was a three day build I did for my 3D fundamentals class.
For the majority of the class we made paper sculptures, however for our final project our instructor gave us the freedom choosing other mediums to sculpt in. The only catch was that we had to familiarize ourselves with a sculptor, and make the sculpture of our own in homage to their art.

The artist I chose was Jean Tinguely, who quite frankly I've never heard of until that class. After reading a few biographies about him I began to grow interested. He is a Dada sculpture, which means his art is usually 'useless.' Have no value other than political satire and aesthetic appeal. Tingueley's machines usually self destruct, or just plain move with no use or function other than to look aesthetic. One of his most notable sculptures was 'Homage to New York' where he was overwhelmed by American materialistic views, and heavy industry. Therefore he made a sculpture, that over a slow coarse of time, as it moved, destroyed itself.

Brilliant if you ask me, so taking reference from a few of his sculptures (Most notably the death car) I came up with a small statue of what appears to be a useless machine. As the title suggest, one more, it was done in three days and was built with various parts from my scrap collection and held together with a mixture of superglue and a hot glue. (Horrible I know, but the outcome wasn't too bad) I gave it a once over with some tamiya white primer, then gave it a few loose coats of Tamiya Nato Black. The finished kit has some places where the paint didn't come through, and you can see some of the hot glue, but the sloppiness isn't far from something Jean himself would create.

Check out youtube for some of his machines, they are very interesting and full of political satire, there is even a museum of him in, if I recall right, is Sweden.

And, so... here are the pictures. I finished this a few quarters ago, and originally wasn't going to post it, but I guess I might as well since it's the only thing resembling a model that I've completed in a few years.


Model In-Progress / Scrap Build Project EX-F001A
« on: June 05, 2008, 06:29:09 AM »
So, while waiting for paint to dry I work on my glasgow, and if the glasgow is at a stuck-spot, then I've been working on this:


This is going to be a complete scratch build, with no basis for design but inspiration. The model design has a rough idea of what it will look like, but I'm going in phases, starting with Phase 1. Which will be the basic frame shape and the working joints.

Here are a few of my sketches:

Sketch 1

Sketch 2
Accurate Sketch.

Model In-Progress / RPI-11 Glasgow NG/NS Scratch Build
« on: June 03, 2008, 05:12:00 PM »
I started this project up, to give me something to do while I wait for paint to dry. Here is a shot of what I have aside from the puttying that I am doing, Once it's all cleaned up and such I will post more.

This is all the basic blocking for the chest and cockpit portions of the Glasgow, right now I have filled in a lot of the inside to keep it stable using miliput, which is taking it's sweet sweet time to dry. Also, I have started to make the circular arm joints out of car parts, so hopefully that will be posted soon.

For anyone who doesn't know: Here is a link to my research page.

Model Talk / Architecture Modeling
« on: April 26, 2008, 12:00:23 PM »
Found this on my G-Mail, it has some awesome pictures, it a very nice model site. (Even if it's not tanks and mechs.)

Don't know what my deal is with all these missing links.. XD

Capitalism Corner* / Looking for MMP-80
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:36:53 PM »
I'm looking for a 1:100 scale MMP-80 machine gun.

I am willing to trade, I have various weapons and small parts sitting around that will most likely never be used.

I will also pay if that is more reasonable. I don't care what kit it is from or if it's PS or Resin. Thanks

Model Help* (Check Stickies and Search First) / Metal Thrusters
« on: April 03, 2008, 10:24:33 AM »
Ok, I'm a complete noob when it comes to metal thrusters. I e-mailed fulcy for some a specific questions about the model I'm using and he was kind enough to guide me in the direction of measuring out the stock thrusters. The only problem I am having now is that the stock thrusters are smaller than any metal thrusters I can find. The kit I want to buy it for a a Ver. 2 MS-06F

Truster Sizes:

Main Thrusters: opening diameter ~6mm x Height: ~7mm
Leg Thrusters (Small): opening diameter ~5mm x height ~ 3mm

and lastly, I'm not to concerned about these but the bottom of the feet have a opening diameter of ~10mm

Looking though the thrusters on Mechaskunk the smallest opening diameter (Bell shape) thruster is ~9mm...

