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Model In-Progress / Re: WIP MS-07H Gouf Flying Test Type
« on: August 29, 2008, 07:22:32 AM »
Just a minor update on the MS-07H

The leg was supposed to house large thermonuclear engines hence the bulgy shape, and the actual kit
has holes on the sides of the calf.  Upon inspection I found out that it was uneven so I decided to even up the holes and
put a bit of detailing.

Since I didn't have any ribbed styrene available, I made some using the method in the picture below.

the back of the legs was supposed to have some circular detail, like some thrusters or vents, but the actual kit as you can see had nothing.
I drilled the legs cut some ribbed styrene and attach them just behind the holes I made to give it some more depth.

looks much better compared with the other leg

Did the same with the holes on the front...

sorry for the slow progress :(

comments and suggestions welcome.

Model In-Progress / WIP: RGC-80 GM Cannon (HGUC+MSV Conversion)
« on: August 29, 2008, 07:18:38 AM »
Another project I re-started.

Actually this is 4 years in the making, just didn't have the courage back then to cut up and do extensions.
as this was done 4 years ago, I did some major blunders that i will describe here so you'll be able to avoid
the same mistakes I did. :(  (labeled as *.1)

here's the list of mods to be done.

1. cut up the left chest up to the side of the cockpit  HGUC GM and transplant the left chest of the MSV GM Cannon
2. attach the backpack of the GM cannon on the HGUC GM.

3. cut out the magazine hooks on therear skirt plate and transplant it on the rear skirt of the HGUC GM.

Resulting in:

4. install polycaps on the knee joint connector.
4.1 cut up away the knee armor and the knee joint. (wrong way)
5. cut up the lower leg and extend with pla plate.

6. cut away the ankle armor.

7. Since the ankle armors were attached at too steep an angle, some extension using pla plates are necessary

8. Install polycap connectors on the shins.
8.1Fill up the lower legs of the HGUC GM  with epoxy putty let dry and sand to the proper thickness. (wrong way)

the results so far...

Comments and suggestion welcome...

Model In-Progress / Re: WIP MS-07H Gouf Flying Test Type
« on: August 22, 2008, 06:23:53 PM »
Actually I was planning to use DOM feet as they are much wider and probably much closer to the design as seen in the gundam musou game, however I didn't have extra so I just used gelgoog feet. I'm considering cutting it up and extending them with pla plates though.

As for the arms yes i'll be cutting up the forearm detail from the old kit and see how it fits, if not i'll just be scratching up new ones.

thanks for dropping by! :D

Model In-Progress / WIP MS-07H Gouf Flying Test Type
« on: August 22, 2008, 12:51:29 AM »

It's me again, I took a break from my spartan project to avoid being burned out, instead I started on a simpler project
to refresh my ideas.

One of my favorites is using the 1/144 MSV line as conversion kits, these kits being so unlikely to be updated,
I started  merging them with newer HGUC counterparts to make an "updated" version.

I recently got a reissue of a few MSV's that were part of the Z gundam Line, and one of these is the
MS-07H Gouf Flying test type, both seen in the Zeta Gundam Anime and the Gundam Musou Game.

As you can see from the picture, the kit has horrendous proportions as this was based off, the original 1/144 Gouf and was
given extra accessories and details (which IMO are quite good). In this case we will be using the legs,  and most of the accessories
except the main torso, head and foot, combine it with an HGUC gouf and make an updated version.

First of all to make the legs fit with the HGUC thighs I enlarge the holes on the leg connectors and inserted some
styrene tubes (baloon sticks:) )

Test fitting it gives us...

it's already starting to look good :)

Next is replacing the feet, in this case since the feet is connected via stick joints only, it looks very awkward not too mention
the feet look really fugly.  I decided to replace it with feet from the HGUC gelgoog which I found in my scrap bin. (You may
want to use the HGUC DOM feet as I think they're more suitable).

First I planned out on how to attach the feetto the legs, the gelgoog feet originally worked with a ball and socket joint,
In this case since I was lacking on ball joints, I designed out an L joint to do the job.

I replaced the ball socket poly cap and replaced it with a roling polycap from my scrap bin.
as you can see I added a layer of styrene since the polycap was too short for the mounting brackets.

