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Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Fixing Broken/Snapped Joints
« on: May 17, 2006, 10:45:58 PM »
Hi all, I've been lurking here for a bit now but I never thought my first post would be a desperate plea for help...   :cry:

Well, I've been working on a 1/144 HG Saviour from GSD and finishing up the skirt armour/lower body.  ...being impatient as I am, I decided to try the thighs on.  You can probably guess what happened by now - the ball joint snapped right off when I took them off, the ball and stick part remaining inside the thigh's polycap.  

The thigh is completely puttied, sanded and painted, which makes it impossible (?) to take the ball back out.  

(I handbrush Testor's enamels, and must've got some on the polycap or on the ball, if you're wondering why the joint came off so easily.)

The only possible solution to this, (that I thought of) would be too cut the thigh in half, take the ball out of the polycap, glue the ball back onto the body, and then reputty/paint the thigh... though I definitely won't want to do that.

Is there ANY way out of this mess?  I can't even make it a fix-posed model at this rate, since it's rather difficult to glue the thigh back on.  Any help would be great!  :oops:

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