So my question is... Where can I find smaller diameter thrusters? If I am just ignorant, and misreading or misinterpreting things, I'll apologize ahead of time.

Model In-Progress / MS-06S Agar Heavenly's Zaku II
« on: March 31, 2008, 10:37:48 PM »
Oh no, I bought another kit before I finished my last one. Aside from planning other kits, soaking up advice, and working on other projects, I still bought this kit. I've been itching to do this project really bad; and as a result my PONG and RX-78-3 Airstrike have been pushed to side projects. I have done a lot of progress on my Airstrike, but am holding pictures until it's finished.

Anyway, now that I'm done ranting, here is my latest work. It's sad really; I had the day of release marked on my desktop calender for this model. Buying it a few days after release, and accidentally shipping it priority it, I got it in about three days. (At the cost of nearly 30 dollars shipping... owch)

Step 1. Testfitting.

I spend two days, from the moment I got it, till the next evening, putting the kit together. It doesn't snap together like most older Mastergrades: with countless little rods going into little holes. Instead they found a lot of creative ways around that, which makes assembling and de-assembling this kit nice. Also, I think the largest part is the shield; the cockpit is the largest segment, but, other than that it's mostly small pieces that hook together. Just about everything on this kit moves, it's like a little perfect grade. I couldn't help but play with the poseability of the kit for a while, it's fun to pose it. It's a superb kit, one of the best I've put together in a long time.

Step 2. The Core.

After watching a few other modelers on this site, I saw that a good approach to modifying and detailing a kit was to do it segments. Since everything was sanded and ready to work with in two days, I started planning things out. I had also found a hobby shop nearby and picked up some files, and miliput which I can't wait to work with.

I bought some styrene rods, at the perfect dimension where I could cut out small rectangles to add for detail. I love these little things, and how they add to a kit. So, I started to apply them around the neck. After adding them there I started to place them allover the design. Another thing I enjoy on kits; the small vernier's placed along the armor. While attaching these I kept a few things in mind. Where would they have use, and where on the kit are they already. The zaku has lots of holes in it, so I drilled out a bunch of those and put in the beads, as well as making a few spots of my own.

Two questions I have here are: Am I going overboard on my geebles? and... Should I put the beads in after I paint? They seem like they would be a pain to mask, however, I don't want to risk chipping my paint scheme.

Here are some photos:

Here is a overveiw of what I have geebled up so far. You can see my rectangle bits, and my holes for where the beads will be inserted. I still need to go in and clean up a few things, but for now I'm trying to get a general feel throughout the whole kit.


Here is the back of the waist, there where two indents there, but I decided to make them go all the way through. My new files made this a breeze, and I am actually happy with the results.


Build-Offs & Duels / PONG! - The grape!
« on: March 17, 2008, 01:10:29 PM »
Well, haven't done much modeling of any sorts the last week because my parents where in town visiting me. But that gives me so much to work with since I was able to mooch off them.  :razz:

However, I did get some progress done on building this before they got here.

Step 1. Brainstorming.

First step was the brainstorm process... I feel like an iron chef, preparing something with a secret ingredient. XD
"Today's secret ingredient PING PONG BALLS!
Ala Gundam!"

Thank you for that...

So, the challenge with the Ping-Pong ball is the shape, working with a sphere is difficult, so I thought of things that where round to work with. First off was a Haro, then I thought about a RB-79 ball... then I thought back to an old assignment I did for a class a few quarters ago.

The assignment was to take fruits and vegetables and design something based on their shape, one of the mock ups I did was a grape series of vehicles. I did a buggy, a copter, and a submarine. I figured this would be perfect to build as a side project to work on while doing my other main projects.

On that note, I drew up a few examples of what the grape could do, I am obsessed with interchangeable packs and parts, I think that is something that makes a machine efficient.

Step 2. The ball.

