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Hi to everyone out there. This is my 1st post so I apologise if this has been asked/answered somewhere else before.  :unsure:

From all the info on this thread and others, I think most ppl would recommend the following;

1. After finishing your Paint. Coat with FFA.
2. Apply Panel Lines using wash technique.
3. Apply Decals.
4. Coat with FFA again. (Choose finish by amount of thinner added).

My question is about the paint/wash types. In order to do the panel line wash, must the paint being used for the wash be an enamel with FFA? I plan to use TFA to paint the model (seeing as I already have some).

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say what a superb amount of tips and techniques I have learnt so far from this forum. It has been such a help.


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