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Oh I see, I'll probably buy one after I get a way better airbrush, probably a Iwata airbrush.

Surprisingly I would have thought mecha would have been a easier start instead of an anime character  ^_^

Painting/Priming / Paint buildup after removing masking tape?
« on: September 12, 2007, 09:07:56 AM »
So I went ahead and masked the chest armor for painting.  Sadly to say the job came out great except when I tore off the masking tape which had a bit a buildup because I was using a Tamiya spray can.  What would be the best to remove the excess paint?  Really really fine sandpaper + water? 

Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Modifying no grade Gundam Seed kits(1/100)
« on: September 11, 2007, 06:51:17 PM »
I absolutely hate the no grade Strike Freedom and I'm still a little new around here so I'm not too family with the sections at the moment.

The no grade 1/100 Strike Freedom has several things that I hate such as:
-Huge head or small torso
-No pose ability to it
-Very plain looking.

So question to the veteran builders here, could you guys direct me to any sources for modifications and etc or some threads?

Thanks all.

Model In-Progress / Re: MG Kampfer
« on: September 10, 2007, 08:45:17 PM »
Actually Tamiya and Mr. Hobby stuff are quite standard hobby brands they carry.  I was really curious to see how different Mr. Putty is to Tamiya since I heard that Mr. Hobby stuff are Gunpla builder's choice.

Well from what I've learned from Hobby Japan and from R.C. car spraying is to spray the light colours(which is Matte White) then mask, then spray over with the darker colour(Gundam Blue).  I can confidently say that my masking skills should be enough to get the job done  ^_^

Painting/Priming / Re: Airbrush, Airbrushing, and Compressor Questions
« on: September 10, 2007, 10:27:31 AM »
What kind of jobs can the Tamiya Spray Works Basic Compressor pack do?  Basically my friend and I chipped in for a compressor and as well decided to get that specific package.  I know absolutely nothing about air brushes.  Is it good for specific small details?

Added: well I heard that the Tamiya SW set is really very basic, guess I'd get myself a Iwata airbrush and use the current compressor.

Model In-Progress / Re: Hello! WIP: CGUE DEEP Arms & SD Blu Duel
« on: September 09, 2007, 07:15:49 AM »
Wow, very nice job on the priming!  I used Mr. Surfacer 1000 and mine didn't come out as nice...but then again, I didn't use as much as I wanted.

For a newbie, putty isn't that hard to use though I'm still getting used to how it works.  Apply, let it dry and sand, simple as that and you might want to re-prime  ;)

Okay, this is gonna be an expensive investment, but as curious as I am, I want to try out resin/garage kits.

Now here's the main question, depending on how my straight build and paint goes on my current project(Kampfer), I might wanna start on a resin kit but which one?  Mecha or anime characters?

I love both and I also have a small collection of both(Mecha = Gundam, Super Robot Wars and various pre-painted anime characters).  I figured if I love PVC characters, I might as well make a hands on hobby where I can choose whatever colors I want for the character and might as well save some money doing it myself(from what i've seen, garage/resin kits are half price of pre painted PVC kits).

Any suggestions?  Should I just work on my built kits I have on my self before moving onto Resin/Garage kits?
What are some good reliable sites to goto to order these stuff(HLJ, Hobbyfan, etc...)?

Thanks in advance.

Model In-Progress / Re: MG Kampfer
« on: September 07, 2007, 10:28:38 PM »
Thanks for the input Dazzle, fortunately I live in Toronto which means having the largest Asian mall in Canada helps my hobby needs  ^_^  From memory back when I used to play around with Tamiya car kits, I played around with the grey putty type and comparison wise, Tamiya seems more cement/gritty texture while Mr. Putty feels like fresh plastic that dries very smoothly which leads me to believe that it is not as strong as Tamiya's grey putty.

