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Hi there - I am new to airbrushing and this forum - on my first airbrushed robot. Just tried 2 heavey coats of future on tamiya acrylics and it looks like your red bit on your sd-tallgeese fichten - a slight texture (is that orange peel effect?) - next I want to try a really glossy finish.

 Anyway I have been researching the best gloss effects and I am thinking lots of future polish layers then a sanding with 1200 grit or above and then wax compound maybe then a glossy car wax to finish? But I am new so I am stabbing in the dark a bit - what would you guys say would be the ultimate shine? I am stuck with acrylics unfortunatly and I am slightly worried about damage if I sand (maybe its not necessary anyway) but anyway tell me what you think, thanks in advance!

Hmm also just read about 'simple green' if you mix it with future you can get a top shine - anyone tried it?  Would be good to see how good it is...or if there is a better way...thanks!

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