A few days after working out designs and thinking up ideas, I made my way over to target and bought six balls for about three dollars, a very cheap part. After wasting two balls testing out the waters, I found out quite a few things.
1. Ping pong balls are very thin, and the plastic is very flimsy to work with.
2. Spheres are very hard to work with
3. The ball is in two halves, however,  they are seemingly welded shut.
4. They are filled with a nasty smelling gas called Cellulos (or something...)
5. They are much smaller then I remembered them being.

Despite all this, I found where to start.

Step 3. Prototyping.

After analyzing what I had to work with, I went to my scrap box and went through it to find what parts I could use and where. Digging up miscellaneous scraps from machines and whatno, I had a good start. So using sticky tack to apply them and see how they looked. Here are my final images of that:

The top is a random part, along with the back. The back pieces is actually put into a space that is cut out. The sides are from the GP-03's HGUC shield, and the thing it's setting in is for a capsule toy. Currently, I have shaped things up, and waiting for a good day to putty some parts on, then finished up the windshield. But I'm in finals right now so it may be a little while. Thanks!

So I took a trip over to Micheal's the other day while my girlfreind was getting some supplies for school. While there I couldn't resist looking around for some small tidbits to buy for my models, or anything in general. But I found some good stuff though and I would share.

First off, in the jewelry section (One of the best for small parts, and small metal parts) I found a packet that came with four small containers of silver plated beads. The bottles themselves are worth the roughly 8.00 spent on them, but each contains 250-150 beads that are perfect size to add to your kit. They come in four different sizes and I found size 2 to be the best to add them into armor. Finding the right size drill bit and drilling a hole, I put one into a part then pressed it in, and it looks just like you see here. Image credit to Jeep Style

Second, although I refrained from buying it, they have these bins that are round, about 5.00 bucks. But they have many small containers perfect for sorting out small bits like polycaps and spares. The main components is round, and has a small round container on top, and attached around the sides are about five smaller bins that slide off. I am really wanting to get this bit, It's perfect for all my small parts.

Well, the other stuff is nothing new, Floral Styrofoam and sticky tack.

Concepts / Glagow Concept, having some design issues.
« on: March 07, 2008, 01:05:32 AM »
As the title says, I'm building a mech that has no kit, so it will be completely scratch built. But first I want to iron out all the kinks and get some feedback, opinions, and advice.  :D

There is no kit for this piece I want to start working on. (I'm horrible about starting too many projects, but I've been really good about making progress on them lately so I'm letting myself slide.)

Besides, what's so bad about planning things?
I want to try something new, there is a fairly recent anime called Code Geass, I'm sure many have heard of it. My girlfriend made me start watching it, and so I did, and I found myself liking it. And I actually like some of the early mech designs and concepts in the first few episodes (Only on like five, so don’t spoil anything for me!)

Anyway, with all that mumbo-jumbo out of the way, here is the project:

RPI-11 Glasgow
fourth generation Nightmare Frame of the Britannia Empire. I really enjoy the concept behind this design, it's not very tall, 4.24m, which is dwarfed by a mobile suit. It has interesting weapons and technology. For example; Scope Eye that folds out of the face into a big Cyclops thing, Slash Harken which are just rocket powered grappling hooks, and badass roller skates!

So, instead of fallowing the story of the show or whatnot, I am just going to make a Glasgow that looks weathered and used, and very militaristic. Basically, a tank... with legs?
However... For my build I have a few issues I face....

1) Am I good enough of a modeler to do this?
2) There are really no good line arts, so I would have to base this off screen shots.. and what little MAHQ has.
3) All the screen shots are inaccurate, it's hard to tell how things measure up. (I Need a good side view damnit!)

So, I sat down... and compiled all the reasarch I could muster on my attention span... Also, I'll ask some question to see what other people think, just for some recommendations, it's my kit I'll make the final decision.