Anyway I can't paint until after Tuesday because I am missing one very vital piece for the Tamiya airbrush kit my friends and I all pitched in to buy which brings up even more concerns...Such as fine detailing for small spots.  Now I haven't had time to check out if the airbrush's nozzle can be adjusted but hopefully I can get the small areas.

Panel lines/inking can be a problem too, I feel that black will clash too much should I go out and spend $7 for a silver/grey Gundam Marker.

And finally I will get to do the clear coat in the end which will be a flat mix.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention in my little line art color scheme the head has yet to be completed and I'm still confused on whether to paint the jets a contrasting color like red or keep it in blue or white.

Added:  Hey the antenna doesn't seem to want to go all the way into the slot in it's head?  I'm thinking that the inserted piece is too long, would a simple shorten make it fit right in?

Model In-Progress / Re: MG Kampfer
« on: September 07, 2007, 05:33:34 PM »
Haha, so there is a huge difference using water + sand paper rather than dry sanding  :doh:

Well I guess its ready to be painted...Majority of my paints are Mr. Hobby stuff(bottles) and 1 spray can of Tamiya Matte White.  Any tips?  I heard that no matter what colours I want to mix, it always has to be 50% thinner and 50% colour and they have to be same brand.

Anyway, the seams have gone down quite a bit which is good and here is a pre-build, didn't do anything for its weapons because I'm a little tight on time on building this unit.  I need to mark down which pieces need to be left blue and what not for the scheme I'm thinking of:


1. Mr. Color Pre-Mixed Gundam Blue
2. Mr. Color Black
3. Mr. Color Red
4. Mr. Color Silver
5. Tamiya Matte White

Model In-Progress / Re: MG Kampfer
« on: September 06, 2007, 02:53:36 PM »
Ok, one more noob question; the top of the shoulder pads are 80% seam free and I think weeks ago I sanded the Mr. Putty dry.  Is that another reason why it might be cracking under pressure?

Thanks for that tip, I'll pick up those 2 later if wet sanding doesn't solve the seam problem.

Model In-Progress / Re: MG Kampfer
« on: September 06, 2007, 02:05:59 PM »
LOL whoops, I wanted to see what it looks like standing on its own and it was really early this morning so i was half asleep too.

Hmmm, super glue?  Is there a specific brand I should look for, I know of crazy glue.

Model In-Progress / MG Kampfer
« on: September 06, 2007, 01:16:53 PM »
Novice in the advanced building department(and painting).  Its been a while since I had time to do stuff on this kit, well I'm just planning to do a straight build + custom paint.

I seem to have some problems with Mr. Putty, its seems to crack and fall out of the seams during sanding.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, am I sanding down too much?  I doubt its the sand paper, its 400 grade.

Anyway, here are some pics, in the process of priming atm:

Crap, just noticed that the inside of the arm armor needs to be painted in!!

Painting/Priming / Re: Painting overlapping pieces?
« on: August 03, 2007, 09:58:12 PM »
Thanks, that was very informative and now I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to do.

I will most likely start a progress thread of this project later but I won't know what the outcome will be(warning: might turn out to be total crap).

I wonder if Tamiya spray paint cans would do the job of what I plan to do.  Then again, I'm building with friends and we could give a airbrush a try to more accurate colours and details.

Not the most original colour scheme but was inspired by the Hi-Nu Gundam:

^Details of the jets and ect. hasn't been added in.

Painting/Priming / Painting overlapping pieces?
« on: August 03, 2007, 05:05:12 PM »
Well currently I'm working on a Kampfer and this is the first time I will be sanding, puttying and painting a model kit so I'm a little confuse on how I should assemble the upper leg piece.

So I think these are the correct steps(from tutorial);
1. Cut pieces out, cut excess plastic and a bit of sanding.
2. pre-building
3. glue, putty then sand
4. prime
5. sand?
6. paint?

So how would I do the leg part?  There's leg itself and then the vernier + armor that goes over the upper leg(thigh?).  Would I paint, prime and etc to the whole parts together or do the inner leg then the outer shell?

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