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Wonderful job. I love the blue striping here and there, very nice.

I think it looks far too busy though. That's just G-System in general, I suppose, and it being the Evolve design certainly doesn't help much either. I find the fin funnels having an insignia above the yellow verniers a bit too much, as well as just a lot of other little things. Still, you did a great job on it!

Model Help* (Check Stickies and Search First) / Re: Magnet Frame
« on: January 14, 2010, 01:21:21 PM »
I was planning on using quite a bit of magnets, or at least far larger sized ones - probably block ones for the joints, since the plates will be well suited to that. The rubber sounds like a good bet, I hadn't actually considered that, it will likely help quite a bit. I think I'll also cut out some notches to allow the arm and legs to lock in a bit more into common poses or something along those lines.

I was also planning on running some tubing along them, possibly just some chain or something, I could use this to keep appropriate pressure on the bottom half of the joint.

I guess I need to start really drawing things out and place some orders to do some real testing of this idea, rather than just thinking about it.   8)

Model Help* (Check Stickies and Search First) / Magnet Frame
« on: January 14, 2010, 12:51:00 PM »
Hey, long time lurker here, going to get straight to the point.

For a long time I've been kinda slowly gathering materials and conceptualizing models, I'm planning to scratchbuild quite a few and perhaps make something along the lines of Gundam Sentinel with them. Just a project I want to work on for a while and test my skills with.. I love writing and building models, so it seems a fun thing to do. But on to the real point.

The Mobile Suit I want to scratchbuild will be utilizing an electromagnetic frame. I've been considering the possibility of making it so in the model - use rare earth magnets to hold the joints and parts of the frame together. I have some rough sketches I could upload a little later of how the joints would fit together, but they'd basically be a lot of fins that slide past each other, almost like how the Turn A's look. I imagine I'd make the shoulder and hip joints more traditional for a more solid build as well as power regulation, but the spine of the MS would be done the same way - partially so it can have interchangable equipment that slides in and locks via magnets.

Now I figure magnets might not be completely strong enough to hold stuff up - I'm worried about the arms in particular, I think the legs will be alright. I guess the question I'm getting at here is the feasibility of this idea. I've got it worked out pretty well in my head and think it's viable, but I don't have quite the experience most modellers on this forum do, especially not with the magnets or full scratchbuilding. So, thoughts?

Looking good! The various option parts really look nice, and the sculpting of the leg seems pretty spot-on.

As far as a hip joint goes - the easiest design I can think of is a boom with a hole in the middle of it, which allows it the legs to rotate forward and back a bit when a beam is put down it. Of course, it means one leg has to be back when the other's forward, but it would certainly be quite easy to create and pretty stable in resin.

If you wanted to take it up a notch, you could make the assembly rotate vertically by putting it all within a box, with two pegs on the front and back - still the problem of opposite effects of the legs, but it wouldn't be much harder to make.

Build-Offs & Duels / Re: DUEL of the Exias
« on: November 03, 2008, 12:53:36 AM »
The exia, gundam 00, exia avalanche would all work for this, since they are all exia's or an improvement upon the exia itself.

Why would 00 be allowed? Not trying to start anything here, but it's an entirely different machine the same as Astraea is to Exia. In fact, I'd say Exia was closer to Astraea, but they're all seperately existing machines anyhow.

Anyhow - wow, I didn't realize the 1/60th NGs were so basic in construction. That torso doesn't look like it has any movement apart from the hip connecter -- does it?

Model Gallery / Re: Astraea Type F (Flamingo)
« on: October 24, 2008, 09:58:27 PM »
Eeww... Pink!  :razz:

Seriously though, very nice. That captures the effects of the GN Drives and capacitors extremely well, better than anything I've seen. The pink is a great shade for the Astraea, as well. What's the black you used for the feet/torso shields - and do you think the PearlEx would look good on beam sabres?

Model In-Progress / Re: AC Cherry Bomb (w/ CR-LH99XS scratchbuild)
« on: September 29, 2008, 01:33:42 PM »
Ah, I've particularly wanted to see those legs get a release because they look so good - in AC I didn't use the much because they were just a tad too light for my AC's load, but a model I don't have to worry about making them overweight.  :D

I'm very interested to see how this goes, I can't wait to see the final product.

Model In-Progress / Re: GN-X custom scratchbuild
« on: September 28, 2008, 01:45:39 PM »
If you want to add something to the shoulders, what about the Advanced GN-X's defense rods? You're fairly close to the design as-is... Although it should also be noted the Advanced GN-X can equip beam launchers there in place of them, as well - they're never shown though, so that might be more interesting to see than the defense rods.