The Head:

The head is neat, it looks nothing like anything I have seen in mechs before. It looks very organic compared to the rest of the body, and has some interesting features. First off is this guy. This is a camera scope thing, which purpose alludes me... but it looks awesome. Also, the face is just a round surface with four smaller cameras, and when it uses it's scope, the face opens up and the camera for this device is revealed, and it's big, same size as the regular face. I'm debating weather I want to make a working face that opens, or rather just make a face that I just change a piece too. I’m debating on wiring an LED into it since there is a lot of space in the long head to do so. Do you think it's possible or should I wire it down into the body?  (See body for why this conflicts)

The Body

Everything with the exception of the head on this mech is very boxy and simple, and that’s why I figured it was ideal for this project. The body is pretty standard; it's divided up into several boxes. First I'll start with the cockpit. Since the mech is relatively small compared to a MS, I want to make the cockpit workable, meaning it opens, and there will be hatches and detail inside of it, even room for a figure, something like a Ma.K scale figure, or the hard graphs from bandai. I've also determined this to be the starting point of my project, and building everything around this. My reasoning for this madness is because the Cockpit has an emergency eject, and it just kind of shoot out backwards via rockets. Watching the show, and seeing it eject, the cockpit looks long, in fact, I think the entire thing reaches to the front of the chest cavity, but since there is no real line-art available for it, I'm not sure. Once I have the measurements figured out for the cockpit, It will be easy to build the rest of the kit around it. Also, I forgot to mention that the backpack is external, and looks very heavy, but this is countered by the skates on the leg I suppose.

Rear view of cockpit

So, how should I go about getting the measurements down for the cockpit? I was thinking about buying a figure of a soldier, the jeep driver like in Foo's Lighthouse would be the perfect one since it's sitting in the right position.

Good view of chest:

Another cool part of the body is the Slash Harkens, or super awesome grappling hooks. They use these a lot in the show, and they are sort of these mech's trade marks. (Besides the roller skates) They are attacked to the body around the arm joins. They are cable guided weapons that seem to move around at will. (Thinking Gyro or rocket power) But they would be very simple to create. My issue with these is weather or not I should make them working, or just swap out parts, same with the head.

As for the rest of the body, it's pretty straight foreword, and I have good plans for how to create it.

The Arms:

Easy as pie, the arms consist of two parts, a shoulder and a hand. The shoulder is a round joint that pivots at the body, with armor that is built over the top front and back, the elbow is nothing fancy, and the hands are your everyday mech manipulators. The arms however, remind me a lot of the Exia's arms, which gives me a good reference on how to construct them, other than that no problems here.

The Legs:

Easy ask cake, the only unique thing about the legs here are the skates. The skates will be easy, create the shape, and add a double ball joint to connect it to the leg, simple. Really no problems here either.


Just going to scratch up a gun from the show and stick it on, nothing special here.

So, to wrap this giant boring analysis and question thread on the Glasgow...
What do you guys think? Have any solutions that could help me with my problems? And remember, I'm not asking you to design my kit, just point me in the right direction, thanks for listening!

Model Gallery / MS-06F-2 Zaku II F-2(AH) Custom
« on: February 27, 2008, 09:25:09 PM »
Back in 2001-2000 ish I finished a model kit, and recently, with the new Zaku releases I have been wanting to pay tribute to this kit. It's not good, It's built with F-2 and Gouf B-3's weapons, and was done in a hurry, hand painted with poor quality craft acrylics, and even still has most of the nubs. Although it was low quality, it was the first kit I ever finished and it won me first place at a convention in Colorado for the Junior Mech category.

This kit will be the basis for my next project, a re-make of it with the 2.0 Zaku F (Pretty sure that's the one I am going to use.)
Feel free to critique, my Airstrike will look much better than this (Hopefully). But, it's been a long time since I built this kit.