Next I cut some L shaped sprue from the runner of the Gouf fliying test type kit itself, I added a layer of styrene on the
end since the sprue was too thin to fit snugly on the hole of the polycap.

I also cut out the midsction of the gelgoog's foot and replaced it with the vent detail from the MSV gouf....

Next I made mounting structures to serve as attachment for the L joints.

and now comparing the legs and feet...

Comparing with the original kit

Comparing with the 08th MS gouf flight type

Big improvement right?  STay tuned for more! :D

@ezechiel: yes bro, I am, Just waiting to dry the cement so it won't fall apart when I file them :lol:

Also fortunately my rotary tool came with needle file attachement, that really made this project a whole lot easier.  ;)

Currently i'm using the 0.1 tip gundam marker, but yes I agree I need a more precise marking tool. any suggestions?

thanks for the great tips bro! :D

Thanks ezechiel! I had some problems with the fit of the gattling barrels so I "re-made" the triangular mounts.
The first mounts were a bit large and had too much variance between each piece that it resulted
into warped berrels. The original has 3 sides that were approximately 6mm each. I wasn't quite
satisfied with the first ones so I made smaller, more compact triangular mounts thet were had
sides approximately 5mm.

to add more depth I bored holes through the top of the 1mm styrene rods using a jewelers screw driver.
(the ones usually used for eyeglasses. :)

also completed the barrel mounting bracket

so far this is the rifle before the final detailing

Also added a bit of detail since the shoulder armor was too plain for my taste.

first I drew a few lines for the general shape I was going for and cut them accordingly.

after cutting I postioned them over the shoulder without the missile mount. ( still needs a bit of cleaning up.)

I then added extra details to the arms and legs by cutting strips of 1mm x 2mm and attaching them to different areas on the arms and on the legs.

My spartan so far...

by the way here's y main inspiration for the color scheme, apharmd from virtual on! :)

So I think I'm finally going for colr scheme #3 :D

Model In-Progress / Re: TACO-34 Beetle on Rubble
« on: August 15, 2008, 08:29:53 PM »
Superb work sir! very realistic and the base is awesome, hope you wouldn't mind me borrowing some of your techs, especially the corrugated steel sheet technique!  :-)

Thanks Ezechiel! I'm a fan of your great scratch builds that's why I compelled myself to try my hand at it, I guess I still need a lot of polishing before I reach your level  :embarrased:

anyway I just started on the gattling barrels...

first since I decided to make this still variant capable, it made life a little bit harder for me :(
I first traced the the original rifle head to approximate the width of the attachement bracket i'm going to make.

next I approximated the frame by measuring the rifle. I translated the measurements into drawing and cut them according
to my specifications.

Next I drew an approximately equilateral triangle and drilled 3 holes around 1mm each.

Next I cut some 1mm styrene rods of the appropriate lenght and fit them onto the triangular frame I made.

haven't finished the main muzzle yet, so i just lay the pieces over each other to approximate the appearance.

the results...

still a long way to go...:D

Model In-Progress / Re: SD MSN-03 JAGD-DOGA
« on: August 14, 2008, 08:39:58 PM »
I like how you transform these cute little SD's to real works of art bro! with great skills like yours I wonder why bandai hasn't recruited you yet  :D

keep it up!

Haven't got on to building the gattling barrels yet but I was able to finish detailing
the handle of the grenade launcher.

Again I traced the general shape of the grenade handle launcher on a sheet of 0.3mm pla plate
and cut the general shape with a scissor.

I then drilled some holes on where the trigger guard area and cut off a small rectangular shape
at the bottom of the handle to replicate the detail of the original GM rifle.

next is the grenade launcher grip.  In order to replicate the grip detail from the GM's rifle, I
wrapped some masking tape around it and traced the general shape. afterwards I attached the tape on
some pla plates and cut away around the pattern with a scissor.

aftercutting, I scored 2 lines on the mid section of the plate, applied some modelling cement and gently
folded the grip over the handle. I then wrapped in in some tape and let it dry. below are the results.

I attached it on to the SPARTAN to approximate the look of the rifle.

stay tuned for more!

Made some more updates ....

