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hey i have acouple of questions ummm i spayed future on my piece so i can ink after that i sprayed it with mr hobby topcoat flat and the piece is still just as gloosy and shiny as if i never spayed the thing so i ended up gettin tamaya flat base and it looks like super thick mucus i heard that u can mix it with future to make it airbrushable or can i mix it with tamaya thinner? and also im usin EYEDROPPERS so im an idiot i dont get the 40% to 70% and all that so if u can help me with how many drops of flat i use and how many drops of future, i'd really appreciate it sorry ima moron

Painting/Priming / Re: Formula 409 and Stripping Models
« on: May 27, 2008, 05:53:44 PM »
ok i got a koh i noor tech pen and after usin future to gloss the pieces i tried to ink the panel lines and other corners and edges of the pieces i used the 409:water solution and dipped it and rinsed it off so that it jus has alittle bit so i left the ink to dry jus for acouple of seconds and wen i wiped it off and it jus made a mess of everythin so after about 20 min on 1 piece i got it lookin pretty clean but still looked terrible.maybe it might be the pen the tip is as thick as the gundam marker but i dont know hopefully u guys can help thx

Painting/Priming / Re: Formula 409 and Stripping Models
« on: May 26, 2008, 04:32:42 PM »
omg im an idiot then my fault well wat do u recomenerd for markers after i use future or i jus need to get that technical pen

Painting/Priming / Re: Formula 409 and Stripping Models
« on: May 26, 2008, 01:55:21 PM »
i tried using less 409 and it was harder to remove the ink from the gundam marker on the piece i had to rub it alot more times and still did not come out right

Painting/Priming / Formula 409 help!!!!
« on: May 26, 2008, 11:54:16 AM »
hay i just signed up for this forum but ive been readin up on it for like a week, but i need some help with the panel lining hopefully u guys can help
so i dont have a mixing cup or anythin like that but i know ur suppose to mix  70:30 of it water:409.i bought the 409 today the antibacterial all purpose and put water in a cup and added alittle 409 and im using a gundam marker to do the panel lines i already future coated the parts so i used the gundam marker and tryed to use the 409 but it dident end up lookin like a wash it just came off like in chunks like as if parts got wiped off clean and other parts stayed on, i dont know if it might be the marker that is dryin to fast or jus the marker might be the problem.and also if u guys can recommend on wat to use to measure 70%water and 30%409 i would really appreciate it.(i know this might be a dumbass question,srry for the mispellin an no periods)thxs

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