Anyway, the story to why this is the only picture is because on the way home from the competition, this was in my carry on, and going through security at the airport, the lady manhandled it and destroyed it... I was pretty bummed, and sort of boxed it up since. The story behind the custom design comes from a backstory I made up. I alway loved the F-2's mean look, and the MMP-80 machine gun, therefore I chose this Zaku for the project, it also fit the backstory more. So recently, I e-mailed the people who run the competition, and they dug through their archives and found me this photo of it!~

The back story takes place in late 0081, and the federation has created a group called Serpent, precursor to the Titans, who mops up zeon remnants left on the earth, specifically in the North American region. The pilot is Agar Heavenly, a pilot from the one year war, and supposed newtype. His rival, also from the OYW is Anatole Farmond, who pilots a customized GM. (That kit was never finished)

Anyway! Before further delay, here is my old kit:

Kit Specifics / Zaku II 2.0 VS Zaku II Char 2.0
« on: February 26, 2008, 09:55:03 PM »
Ok, so after a while of going between the the Master Grade Zaku II and the Master Grade Zaku II Char on DaLong I have come to a deadpoint on which is the better buy. My next project is a revival of a old kit a built in 2001 and won a contest with in 2002 where on the trip back airport security demolished it...

Anyway, comparing the two... The Zaku II comes with a few extra weapons, notably the missile pods, whereas Char's zaku comes with the small cart for the hanger...

Also, Char's zaku has a backpack that is more suitable than the MS-06J version, and better legs. The conclusion I've come to is to buy both of the kits, and put the legs and backpack of char's onto the J. Is this a sensible idea, or are the kits so similar that I should just buy Char's and make due without the pods?

I guess the only thing baffling me is.... are the skeleton's identical? If so... I would probably just buy char's and look around for replacement weapons on the commerce forum.

If it helps, the idea is a customized Zaku that is a land use, but has mobility... My original kit was an F-2 but, that was mainly because I love the MMP-80, I still have all the weapons... I think... but like I said, they are easy to replace.

So, has anyone else encountered this wonderful substance?
I have just learned about it/used it today, and as soon as I was using it I thought: "Oh, this would be great for models..."

It's sort of like a papermache(SP) glue... just better? As the name suggests, it's a acrylic meaning water based, and non toxic. (Just a pain in the ass to get off your skin.)

First off, I discovered it because my in-laws are remodeling, and they are using contractors paper, soaking it in this stuff and applying it to the walls, when it dries it has a stone/leather looking feel to it, but acts as a wallpaper. I asked my fiancee's step dad about this stuff and learned that it's a water base, which I probably could have figured out by the name, it dries perfectly clear, can be used with any paper, and works on just about any surface. The stuff could be used as a clear coat for dioramas, and the paper technique could definably make some interesting camo on a model, I think I may do a kit that is colored this way, the first non-painted kit with custom colors! Also, it comes in High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and one other, assuming it's no gloss.
So... here are some examples I dug up...

Just an image of a can, the trick I learned today must have been something he invented, but it looks awesome! I will get some pics and post them as soon as I can, he even said he would buy me a small can of this stuff.

Painting/Priming / Primer on hands?
« on: February 08, 2008, 11:28:53 AM »
I have a question, I looked around for some general safety tips on here, but that doesn't help since I already broke them :D
I was priming some parts with Tamiya primer and  got it on my hands, and since I was in the moment I waited till I was done to wash. There is no burning, melting, or any problems like that, just some ready to be painted hands, is there anything I should worry about? Also, how toxic is Taimya glue? Orange and Green caps?

Model In-Progress / MG RX-78 Airstrike
« on: January 29, 2008, 02:01:42 PM »
As the kit progressed I got some ideas.. I'm going to make a air strake RX-78-2
I am setting aside my F-91 and practicing my scrap building with a RX-78-2 2.0 I dug up. It only had the torso test fitted, and one of the (really annoying) leg interiors. Anyone who has built this kit knows what a pain it is to get the leg out of the tree...

Anyway, I didn't know what to build so I asked my girlfriend and like everything else she told me to make it fly. So, I'm making a sort of air combat RX-78-2.

I finished test fitting the kit, except for the arms... It's old... so it's going to need work to make it look mean and maneuverable, instead of bubbly and cartoonish. Setting aside some ideas I decided to start with the torso.

I took off the sides for the beam sabers, and working on modifying the P.C.s to reach further where I'm going to attach some sort of binder unit or wings.