Adjusted the left shoulder guard of the spartan so that it is more inline with studio reckless' version.

and made some additional details to the scabbard, based again on studio reckless' version

and finally started on the spartan's gattling rifle, based on the following pic...

started this one by drawing a pattern on a 0.5mm pla plate that is based on the original handle of the GM Kai's rifle.
then in the tradition of mike tan's pla plate sandwich, I started to build up the handles with by adding layers of 0.3mm pla plate.
then I made the grenande launcher tube using a 5mm diameter styrene pipe. (the ones usually used as balloon sticks ;)) and
cut 1mm wide strips of 0.3mm pla plate and wrapped them around the pipe one by one.

the results of are as shown below.

next up the gattling barrels. :)

Time for more updates  :embarrased:

Updated the visor position (yet again:)

After inverting the position of the visor, I still wasn't too staisfied about the way my spartan looked,
so i fiddled with it once more and made more adjustments.

I really like the look of the refined  version of the spartan from studio reckless and as you see the visor
of that version is quite compact and is positioned with very little clearance from the head.

I modified the spartan's visor by pushing back the visor into the ear covers as far back as possible.
(The one on the top is the previous attachment, the one below is the modified attachement pushed pack around 1mm)

I then modified the groove on the front sensor to align better with the inverted visor brackets.
(the one on the left is the original, the one on the right is the modified one.)

During test fit the attachment tabs on the visor brackets hit the frint mohawk sensor  hindering the smooth swiveling of the visor.

to remedy this I filed the attachement tabs to half it's width and filed the top part a few more mm so it won't hit the mohawk sensor.

Below are the results of the mods...

Model In-Progress / Re: Akuyaku #1
« on: August 09, 2008, 04:52:42 AM »

I love this kit, especially the little piggies included, and that 3rd track was really a surprise!

Really nice job on the camo too, hope to see the little piggies riding on it soon  :D

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/250 Jaburo Diorama WIP
« on: August 09, 2008, 04:46:32 AM »
mad skills you got there bro, all this work in such small a scale :twitch:

kudos to you bro! can't wait to see the zgok! :D

Some small updates...

Experimented on some ourora film i just got recently, found out the hard way that it's better suited for glass than plastics,
but with a little patience was finally able to attach it well.  Hardest part was the one in the mohawk sensor,
you can't wrap it around the clear part so you have to cut a really small piece and attache it separately.

Here are the results:

Head without visor

With visor attached

Full view

Thanks sirs for the encouraging comments,

Actually I'm leaning towards colors no. 2 or 3, so far the realists like no. 1 but the real robot fans like no.3

I like no. 3 the most myself, so i'll probably stick with it. :-)

Thanks again! :D

hahaha, thanks bro.I'm glad someone visited  :lol:

I think it's not just just AKO's convo, but the misproportion lies on the original spartan design as well, was originally planning to steal some knees from the RX-78 OYW ver but wasting a good kit just to get parts didn't seem too appealing so i tried my hand at scratchbuilding. surprisingly it isn't so hard once you get the hang of it. :lol:

As for the back part i'm contemplating of adding some thrusters at the back of the calves, but i'm still drawing up the designs for that. I'll also try and bulk up the ankle armors similar to the one's used by the PGM.

Finally for the color I'm planning either of the schemes below.(edited with photoshop)

which one do you think suits it best?

some more progress...

Haven't gotten around to detailing the knife since i haven't decided yet on what details to add, so instead I worked on the shoulder armors :)

The spartan's shoulder armors are assymetric as evident in the original design, so instead of attaching shoulder guards on either side, I decided to just
install it on the leftshoulder and installed the launcher things on the right.Having removed the shoulder guard, the default thruster was left sticking out
leaving gaping gaps from where the shoulder guard attachment shoild have been. To remedy this I scratch built a shoulder thruster/vent out of 0.5mm pla plate
that was rectangular instead of square, in order to fill up the gaps. I then closed it using a 0.3mm pla plate.  The inner ribbing was done by drawing lines that
are 1mm apart from each other on the pla plate and traced them with a scriber.

the results are as seen below.

Fire away! :-D

I decided to modify my initial knee design and instead of having just partirtion for the exhaust detail, I decided to go with two.

This was done by layering a strip of 0.5 mm pla plate over the 0,3 mm pla pate vent partition.

Below is the result of the modified knee vent details during test fit.

Comments and more suggestion are very welcome :-D

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