Model In-Progress / Re: Kämpfer Diorama?
« on: September 26, 2008, 10:51:23 PM »
The Hobby Japan diorama was present in the "Gundam Weapons: 0080 & 08th MS Team Special." There are probably scans on the internet, but I can scan it up in a couple weeks when I get my scanner if you don't have it by then.

I'm no mod, and this isn't my place I suppose, but you shouldn't start threads on a model if you don't even have full intentions of making it... You're not supposed to start one unless you've actually got something to show on the project in the first place, even.

Model Gallery / Re: 1/100 Sandrock Ver. JET +ka
« on: September 18, 2008, 06:13:15 PM »
Nice, I always did prefer that colour scheme to its regular. There seems to be something odd about the knees, though - not really sure what, they just seem like they're missing something.

Model Talk / Re: Goodbye Gunota
« on: September 01, 2008, 12:48:53 PM »
It's a shame, I've been following Gunota for years...

There is another site, The guy does a pretty good job of covering model expos and such. Also, is trying to take on the mantle of Gunota, but I don't know how they'll stack up since they're new.

Not familiar with the source material, but it looks great. Quite a disturbing base, but it looks fantastic! The shade of blue you used for the skin tone looks great, as do the rips in clothing. Very nice job!

Model In-Progress / Re: MG "Ver Up" Justice Gundam
« on: June 26, 2008, 10:29:45 AM »
I just haven't really had the time or the space to get anything done without getting too sidetracked, or various other problems. I check the board pretty religiously, just don't make many comments. I've been lurking it up until I can really get back into the swing of it.  ;)

Anyhow, good work on the torso thus far.

Model In-Progress / Re: MG "Ver Up" Justice Gundam
« on: June 26, 2008, 12:35:40 AM »
Definitely going to be following this thread. I can't wait to see how you've improved over the last one.

Model In-Progress / Re: NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
« on: March 02, 2008, 04:40:29 PM »
Ah, sorry. Well, allow me to elaborate briefly...

The Gundams in 00 utilize GN particles (think of them sort of like Minovsky) to move. They're emitted through a conical back portion usually, but some have smaller cone thrusters that emit them as well. The end result is an effect similiar to Minovsky Craft, rather than a standard thruster - there's not a true exhaust unless it pumps a lot of power into the GN drive, in which you see particles silhouetting the suits.

In short, they don't use actual thrusters, it's more like they will themselves to move through manipulation of GN particles.

Model In-Progress / Re: NG 1/100 Gundam Exia
« on: March 01, 2008, 12:30:36 PM »
Everything looks amazing so far, but I have one suggestion - the thruster you put on the backpack, maybe turn it upside down to match how the GN Drive's come out to a cone?

Model Gallery / Re: Rayleonard Aaliyah - comission job
« on: February 18, 2008, 06:57:44 PM »
Looks absolutely great - I love Armored Core mecha. However, I think the pose seems too static. Maybe if you made it more crouching as if it had just landed? The legs look off somehow, but I can't quite place it.

Model In-Progress / Re: Tempest Gundam
« on: February 04, 2008, 07:50:20 AM »
I'm loving this design. Higher-end mecha, or just anything truly custom, really catches my eye. Those beam shield generators look very natural on the kit, and the skirt details are really nice. It's beginning to look like a real speed machine, with the long surfaces and thinned chest. It will be interesting to see how the backpack meshes with the kit now, I think. Keep up the good work.  8)

Two new AC models.

Up first we've got Fascinator, Zinaida's AC from Last Raven. This is the first version, not the end game version with the PYTHON and LAMIA2. Release is in May for 4600 yen.

Next up, and entirely out of left field... Nineball Seraph, or Ultimate Nineball - whichever you know it as. This AC was in the first game, and then featured a cameo in AC2AA as a final boss. It doesn't utilize any previous parts, and it also transforms. Release date and price are unknown.

There are also several other kits announced. CM is releasing a Dancouga Nova, which looks quite impressive. Release date and price are unknown.

Wrapping it up is a new release in the Real Robot Revolution line, the Walker Galliar. Release date is Late April, price is 6,300 yen.

Model In-Progress / Re: Tempest Gundam
« on: January 23, 2008, 12:56:42 PM »
Wow, the leg's turning out very nicely. I didn't picture it looking like that at all - much better than I expected.

What are you planning on doing as far as the left arm goes? A beam shield or something like that seems like it would be a nice fit on it.

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