Then I shaved off all the annoying mounts for the backpack interior, so I could make it flush with the back of the torso.

Next I started to make some vents that will go over the shoulders and feed into some sort of extension on the back of the backpack.
Currently working on the backpack modification.
As you can see, the vents will come down over the torso, it's going to be very similar to the Astray Red's flight pack, with wings coming off of it. Same concept. I'm adding a vent to the top of the stock backpack where the vents will connect too, and then I will assemble a large booster to where the shield usually clamps in. Along with other details.

Model In-Progress / Master Grade Formula 91
« on: January 27, 2008, 11:59:01 PM »
Note to mods: Sorry for the trouble, I have an old thread about this kit that I would like to delete, however, I couldn't find a edit post or delete post button, it's a very old topic.

So, I scrapped my original idea of making a full armor F-91 (For now.) My reasoning, time money, effort and skill, I lack them all. So I'm going to do it a plain old F-91, with my own touch of coarse. Hopefully, June I will be getting a compressor for my airbrush, but until then I can do any mod work to it.

Even though the F-91 gets a bad rep (which I still don't know why...) It's still my favorite Gundam. What I plan to get out of this kit is a sleek high mobility look, that packs a ton of beam artillery. Hopefully, I can do some small detail modifications, and some resizing, one thing about the kit is the hips are very bulky, but that is just one them... I'm going to take this one step at a time.

Unlike my last topic, this one has pictures! I'm new with my digi-cam but hopefully they will get better.

I decided to start with the torso, since it's where everything else connects...
I'm only doing the interior right now, and a while ago I started working on this kit so there was some work already done.

Here are the kits all layed out after I applied a gloss over the paint, which was a gundam weathering marker (Lame I know, but I like it.) I really like the inky metallic look the marker gives off, it makes it feel metal. Using a pin vice I drilled out all the dents that represented holes to give it a more 3D feel. Also, I painted the cockpit red, like they are in CCA.

Here is a peice of the leg, without the paint, to try and show the difference, again sorry for the poor quality pictures.

I assembled the basic interior to show how the cockpit looks when placed inside, of corse, more detail colors will be added once I scrounge up enough cash to buy some decent paint.


Stay tuned for more updates. Also, advice, comments and critiques are highly recommended. Even if it isn't much.

Tools / Some tools I found.
« on: January 21, 2008, 12:19:48 AM »
So, recently I had a paper crafting class for school. (I'm an Graphic Design major) and it showed me the way to some new tools that I think can be applied to Gunpla. Unfortunately school has consumed my life and until a few days ago I hadn't even thought about Gundam, but to atone for my sins I come bearing possible gifts.

Here are the tools I discovered:

Soapstone pencil: Not sure what it's used for, but I found it works great to apply a guideline, say for cutting, or stitching, and it rubs right off quite easily.

Bonefolder: Not sure what you could use it for on a Gundam, but it's used for folding paper- perfectly. It's a piece of bone or plastic sanded into a knife looking object, it has a nice curved end that could be used, I'm sure.

Embosser - I -know- this will be used on my next kit. It's a small tool with two round ends, they look like ball bearings soldered onto metal toothpicks (Hopefully I can get some images up soon) And it created very nice embossed lines, use a straightedge and you got some nifty panel line making devices. They come in different sizes too.

Awl - I know this isn't too horribly new of a discovery, but it's an overlooked tool that can be used to create holes for feeding string, tubes, pipes, etc. Though, I prefer my pin vice for these jobs.

Those are it, but they all seem very plamo worthy, hopefully I'll get the results of them on plastic soon.

Ah, forgot to add, all of this stuff can be found at hobby lobby or other similar art stores.

Model Talk / Hi-Nu.
« on: February 15, 2007, 03:13:37 PM »
I found this blog on the Hi-nu Gundam... and it looks pretty impressive so far.
here is the link:

I see a lot of negative and positive opinions on this design. Personally, the onlything I dont like is the fact that the paint on the funnels doesn't fade. What are some opinions anyone else has?

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